Can You Take A Bath After Cleaning The Tub With Bleach

Can You Take A Bath After Cleaning The Tub With Bleach

Bleach is a very strong, corrosive, and effective cleaner that many people all around the world use for cleaning bathtubs. Now, you may wonder whether you can take a bath after cleaning the tub with bleach. As a DIY expert, I can definitely help you with that question.

Many doctors and experts don’t recommend taking a bath after cleaning the tub with bleach. Harmful chlorine gas emitted by the cleaning agent can leave a negative impact on the human body. Moreover, residual bleach can cause serious damage to the epidermis (outer layer of human skin). 

In this article, I will talk about what effect bleach may have on human skin. I will also share some important information regarding cleaning the bathtub with bleach. Please read this article to the end.

What Will Happen If You Take A Bath Right After Cleaning The Tub With Bleach?

Residual bleach, if comes in contact with exposed human skin, can cause mild to extreme irritation. The situation can get even worse for individuals who have any type of allergic reaction to bleach. Moreover, a high concentration of chlorine and bleach can cause burns on your skin.

Furthermore, if you accidentally drop bleach in your eyes the result would be catastrophic. It can permanently damage your eye nerves and tissues.

Toxic gases released by bleach can get trapped in your bathroom. Inhaling those gases will cause damage to your respiratory system. So, please refrain from using the tub right after bleaching it.

How Long Should You Wait Before Taking A Bath In The Tub?

It is standard practice to wait for at least 5 to 6 hours before using the tub again. Remember, you are waiting for the bleach to evaporate and the toxic gases to escape from your bathroom.

Steps To Follow For Cleaning Bathtub With Bleach

Cleaning the bathtub with bleach is pretty easy and straightforward. Maintaining proper steps will make the job even easier and faster. Follow the instructions below for a flawless cleaning operation.

1. Dress Up Properly:

Before you prepare to clean the bathtub with bleach, you must dress up properly. Undiluted bleach has the ability to permanently damage clothes. Bleach can accidentally fall on your clothes and ruin them. So, wear a dress that you really don’t care about damaging.

You must wear gloves and goggles while cleaning the tub. Don’t forget to wear a mask as well.

2. Prepare The Bathroom:

Remove the shower curtains so that they do not get in your way while cleaning. Make sure to remove any soap or shampoo lying around the bathtub as well.

Beach can chemically react with granite countertops and ruin their shine. So it is recommended to cover the countertop with newspaper or a towel. Open all the windows in your bathroom and turn on the ventilator in order to ensure proper airflow.

3. Mix The Solution:

This is the most important step of the cleaning process. You must carefully mix the correct ratio of bleach and water. If you dilute the bleach-water solution too much, then it might have no cleaning effect at all. On the other hand, if you use a less diluted solution then you might end up damaging your bathtub.

Take a 4-liter bucket. Fill it with water ¾ of the way. Then, add about ¼ cup of bleach into the bucket. Mix the solution properly.

4. Rub The Tub:

Grab a sponge and dip it into the water-bleach solution. Don’t forget to put on a pair of gloves before you do so.

Rub the sponge on the entire tub surface. Pay special attention to corners and bathtub rims. Use a toilet brush to scrub away hard dirty stains. You may need to rub the tub and leave the bleach solution to sit on for 10 minutes in order to clean a very dirty tub.

5. Dry The Tub:

This step is very important too. Leaving bleach residue on the bathtub can turn out to be a very expensive mistake.

Take a clean towel, wet it with water. Use the wet towel to thoroughly rinse the entire tub. Make sure no bleach residue is left on the tub corners and rims.

Make The Tub Safe For Taking Bath Immediately After Cleaning With Bleach

It can take hours before your bathtub becomes safe for taking a bath after cleaning with bleach. Luckily, there are some instructions by following which you can speed the process. Follow the instructions below if you are in a hurry and need to use the tub as soon as possible.

1. Ensure Proper Airflow:

Chlorine-based bleach releases harmful chlorine gas which if inhaled can cause acute respiratory problems.

That is why make sure your bathroom gets enough fresh air. Fresh air from the outside will carry away harmful gases and make the bathroom reusable again within a very short time.

For speeding up the ventilation process, turn on the exhaust fan of your bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t have an exhaust fan, use a table fan to expel the harmful chlorine gas from the bathroom.

2. Use Non-Chlorine Bleach:

You can remove the chances of chlorine gas build-up altogether by using non-chlorine-based bleach.

Non-chlorine-based bleach is a lot safer and practical cleaning agent. It does not release any toxic chlorine gas. As a result, you can use the tub for a bath pretty much immediately after cleaning it.

3. Clean The Tub With Plenty Of Water:

Another reason why experts don’t recommend using the tub immediately after cleaning with bleach is because of leftover bleach residue. As I have said before, undiluted bleach can pose a serious threat to health and safety.

After cleaning with bleach, pour a bucket of water into the tub. The water should dilute residual bleach and make it less reactive. You can use a towel to rinse the insides of the tub for additional measures. Open the drain plug afterward.


Maintain utmost caution while cleaning with bleach. Keep this product out of the reach of children. Consult your doctor if you develop an allergic reaction to bleach. Also, don’t try to mix bleach with other cleaners. You must use bleach alone.

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