22 Floor Cleaning Tips And Tricks: Beginners Friendly

22 Floor Cleaning Tips And Tricks

It is necessary for us to stay clean and healthy in order to maintain good hygiene in the house. That’s why you should always clean your surroundings and especially the floor of the house. This is because the floor is the main route for the entry of all dust and germs.

In this article, I will provide you with 22 floor cleaning tips and tricks, and all of them are beginners friendly. There are so many ways to clean your floor. But I’m going to give you the best ideas for floor cleaning. 

I will provide you with guidelines that you can follow to clean any wooden and tiled floors. Before starting the floor cleaning, make sure that you have the following materials ready in order to clean and sweep your floor like floor cleaning detergents, mop, sweeping tools, etc.

No more ado, just sit back and finish the entire article to enrich your knowledge on floor cleaning:

22 Best Floor Cleaning Tips And Tricks That Will Reduce All Hassle:

Below, I present to you the 22 best floor cleaning tips and tricks that will reduce all hassle for you. Let’s start:

Tip 1- Get The Necessary Gears:

First thing first, you need to gather a few things in order to prepare yourself to clean the house. The basic things that are needed can be found in your nearest superstore. You can double-check the gears if they are already available in the house or in your storeroom and if not make a list and get them before you start cleaning.

These are the necessary things that you need like Vacuum Cleaner, broom, mop, buckets, cleaning detergents, and a sponge. You can get these gears online as well from different E-Commerce Sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

Tip 2- Choose The Right Materials/Gears:

It is important to choose the right gears for the appropriate surface. If your floor is wooden, it is recommended that you use a sponge mop as the surface of the wooden floor is very sensitive, and using a Vacuum Cleaner may put some stains on the floor.

If you use a sponge mop to clean your wooden floor, make sure the mop is properly cleaned because some of the dust and germs can be soaked into the mop from the previous usage. So it is better you clean the mop and dry it before you start cleaning.

Tip 3- Use A Bucket, Sponge And Cleaners:

Well, In order to clean your floor whether it is ceramics, wooden or tiles, you need some good cleaners to wipe the floor with your mop or sponges. Do some research on the internet and get the best cleaners that are suited for your floor. Remember, do not get intimidated by the cheap cleaners with over-promising taglines.

Using the Right cleaner will give your floor a clean and tidy look while using the wrong ones will make the floor dirty and yellow in a very short period of time. Always use a bucket to soak the mop or sponges after taking a few swipes on the floor. 

Always Soak the sponge or mop in the warm water mixed with cleaners in the bucket to keep the sponges clean as sweeping with it will make it dirty and smelly.

Tip 4- Some Basic Formula You Can Apply To Clean The Floor:

Here are some of the DIY formulas you can apply to form a solution to clean the floor. This works like magic and will give your floor a shiny look. Put some vinegar into the warm water and stir it in the bucket. This will form a deadly solution to clean the unwanted germs and viruses on the floor.

You can also add detergents into the water, and then stir it to form a solution. Then soak the sponge or Mop to carefully start cleaning the floor. If you want a ready-made solution and do not want to go through the hassle, you can buy some floor cleaners like Magic cleaners, Aqua mix, Zep, etc.

Tip 5- Dry Sweep The Floor First/Use Vacuum Cleaners:

It is recommended to dry sweeping the floor first or using Vacuum cleaners because if you start cleaning the floor with the solutions or cleaners, already sticky germs or mud can make the floor look messy and dirty. So, it is better you take some time out and dry sweep the floor before you start sweeping it with a wet mop.

Tip 6- Put The Right Amount Of Solution Into The Bucket:

Sometimes people pour some extra cleaners or solutions into their bucket to speed up their cleaning. They think putting an extra bit of solutions or cleaners will help them clean the floor faster.

But they are very wrong and if you follow their footsteps, it will not only make your floor messy but will also be time-consuming for you to rinse it. The right balance totally depends on the size of your bucket and the size of the floor you are planning to clean. 

Just Remember a basic trick that is never put too much solutions or mixtures in the bucket. You can follow the instructions that are given in the cleaner or you can do a little research online. It is not necessary as you will understand the amount of mixture that is needed for the right mix.

Tip 7- Before You Start Mopping Make Sure It Is Not Too Wet:

Sometimes people rush in and do not notice that the mop or the sponge is too wet. You can mop the floor if it is too wet because the floor will remain wet and sticky, and if you step into the floor there is a chance it will get muddy again.

Make sure the Mop is properly wringed and the water is squeezed back into the bucket before you start swiping your floor. Not only does it make the floor muddy and messy using too much water but it is also not good for the wooden materials, and it may cause serious damage if too much water is dropped from the mop.

Tip 8- Use Gentle Strokes/Swipes To Mop The Floor:

It takes a lot of patience and dedication for any work to get it done in a perfect way. Mopping the floor is no different, as the materials of the floor vary from house to house. It is important for you to know how sensitive your floor is and based on that you should brush your floor with the mop.

Sometimes, in order to make it quick, some people brush the floor in a very quick manner which makes it dangerous, and it affects the surface of the floor. Take your valuable time, play music in the background and brush your floor with the rhythm, and gently sweep the floor so that it is not damaged.

Tip 9- Don’t Rush If any Sticky Spot Is Found:

This is a very important tip as most people do not take time to find the sticky spot on the floor and continue to mop the floor. If you ever find a sticky pot, it is recommended that you squat down and gently rub the spot with a sponge and rinse it before you continue cleaning the floor.

You can also use a paper towel to clean the spot and wait for some time to rinse it. Always make sure you are mopping the floor in a very gentle way and wait if any kind of unwanted germs or spots are found.

Tip 10- Keep an Eye In The Basket:

Always remember to keep an eye on the basket as mopping and rinsing will eventually make the water dirty. Change the water when you feel the water in the bucket has turned black or grey.

You definitely do not want to clean the floor using that water because it will all go down to the basics. Sometimes people are not aware of this very thing,  and they keep on cleaning the floor with dirty water. Most beginners are not familiar with this, so be careful and watch out when the water turns grey.

Tip 11- Use A Welcome Mat:

Well, all your efforts will go down the drain if you do not put in any safety or precautionary materials to protect your floor. Mostly children and your pets wander around the house from your backyard to your garden to every corner of the house. 

If a doormat is placed in the front of your doors and in every way in the house, you can actually prevent the muds and other unhygienic materials from coming into the house.

Tip12- Laminate Your Floor:

If you want the surface of the floor to be tidy and clean for a long period of time, you can laminate the floor with synthetic materials to cover it. You can find many designs to laminate your floor. It keeps your floor clean and moist free and also it looks nice if you match the right color combination with your curtains and other furniture.

Make sure your synthetic lamination is rolled up before you start cleaning, and dry them in the sun which will kill the germs that are piled up into the materials for too long.

Tip13- Clean The Floor With Hot Water:

Always make sure after you are done cleaning the floor with cleaners or your preferred solutions: Vinegar and water, detergents, or soap water, clean the floor again with nothing but hot water. In this way, if there are any unwanted germs or dust remains on the floor, they will automatically be removed.

Keep Mopping the Floor with the hot water without any solution and you can see the water is not turning grey, you will understand the floor is properly cleaned and it is time you should stop mopping the floor.

Tip14- Give Some Time To Dry Your Floor:

Another tip which will be very useful to you is taking the time off to dry off your mopped floor. After you have done all the hard work, you do not want your floor to get all dirty again. Most people make the common mistake after mopping the floor is they step into the floor without giving it enough time to dry.

Turn the fan on, open your doors and window for the air to automatically rinse the water off the floor. Make sure no kids, pets, or even adults pass through that mopped space for at least 10 to 15 mins.

Tip 15- Use Paint Brush To Clean The Corners:

This is one of the key and important tips that you should take notice of. Most people clean the floor in the house with all the necessary steps but forget to clean the top side corners of the floor. This is a very crucial area as you can see a pile of dust is already present in the area.

You cannot really use a mop to clean this part of the room, neither a sponge will entirely do the job. Here is what you can do: Use a paintbrush and spray the cleaners or your desired solution and brush the corners of the room. Use it like you are painting all corners and parts of the room so that no dust is left behind.

Tip16- Clean The Furnitures And Ceilings Before:

There is no point cleaning and mopping the floor with all these efforts and tricks that I have already discussed if you do not clean the furniture or the ceiling of the room. It is said that most of the dust particles are gathered in the ceilings of the room as that part of the room is mostly untouched.

Use a Roller to clean the ceilings of the room before you start mopping the floor. This is the very first step you should take before proceeding on. You can add the solutions to the roller and gently wash the ceiling dirt. This way your effort in cleaning the entire room will be successful.

Tip 17- Use Vinegar And Warm Water Once A Week:

Most of you will probably go for the ready-made cleaners to mop the floor, but a valuable tip for you will be to use vinegar and warm water once a week to clean the grease in the kitchen. Kitchen rooms are always very hard to clean as it is the most used room.

Pour ½ cup of vinegar in a gallon of water and mix it up to make the solution ready to mop the ceilings and floor of the house. The vinegar helps to kill most of the germs and helps remove the grease in the kitchen sink and other places such as pipelines etc.

Tip 18- Avoid Using Cleaners and Vinegar Solutions To Stone Floors:

Stone floors are very acidic and you do not want to use cleaners and other solutions to clean and mop the floor. If you accidentally use them, then it will wear off the natural color of the stone and you will see it is ruined. Stone floors are expensive and avoid using such chemicals while mopping the floor.

You might be asking what you should use to mop such types of sensitive floors. Well, the solution is simply to mop the floor with warm water and nothing else. You can gently mop the floor with sponges and wait for the floor to dry.

Tip 19- Use Vacuum Cleaner On A Regular Basis:

It is definitely time-consuming for anyone to mop the floor with such precision every day. Instead, you can use a vacuum clear or dry mop to clean the floor every day in the morning hours. It is recommended cleaning the floor every day with vacuum cleaners as we are going through a very difficult time.

Due to the pandemic, you should be more aware of cleaning your house floors as guests and random visitors might carry the virus while visiting the house. You are also going out every now and then so it’s better to stay safe. 

Tip 20- Use Disinfectants Spray Regularly:

This is one of the most shortcut ways to keep your floor out of germs and other viruses. It is very important to use a disinfectant spray on the most used materials in the house and also the doormat of the house. The gateway to the virus can be many and you never know which way or whom the virus is getting carried by.

It is better you use the disinfectants once in a while to keep your children and the family protected from the virus. You can also spray it into the water while mopping the floor which will prevent all kinds of unwanted germs and viruses from getting into the house.

Tip 21- Use Hand Gloves and Mask While Cleaning:

Some people are very allergic to dust, so it is better you wear a mask and hand gloves while you clean the house. It is not only because of the dust but if you accidentally touch the chemicals of the cleaners and the solution your hands will get affected by the toxic substances.

This is very important as you don’t want your skin to get affected by the chemicals and it may result in unnecessary rashes in the body. After cleaning the floor and the house, throw away the masks and gloves in a safe place so that your kids and pets are safe from getting infected by the germs.

Tip 22- Do Not Use Bleach To Mop The Floor:

Some people use bleach powder in the water to clean the house, but it is definitely not recommended as it may cause damage to the floor whether it is ceramic, stone floor, or wooden floor. A white stain is always visible after you clean the floor and it does not easily go away.

Not only does it cause damage to the floor but it looks bad and you don’t want to ruin the sensitivity of the floor by mopping it with such toxic substances. You can use bleach powder to kill the germs in the kitchen sink and it can also be used in the doormat.

Some Commonly Asked Questions And Answers:

How Often Should You Clean The Floor?

Well, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is recommended that you take some time off in your weekend and mop the entire floor of the house with great patience. This will keep you off from the virus coming into the house. You should clean the floor at least 2 to 3 times a week in order to maintain the hygiene of the house

Use Vacuum cleaners every day to maintain the stability of the house and if you do not have one, you can dry mop the floor or use warm water every day either in the morning or in the evening after you come back from your work.

What Precautions Should Be Followed Before Cleaning The Floor?

Well, cover all the furniture in the room with papers or unused clothes before you start cleaning your house with cleaners, vacuums, or any other ways that I have mentioned. This is because there is a high possibility that unintentionally the toxic substances and the dust will splatter into the walls or the furniture of the room.

Therefore make sure everything in the room is covered and your kids are somewhere safe before you clean your households. Do not let your pets and children come near the room you cleaned with Cleaners, disinfectants, and heavy solutions like vinegar and bleach.

Final Words:

Due to the ongoing pandemic, I would highly recommend that you know all the basic tips and tricks to successfully clean the house, especially the floor for healthy living. Though floor cleaning is a toilsome task, it will give you peace of mind at the end of the day. 

Feel free to ask if you’ve any queries, I’m here to respond ASAP. Anyway, read my other article to enrich your knowledge on home cleaning.

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