Bathroom Cleaning Secret Tips and Tricks: Get A Sparkling Bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning Secret Tips and Tricks

If you want to keep your house tidy, washing and cleaning your bathroom is necessary. A dirty, stinky, and stained bathroom doesn’t only degrade the appearance of the house but also it is unhealthy to use as well. Unclean bathroom can cause serious diseases and health problems. Therefore, regular bathroom cleaning is mandatory to maintain hygiene and feel good. 

However, many may struggle to clean the bathroom effectively. Due to regular contact with water, minerals, soap, and chemical agents, stubborn stains and impurities settle on the floors, walls, and grout lines. These marks and dirt are difficult to remove but possible if you know the remedies and tricks. 

To help you out, I have come up with this article to share the best bathroom cleaning tips and tricks that you must try. These tips and tricks will make bathroom cleaning easier and help you get a shiny and spotless bathroom. 

So, are you ready to learn? Let’s start:

15 Bathroom Cleaning Tips And Tricks That No One Has Told You Before:

I am going to present 15 tips for bathroom cleaning that would give excellent results. After thorough study and testing, I have found these tricks that would make your regular bathroom stunning, fresh-smelling, and germ-free. You would see the difference after applying these tricks during bathroom cleaning. 

Get ready to note the 15 bathroom cleaning secret tips and tricks that no one has told you before:

Tip 1: Use Vinegar For Shower Tile:

Shower tiles come in contact with water every day leaving a layer of soap and water on the surface. This not only fades the shine of the tile but also makes it slippery. Besides, molds and mildew can easily settle on soapy and wet surfaces. So, deep cleaning of shower tiles is necessary. 

The simplest trick to clean shower tile is to use vinegar that effortlessly washes away the soapy layer from the surface. All you need to do is heat some white vinegar in the microwave and put it in a spraying bottle. You can also add one or two teaspoons of liquid soap to reduce the intensity and intense smell of vinegar. 

Spray the warm vinegar all over the shower tile. Use a soft scrub pad to gently rub the surface. After rubbing, rinse off the tile with clean water and notice that the layer has vanished. Such an easy way of cleaning, isn’t it?

Tip 2: Use Baking Soda On Molds And Mildew:

Molds and mildew appear the most in wet places and bathrooms get them the most. You may see the black and green layers on the grout lines and corners of your bathroom. These are the molds and mildew that you must clean to maintain hygiene. But how to clean them? 

While water or normal cleaning agents may not work, a paste of baking soda can work. Baking soda is always the best agent for killing germs and absorbing extra moisture. 

Mix baking soda with water to make a thick paste. Now apply the paste all over the places where you see the mold and mildew. Leave it there for 2-3 hours. After that, use a scrub or brush to rub off the paste. Then rinse the place with water. The mold and mildew have disappeared, right?

Tip 3: Baking Soda And Vinegar For Drain Cleaning:

Cleaning the water drain in the bathroom seems like the most difficult task because you can’t reach the drain pipe. The grease, soapy layer, germs, and residues stuck in the inner part of the drain, as a result, gives off a foul smell and interrupts the passing of water. If hair and lumps get stuck then the situation is even worse. 

To solve this problem, mix vinegar and baking soda in a bottle and immediately pour the solution directly through the drain. The fizzing and reaction of the solution dissolves the dirt, grease, and kills germs. As all the dirt and impurities are cleared out, the foul smell goes away automatically clearing out the path to let water move smoothly again. 

Keep the mixture there for 30 minutes and then pour warm water in the drain. This would completely clear out the drain and eliminate the odor. 

Tip 4: Keep Naphthalene In The Sink:

Just like the drain gives off odor, the drain in the sink also releases a bad smell often for the same reason. If the pipe attached to the drain is a plastic pipe, using vinegar and baking soda frequently can degrade the pipe too. So, you can’t put baking soda and vinegar in the sink drain whenever there is a bad smell. 

Rather, for maintaining hygiene and a fresh smell, put some balls of naphthalene in the sink. Naphthalene gives off a refreshing smell all the time and also prevents germs and molds from settling on the sink. However, also run water on the naphthalene balls after using the sink so that hair, soap, or residues can’t settle on the balls. 

Tip 5: Dryer Sheets For Shining:

Dryer sheets work like magic when it comes to bathroom cleaning. Dryer sheets are excellent for absorbing water, cleaning wet surfaces and dirt layers, and polishing faucets. Let me tell you how it works. 

Soapy layer in the bathroom is a common problem that not only looks bad but also it is unhygienic as well. It can give birth to germs. But washing them off sometimes doesn’t work as they settle deeply on the surface. And if you consider putting harsh agents on the soapy scum, it may even destroy the tile. Using harsh agents regularly is not good for tiles. But the problem of soapy scum in the bathtub or shower is a regular problem. So, how can you gently rub off the layer? 

You can rub off the soap scum gently and quickly with dryer sheets. Wet the dryer sheet in warm water and gently wipe off the soap scum. It would remove most of the layers. If anything remains, consider wiping the area twice or thrice with another dryer sheet. And you can see the result!

Similarly, dryer sheets bring back the shine in faucets. The chrome materials in your bathroom can get back the glaze and shine if you wipe them off with dryer sheets. 

Tip 6: Denture Tablet For Fast Cleaning:

I understand that you may not be in the mood of deep cleaning your toilet regularly. But if you don’t do so, the toilet would badly stink and it is not a good idea to use a dirty toilet. Now, what is the solution to clean the toilet regularly without giving much effort? Any ideas? Let me tell you!

Keep some denture tablets for emergency situations when you are reluctant to deep clean the toilet. Drop a denture tablet in the toilet and let it be there for a few minutes. Make sure to close the lid so that the gas doesn’t come out. After the tablet does its job, flush the toilet. Now you can see that the dirt, stains, and rust have gone and the foul smell is gone too. Easy method right? 

So, keep some denture tablets at home for easy and fast cleaning when you are not ready for scrubbing or deep cleaning. 

Tip 7: Lemon For Stains: 

Water stains are the most common problem in the bathroom. These stains are unavoidable, especially in the sink, shower, and bathtub. But sometimes the stain is so dark that regular scrubbing doesn’t show any result. And those small marks here and there, all over the bathroom, makes it look nasty and dirty. Don’t worry though. I have a solution. 

Lemons are excellent to smoothly rinse off the water stains. Citric acid in lemon easily removes water stains after a thorough scrubbing. Take a scrubber or sponge, put some lemon juice on it, and then rinse over the stain. You can also directly apply a slice of lemon. If the stain is hard, use a paste of lemon and baking soda for a better outcome. 

Lemon is also excellent for chrome features, steel pipes and faucets, and metallic features. It brings back the shine in them by removing the rust and stains easily. Besides, cleaning with lemon gives off a nice smell. 

Tip 8: Baking Soda And Bleach For Grout Lining:

Most of the impurities on the floor and walls settle in the grout lining. Grout lining is generally a portion with filler that attaches to tiles. As it is a slightly hollow space, the impurities easily settle in these places. It causes the grout lining to become dark, nasty, contaminated, and filthy. These marks are difficult to remove easily with regular cleaning agents. 

To remove such stubborn marks, you have to use baking soda and bleach together. Mix 3/4th cup of baking soda with 1/4th cup of bleach and put the mixture on the grout lining. Keep it there for at least 30minutes so that it can kill the germs, loose the dirt, soak up the impurities, and absorb the water. 

Then pour some warm water over the area and use a toilet brush or scrubber to rub off the grout lining. Now rinse off the grout lining and see the dazzling shine in your bathroom walls and floors. 

Tip 9: Black Tea For Spotless Mirror:

One part of the bathroom that we don’t notice is the mirror. Though we face the mirror every day, we don’t notice that the mirror is full of spots, dirt, debris, and marks. And this one problem can destroy the entire look of the bathroom. If you never noticed, go and check how filthy your bathroom mirror looks. 

This problem is natural and regular. You just can’t stop dirt, water, fog, and marks from settling on the mirror. But trust me, the solution is easy too. Want to know?

Take warm water and put 2-3 black tea bags in it. Let the water take out all the essence from the tea bags. Now take off the tea bags and let the solution cool down. Pour the solution in a spraying bottle. Now it is ready to use. 

Spray the solution all over the mirror and wipe off the mirror with a towel or microfiber cloth. Put extra pressure on the stained areas. Tea has tannic acid that dissolves and removes stains and marks from the mirror easily. 

Tip 10: Use Chopsticks To Clean Corners:

Unfortunately, there are spaces that you or the scrubber or brush can’t reach. The joint of the faucet with the sink, corners of the toilet bottom (outside), spaces around the shower holder, etc. are the places where it is difficult to reach. But if you miss out cleaning these portions, you would end up having a stained and filthy bathroom and can never get the shiny and sparkling bathroom look. 

I have an interesting solution for this problem that I love to use. Take a chopstick and wrap the head of it with a thin piece of cloth or towel. Put some cleaning agent on the area to be cleaned and then use the chopstick head to rub off the corners and vents. You may dip the piece of cloth in warm water for faster results. This is a magic trick to deep clean the areas that can’t be cleaned normally. 

Tip 11: Use Vinegar To Clean Shower Heads And Faucets:

Here comes another remedy with vinegar. While most people don’t consider cleaning shower heads and faucets, it is very important to keep them clean. The holes in them can grab dirt, rust, impurities, and cause skin infections if not cleaned out regularly. You can feel itchy too if the water is coming out of a clogged and dirty shower head. However, cleaning the shower head or faucet is not an easy task. 

But since you are here with me, I have a solution for you. You can use vinegar in two ways. If you don’t want much scrubbing, you can pour white vinegar in a plastic bag and tie the bag around the shower head or faucet. Keep it overnight so that the vinegar slowly dissolves and removes all the layers from it. But if you want an immediate result, use a scrubber. Soak the scrubber or sponge in vinegar and rub off the shower head and faucets hard. Then wash it off to clean out the clogging. 

Tip 12: Clean The Soot:

Soot all over the ceiling and bathroom corners look nasty. But it is also natural that spiders would make webs here and there wherever humans don’t reach out normally. And when that happens, dirt and debris get stuck in that web making the situation even worse. 

So, you should focus on cleaning the ceiling too. Take a broom and sweep away all the soot from the walls, windows, and bathroom corners when the bathroom is dry. Then vacuum clean the floor to suck up the loose dirt. This would make the bathroom look tiptop and flawless. Do this at least once a month. 

Tip 13: Squeegee The Shower, Glass, And Tub:

The places that come in contact with water regularly make the hardest marks, soapy layers, germs, and stains. But you can minimize these problems if you keep the areas dry. 

The bathtub, showering area, and shower glass are some places that get fogged and dirty easily due to frequent contact with water. Now, after usage, if you clean these areas and help them dry out quickly, the risk of spots and fogging reduces. And to do so, you should consider using a squeegee to wipe off the water immediately after usage. 

When you wipe off the water from the shower walls, tubs, and glasses, you would no longer get stubborn water stains, spots, or fog as it would speed up drying. 

Tip 14: Use Coca-Cola For Deep Cleaning:

Coca-cola is not only for having a chilly summer day but also works excellent for bathroom cleaning. Sounds weird? But it is actually a top-notch remedy to clear out stubborn spots, marks, rust, and dirt. 

If you fail to clean stubborn marks, rust, and spots, coca-cola is the option you have to apply. Pour a few drops of coca-cola directly on the spot. You would see a fizzy reaction of coca-cola with dirt. The phosphoric acid, carbonates, and oxides are intense agents that can dissolve hard stains and impurities. 

So, pour coca-cola on the spots and rust, keep it for 20-30 minutes, rub the area with a scrubber, and rinse off with plain water. The marks have vanished, right? I knew it!

Tip 15: Keep The Bathroom Dry:

The best solution of all the problems is to keep the bathroom dry most of the time. After a shower, wipe off the walls and floor with a squeegee so that water can’t settle on the surface. Also, remove the soap scum immediately after a bath to make cleaning easier. 

Wipe off the entire floor of the bathroom after taking a bath. Wipe off the basin and toilet seat with dryer sheets or towels so that they don’t get any stains or spots. Try your best to keep the bathroom dry so that it stays fresh, hygienic, stain-free, and sparkling all the time. 


You have learned the best bathroom cleaning tips and tricks that are unbeatable. The ingredients for these remedies are easily available and using them is super easy. And the effort definitely pays off. You would realize it after seeing a spotless and dazzling bathroom. 

So, whatever issue you are facing with bathroom cleaning, follow the mentioned remedies and see how magically and drastically it changes the look of your bathroom. And don’t forget to share my article with others.

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