Bissell Carpet Cleaner: All You Need To Know

Bissell Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaning is a crucial part of house cleaning. Many may ignore this task due to the hassle and difficulties. But unclean and dirty carpet is unhygienic as well as can cause dust allergies, breathing problems, etc. Therefore, skipping carpet cleaning is really not the option. Then what to do? 

Thankfully, we have modern equipment now to help us clean carpets effortlessly. Carpet cleaning is no longer a troublesome task and you can do it smoothly if you know the right techniques. The latest mechanisms and amenities facilitate carpet cleaning and you must learn and know about these. And the best possible amenities available in today’s time is the Bissell carpet cleaner. 

If you are yet to find out about how Bissell carpet cleaner effectively cleans carpets, you should stay with me as I would discuss this particular topic in this article. So, be with me till the end and learn the tactics of cleaning carpets easily. 

Let’s dive in:

15 Simple Steps To Use Bissell Carpet Cleaner:

Using a Bissell carpet cleaner is easy and effective if you follow the steps properly. I have found this carpet cleaner amazing but also took time to understand how to apply it properly. After thorough research and experience, I gathered information and finally came up with a step-by-step procedure that works the best and gives the expected result. 

So here are the 15 simple steps to follow to use Bissell carpet cleaner:

Step 1: Clear The Carpet:

You have to ensure that the carpet has nothing on it. If you keep furniture and materials on it and then start cleaning, you can never clean the carpet thoroughly. Also, it is harmful for the furniture to come in contact with the chemical cleaners. 

So, either take the carpet away from the furniture items or remove the furniture items somewhere else. All in all, clear the carpet completely for efficient cleaning. 

Step 2: Clean The Loose Dirt:

Carpet generally catches and holds a lot of dust and pollution. Also, small things like pins, peels, buttons, hair, soil, powders of food, etc. easily get stuck in carpets. So, before you thoroughly clean the carpet, you have to clean out the loose dirt. 

For cleaning the loose dirt, I suggest you use a vacuum cleaner as it promptly takes away the dirt and debris from the carpet. Sweeping with a broom may not be the best idea as it won’t remove the little particles that are stuck deep inside the carpet. So, use a vacuum cleaner in this step. 

Step 3: Apply Carpet Shampoo:

Let me tell you that applying carpet shampoo is optional because many may not prefer it. Many people feel that the carpet cleaner would be enough to clean the carpet. But you may not get the expected result without applying carpet shampoo. 

However, my opinion is to use carpet shampoo for assured results. Carpet shampoo works like magic on stains, marks, and discolorations. Spray the shampoo directly on the carpet and let it sit there for 3-5 minutes. You may also use blotted paper for applying the carpet shampoo. 

Step 4: Pour Warm Water Into Bissell Cleaner:

Before starting the cleaning procedure, you have to learn how to set up the Bissell cleaner machines. Though different machines may have different setups, I am going to mention the basic way of setting up a carpet cleaner. 

First, you have to open the tank of the carpet cleaner that would be in the front of the machine. Run hot water into the opening and fill 3/4th of the tank. You may see a mark that denotes the measurements. Take help from it to understand how much would be 3/4th of the tank. You can follow the user manual too. 

Step 5: Add Carpet Cleaner Liquid:

You can choose any good quality carpet cleaning liquid available in the market. Such formulas are used for deep cleaning of the carpets and are necessary to make the carpet look tidy and fresh. 

At this step, add carpet cleaning formula to the hot water in the tank. You would see a finishing mark in the tank. You have to fill the tank up to the mark with the carpet cleaning formula.

While most carpet cleaners have a single tank for water and cleaner, some may have separate tanks. Work accordingly. Also, avoid pouring extra cleaning agents as it would destroy the texture, softness, and condition of the carpet. Fill 1/4th of the tank with carpet cleaner and the rest should be occupied by warm water. 

Step 6: Set The Cleaning Mode:

You would find that the machine works in different modes- light, normal, heavy cleanings. These modes decide the intensity of cleaning. You can find the dial in the front part of the machine. 

Depending on how dirty and dusty your carpets are, decide the mode carefully. For regular cleaning, use the light mode. If you clean the carpets once a month, use the normal mode. But if the carpets are so dirty and soiled, use the heavy cleaning mode for thorough cleaning. 

Step 7: Set The Tool Dial:

The tool dial is located in the front of the machine and is large enough to be visible. The tool dial denotes what type of cleaning you are going to perform. 

Turn the dial and stop the pointer at the option ‘floor cleaning’. Now, you are ready to perform the cleaning. 

Step 8: Turn On The Cleaner:

Your Bissell cleaner is ready to use. You have to turn on the cleaner now. Plug the cord to the nearest power or plug point. Now, look at the backside of the machine. You can see two buttons at the back. 

You have to press down both the buttons to turn on the machine and start the heating system. 

Step 9: Start Cleaning:

Now is the turn to finally start cleaning the carpet. Place the machine on the carpet and press the handle trigger. The trigger sprays the water and cleaner formula on the carpet. 

While pressing the trigger, move the cleaner machine forward and backward to clean out the carpet. Remember to keep moving the machine so that you don’t spill too much solution in a single place. Keep moving the machine over the carpet and clean the carpet.

Step 10: Dry The Carpet:

You have spread the solution on an area. Now is the turn to soak up the dirt and watery solution. It would slowly dry the carpet. 

To do so, let go of the trigger. When you release the handle trigger, the machine absorbs the dirty water that has been produced after spraying the cleaning solution on the carpet. 

Release the handle trigger and then move the machine over the area you have just cleaned to let it dry fast. Stop the machine when the area dries. 

Step 11: Keep Cleaning Until The Tank Is Full:

You may need to change the cleaning mode according to the dirt on specific areas. Change the setting and keep cleaning the carpet in the same way mentioned above. After spreading the water and cleaning, dry it by letting the trigger go and moving the machine over the cleaned area to soak up the dirty water. 

Do this until the tank is full with dirty water. 

Step 12: Empty The Tank:

You can see a small tank just beside the water tank you have filled with cleaner and water. This small tank stores the dirty water that has been soaked up from the carpet. You can also see a mark that denotes how much dirty water has been filled in the tank.

Once the dirty water reaches the mark, you have to empty the tank as it would no longer soak up the dirty water. 

Step 13: Refill The Water Tank:

Now that the tank has been cleaned, you have to refill the water tank again if the carpet has not been cleaned completely. 

Wash the water tank with clean water and then again, mix the hot water and liquid cleaner in the tank. And start the entire procedure again. 

Step 14: Set The Dial Again:

The tool dial that you have on ‘floor cleaning’ has to be changed now. Rotate the pointer to the hose cleaning option to use the special tool to clean the small and corner areas. You can also use it for cleaning the dirtiest areas that you couldn’t clean with the machine.

Turn the dial on, activate the ‘hose cleaning’, and start to touch up the carpet and give it a fine finish. 

Step 15: Start Cleaning With A Hose:

Bissell carpet cleaner comes with a special tool at one end that works like a vacuum cleaner. This is added to the carpet cleaner so that you can easily clean the corner areas and thoroughly wash the most filthy part on the carpet. 

Attach the tool to the hose, turn the dial, and then move it over the carpet thoroughly on the special areas to deep clean the carpet. And you are done!

How Much Does A Bissell Carpet Cleaner Cost?

Bissell carpet cleaners are available in versatile designs and features. Depending on your floor and carpet size, you can buy the machine you want. 

The differences between the machines are the size, facilities, brushes, heating system, suction power, and cleaning intensity. All these factors decide the price of different Bissell carpet cleaners. Thankfully, due to this disparity of price, people can decide a budget and buy accordingly.

Bissell carpet cleaners start from as cheap as $90 and spike up to $450. The $90 cleaners are lightweight and used only for regular cleaning. They are not suitable for removing heavy stains or dirt.

The mid-range Bissell carpet cleaners cost $150-$250 that feature amenities to clean carpets in the shortest time possible. These cleaners facilitate carpet cleaning and make your carpet look fresh and tiptop.

The high-range Bissell carpet cleaners are excellent for deep cleaning carpets. They cost around $350-$450. The power brushes and advanced heating system clean carpets thoroughly. 

Check the prices, compare the features, and then decide a budget to buy a suitable Bissell carpet cleaner.

Can You Use Liquid Soap In Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

Many people consider mixing liquid soap and warm water in the water tank of a Bissell carpet cleaner instead of diluting the carpet cleaning formula and warm water. Is it a wise thing to do? No. 

I have two reasons to tell you for which you should never use liquid soap or any detergent other than carpet cleaning formula. Here are the reasons:

  1. Carpets are rough and have a special texture that should be maintained to keep the beauty and condition intact. Now, as liquid soap or detergent are sticky and hard cleaning agents, they will stick to the carpet and won’t even clean the carpet. Rather they would settle inside the carpet destroying the softness and texture of the carpet. They can never clean the carpet as they are made for flat and hard surfaces only. 
  1. The second problem is, the bissell carpet cleaner is unable to soak up soapy water. It can only absorb the light solution of cleaner and water. But soap and water in the tank makes a foamy texture that the cleaner can’t absorb. This means, even if the soapy water cleans the carpet, the machines won’t be able to suck up the dirt from the carpet. So again, you would end up settling the dirt on the carpet rather than soaking it up. 

For these two reasons, you should never use liquid soap or detergent to clean your carpet with Bissell carpet cleaner. It would ultimately damage the condition of your carpet and make it even more dirty. So, always use a carpet cleaning formula of your choice. 

Is It Bad To Use Cold Water In Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

Most people stay confused about which one is to be used in carpet cleaning, cold water, or hot water. Many people think it doesn’t even matter what water is being added to the machine. However, it matters a lot. 

Cleaning the carpet with cold water is never the best idea because it won’t act as a catalyst for the carpet cleaning formula. When you add cold water to the carpet cleaning formula, it simply dilutes the solution. It has no other purpose to serve. But when you add warm water, it helps the cleaning liquid to become more activated. Also, warm water takes out dirt and debris quickly as they dissolve the dirt and attract them. 

As warm water is helpful and effective for carpet cleaning, the Bissell carpet cleaner has a heating system too so that the warm water can keep the temperature static until the cleaning is done. But if you pour cold water, heating it becomes more time-consuming and by the time it gets heated, you might have already cleaned the carpet. 

To make the process more effective and fast, you must use warm water and a carpet cleaning formula and then start the cleaning. However, avoid pouring boiling water as it may burn the carpet too.

Is Bissell Carpet Cleaner Worth It?

A variety of carpet cleaning equipment are available in the market. While there are top brands providing carpet cleaners, Bissell carpet cleaners are reliable and offer satisfactory results. 

Bissell carpet cleaners clean carpet deeply and thoroughly and take out dirt easily. If you learn how to operate them properly, you will get the best result. 

Bissell cleaners have different facilities, setups, and tools that you can adjust to get customized results. For example, you can set up a special tool to clean out the corners where the big cleaner can’t reach. This means these cleaners are suitable for heavy-duty usage. 

Different types of carpet cleaners are offered by Bissell and you can choose the one that suits your budget, fulfills your requirements, and is compatible with your carpet. Customization features in these machines make carpet cleaning even more effective and fruitful. Also, using the Bissell carpet cleaner is simple and easy if you know the techniques. 

Therefore, a Bissell carpet cleaner is worth buying and is a wise investment to take care of your carpet. It would deeply clean each inch of your carpet, bring back the soft and cozy look, and increase the longevity of the carpet too. 


To conclude, I have to mention that to take care of your carpet and use it for ages, you should invest in a Bissell carpet cleaner. Just follow the instructions above to use it correctly and see how it turns a dirty, and glamour-less carpet to a soft, clean, and vivid carpet. 

Make your house hygienic, healthy, and aesthetic today by cleaning the carpets with a bissell carpet cleaner. 

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