Bathroom Floor Tiles: Know How To Clean

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom cleaning becomes a hassle as the stains are deep, and the growth of germs is frequent. As bathrooms are exposed to water and moisture every day, the water stain, mineral layer, soap scum, rust, and growth of germs become frequent and common. And all these problems not only make the bathroom unhygienic but also look nasty and bad. This is why clean bathroom floor tiles are necessary. 

But how to effectively clean bathroom floor tiles? Though we all clean our bathrooms from time to time, we don’t always get to see the expected result. This is because we don’t know how to deal with each problem. We treat all the problems with a single cleaner but don’t focus on the details. This is why you need to learn some hacks and tactics of bathroom floor tile cleaning. 

After in-depth study and analysis, I have finally discovered the best ways of cleaning bathroom floor tiles. And in this article, I would share my secret hacks of bathroom cleaning. This would help you to solve any bathroom cleaning problem in minutes. 

So, get ready to learn!

5 Steps To Clean Ceramic And Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile:

Bathroom tiles can be of different materials and different tiles require separate cleaning agents. You can’t use the same formula and process to clean all types of bathroom floor tiles. Depending on the type of tile, you have to decide the steps and ingredients for cleaning. 

First, let us talk about how to clean porcelain or ceramic bathroom floor tile. These are the most common tiles used for bathroom flooring. So, here are the 5 steps of cleaning ceramic and porcelain bathroom floor tile:

Step 1: Vacuum Clean The Bathroom Tile:

When the bathroom is dry, vacuum the tile first. It will clean out all the loose dirt and debris from the floor making the later steps easier and faster. You can also sweep the floor to get rid of the loose dirt, hair, pins, dust, and debris. 

Before that, make sure to remove all the materials from the floor like a bucket, mug, dustbin, etc. Ensure that you vacuum each inch of the bathroom so that no place in the bathroom is left. 

Step 2: Mop The Floor With A Solution:

Now comes the turn to wipe the bathroom floor. First, wipe the floor with a mop dipped in warm water. This would make the floor ready for cleaning. It would soften the debris and dirt on the floor. 

Then make a solution for better cleaning. You can mix warm water and bleach or vinegar. Mix the solution well in a spraying bottle. Then spray the solution all over the floor, especially on the stained areas. Wipe off the floor once again if you are doing this as part of regular cleaning. If you are intending to clean thoroughly, then move to the next step. 

Step 3: Scrub The Floor:

If mopping the floor doesn’t suffice, spray the solution all over the floor again. Now take a toilet brush to rub and scrub the floor thoroughly. Concentrate on the corners and areas where there are stains and dark marks. 

You can mix detergent with the solution as well for a better result. But don’t use detergent regularly. Try using mild agents for regular cleaning. Use hard agents occasionally for scrubbing. 

Step 4: Rinse The Floor:

After scrubbing the bathroom tile floor thoroughly, you have to rinse off the bathroom with warm water. Take a bucket of warm water and use a wiper to clean out the residue. 

You can mix some disinfecting liquid with the water for a fresh-smelling bathroom. After rinsing the floor, you have to dry it too. 

Step 5: Dry The Floor:

To leave a shine in the bathroom, you have to dry the floor too. It prevents any residue from settling on the floor and all the germs and dirt are wiped off. 

Use a wiper to let the water and residue flow through the drain. After running the wiper, take a clean towel or cloth to wipe off the remaining residue from the floor. And you are done with cleaning porcelain or ceramic bathroom floor tiles. 

How To Clean Vinyl Or Linoleum Bathroom Floor Tiles?

Vinyl and linoleum bathroom floor tiles are budget-friendly and give a good finish to the bathroom too. But maintaining the shine and condition of these tiles requires regular care. Also, you have to be extra careful when cleaning such tiles. Otherwise, you may leave scratches or marks on them. 

Let me tell you the basics of cleaning vinyl and linoleum bathroom tile:

  • Vinyl:

To clean vinyl bathroom floor tiles, use a solution of vinegar and warm water. Mop the bathroom floor with a solution of vinegar and warm water. Then spray the solution again on the floor. 

Now use a soft brush to scrub the floor. Remember not to use a hard abrasive or stiff brush. Use a brush with soft bristles or a sponge pad. After scrubbing gently, wash the floor with warm water. Then use a wiper to dry out the floor. 

As vinyl flooring is water-resistant, it becomes easier to clean it. I suggest cleaning the floor at least once a week so that no stains, dirt, marks settle on the floor. 

  • Linoleum:

For cleaning the linoleum floor, you may need to use a bit of a harsh agent. Linoleum floors may need more frequent cleaning than vinyl floors as they let marks and stains settle on them easily. 

You would get a lot of linoleum cleaning agents in the market. If you want to try something natural, mix water and borax powder. Use a soft brush or sponge pad to rub the floor thoroughly and then wash it with water. And then wipe it off properly. 

To maintain the dazzling shine and finish, you should apply a paste of wax and buff it on the linoleum floor. Do this at least twice or thrice a year. 

How To Clean Natural Stone Bathroom Floor Tiles?

If you have fitted marble, granite, or natural stone on your bathroom floor, it must look stunning and catchy. But you must maintain the natural stone floor carefully. Otherwise, it would get stained and scratched. So, clean the stone floor cautiously and regularly to maintain the high-end look of the bathroom floor. 

First thing first. You can’t use any abrasive or acidic agent like vinegar to clean the stone floor. These harsh agents would destroy the smooth and glazy look of the stone. Don’t even use detergent. You have to use a pH-neutral cleaning agent to clean the stone floor. 

Also, never scrub the marble or granite floor. Scrubbing would leave scratches and marks on natural stone and these scratches would let the dirt settle on the floor easily. Therefore, you can’t use a brush to clean natural stone floors. Rather use a soft sponge or soft scrub pad to rub the natural stone bathroom floor tiles. 

After cleaning and rubbing, wipe the floor with a clean cloth. Also, after using the bathroom, clean the floor with a wiper so that it doesn’t get any water stains. 

How To Clean Grout Lines In Bathroom Floor Tiles? (6 Simple Steps)

Grout linings in the bathroom floor tiles get dirty very easily and the germs, marks, and impurities mostly settle in the grout lining. This destroys the shine and beauty of the bathroom floor tile. And cleaning the grout lining is the difficult part of bathroom cleaning. However, I have the right solution for you. 

I am going to mention 6 different remedies to clean grout linings in the bathroom floor tiles. Depending on the intensity of the dirt and marks, you can choose the remedy. Let me tell you the amazing hacks of cleaning the grout linings:

1. Warm Water, Detergent, And Stiff Brush:

If the stain is fresh in the grout lining, you may not need any harsh agent to clean it. And using harsh formulas unnecessarily is not good for the tile flooring. So, if the dirt is removable without any chemicals, it is better to follow a simple way of cleaning. 

If this is the case, mix warm water with a few drops of liquid soap. Then spray this mild solution directly on the grout lining. Now, use a stiff brush or dishwashing scrub pad to rub the grout lining thoroughly. Then rinse the grout lining with clean water and let it dry well. 

2. Vinegar And Warm Water:

If the stain is not removable with warm water and liquid soap, you may need a harder cleaning agent. For cleaning slightly stubborn dirt in the grout lining, use a combination of warm water and vinegar. 

Fill half of a spraying bottle with warm water and the other half with vinegar. Shake the bottle and spray on the grout lining. Let it settle there for 5 minutes and then scrub the dirt off the lining with a stiff brush or scrubbing pad. Wipe it off with a cloth to reveal the clean and stain-free grout lining. 

3. Vinegar And Baking Soda:

Now comes an excellent combination that works the best to clean the grout lining from the deep. These two agents can remove stubborn marks and dirt from the grout lining. 

Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the grout lining. Spray vinegar on the paste. The mixture would start fizzing. Let the fizzing stop first. After that, use a stiff brush to scrub the grout lining. You may repeat this if the result is not expected. After that, rinse the floor with clean water and let it dry.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide:

Another easy solution to clean the grout lining of the bathroom tile is to use hydrogen peroxide. Spray hydrogen peroxide directly on the grout lining or make a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and apply it. 

After that, rub the grout lining with a scrub or stiff brush to remove the dirt from the deep. Then rinse the grout linings with clean water. 

This solution works the best on mild stains and gives an instant solution. 

5. Oxygen Bleach:

Bleaching is always an effective way of cleaning bathroom tiles. It also works great on grout lining especially when the stains and dirt are strong and stubborn. 

Apply oxygen bleach powder of any reliable brand directly on the grout lining. Let it sit there for 10-15 minutes (may vary). Read the instructions before use if required. Then gently scrub with a soaked scrub pad or brush. Put pressure on the grout lining and then rinse off the floor with clean water. It would reveal a clean and white grout lining. 

6. Chlorine Bleach:

Chlorine bleach is another excellent formula for grout cleaning. However, as it is a harsh agent, use it only when the dirt and stain are too dark. 

Spray chlorine bleach all over the grout lining and then use a stiff brush to rub the grout lining thoroughly. Afterwards, clean the grout lining with fresh water. Don’t let the chlorine bleach sit on the grout lining for too long as it may damage its condition. 

How To Remove Mould And Mildew From Bathroom Floor Tiles? (5 Ways)

As bathroom floor tiles remain exposed to moisture and water, it encourages the growth of germs, mould, and mildew on the floor if not cleaned properly. You may see the dark and feathery substances on the corner of the floor or in the grout linings. These are mildew and mould. They grow when the bathroom is not clean enough and when dirt and germs keep settling on the floor. 

Now, how can you remove these nasty moulds and mildew from the floor? 

Here are 5 different ways of removing moulds and mildew from bathroom floor tiles:

1. White Vinegar:

No one can deny the fact that vinegar is the best cleaning agent. So my first solution to clean away mould and mildew is to use mild white vinegar. It is literally the best agent to kill moulds and mildew and disinfect the bathroom tiles. 

First, spray a solution of warm water and vinegar on the affected area. Let it settle on the affected area for an hour or so. Then take a towel, dip it in warm water, and wipe off the area thoroughly. Then dry it with a clean towel so that mould can’t grow again. 

2. Borax: 

Borax is another magic agent for killing and cleaning moulds and mildew. Remember that this is a hard agent and should be used only in extreme situations. Also, make the proportion correctly so that the floor doesn’t get overexposed to borax. 

First, mix a cup of borax powder with 3literss of water. Mix it well and then spray it on the affected areas. Don’t let it settle for so long. Wait for a minute and then scrub the area thoroughly with a brush or pad. Then wipe the area and let it dry. 

3. Bleach And Baking Soda:

Bleach and baking soda both are outstanding for deep cleaning the bathroom floor. And when these two agents are mixed, it makes a strong mixture to clean out mildew and moulds. 

Mix 1/3rd of a spraying bottle with bleach and baking soda and the other portion with water. Mix it well and spray on the affected areas. Let the liquid become a paste. After it dries out, spray the solution again and scrub with a brush. And then rinse it off with warm water. You may repeat this for a better outcome. 

4. Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is another excellent and hard agent for cleaning moulds and mildew and kills germs. For this remedy, spray hydrogen peroxide solution on the affected areas. 

Let the solution sit there for 2-3 hours. After the solution cleanses the dirt and moulds from deep, gently scrub the area. Keep the bathroom ventilated as it may release toxic gas. Then wash the surface with clean water and wipe off the area. 

5. Ammonia:

Many people may not know that ammonia is a good agent for killing and cleaning moulds and mildew. However, don’t mix ammonia with bleach as it would release toxic gases. 

Take ammonia in a spraying bottle and apply it to the affected areas in the bathroom. Now, you have to scrub the area thoroughly with a brush and then leave it for 2-3 hours. You must open the door and windows to avoid suffocation due to ammonia. 

Let ammonia work the moulds and mildew and dry it out. Now, wipe off the area with a clean cloth. 

To avoid the growth of moulds and mildews, you must spray disinfectant solutions regularly on the bathroom floor tiles. This would kill germs and keep your bathroom hygienic, discouraging the birth of bacteria, moulds, and mildew. 


I have mentioned A to Z about bathroom floor tiles cleaning. Starting from cleaning the grout lining to whitening the tiles, I have mentioned remedies for each issue. Now, it is your turn to apply the remedies and see the best results!

So, which remedy are you going to try first?

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