Carpet Shampooing Tips: Know Before Cleaning

Carpet Shampooing Tips

Carpet shampooing is a basic home cleaning task that one should do. Clean carpets enhance the decoration and look of the entire house while filthy carpets kill the beauty and vibe. Besides, dirty and soiled carpets are unhealthy and can cause several breathing and allergy issues. 

But when it comes to carpet shampooing, people often feel skeptical and end up creating a mess as they don’t know the right tactics to clean the carpet. Either they don’t have the right equipment or they are not aware of how to go through the process. Such confusions are to be eliminated, and proper knowledge is required if one wants to keep carpet tiptop and stunning all the time. 

If you are one of those who is skeptical and indecisive about carpet shampooing, this article would definitely help you out. After thorough research and experiments, I have finally come up with the best carpet shampooing tips that would make carpet cleaning easier, fruitful, and fun. 

So, are you ready? Let’s hop in:

5 Important Carpet Shampooing Tips That Will Make Your Task Easier:

I would mention only 5 tips and explain each point in detail so that you can learn how to get the best result out of carpet shampooing. Each tip would have details in it so that you understand how exactly to perform each task and why you must do so. 

However, I personally follow these 5 tips and always get good results while shampooing my carpet. So, you can trust me and follow these 5 important carpet shampooing tips that will surely make your task easier:

Tip 1: Prepare Your Carpet For Shampooing:

If you don’t prepare your carpet for cleaning, you can never get the expected result and it will remain half-done. To do the task properly, you have to make the carpet ready and then start with the process. But how exactly to prepare the carpet for shampooing? Let me tell you that. 

  • The very first task of preparing the carpet is to take out all the furniture from over the carpet and empty the surface fully so that you can thoroughly clean every inch of it. Don’t miss out on any portion of the carpet. 
  • Don’t start shampooing right away. Before that, make sure to vacuum clean the entire carpet. Hair, pins, pet fur, dust, soil, and loose dirt stuck inside the carpet should be removed by vacuum cleaning to make the shampooing more effective. 
  • Clean the high-traffic areas thoroughly. Areas where there are signs of footsteps, parts attached to the wall and corners, should be vacuum cleaned cautiously to take out the dirt from deep. 
  • Use a stain removing spray to clean out the areas with dark and heavy stains. Stain removing sprays work like magic when it comes to removing nasty stains. However, check if the spray is compatible with your carpet or not. 
  • Choose a carpet shampoo that suits the carpet. Different carpets have different textures and materials. This is why the cleaning agents vary too. So, before buying, check if the shampoo is suitable for your carpet or not. You can also test the agent on a small portion of the carpet to check if it is harming the carpet or not for assurance. 
  • Don’t perform carpet shampooing on silk carpets.

And that is all about preparing the carpet for cleaning and knowing every detail about the agents you are going to use. 

Tip 2: Set Up The Machine:

You may get any convenient carpet cleaning machine. But try to buy from reliable brands with a good heating system, brush, and suction for effective cleaning. Try to find a machine with a hose for attaching the vacuum as it would help you to clean the traffic and corner areas. See the user manual to correctly set up the device. 

  • Put hot or warm water in the water tank. The proportion would be 3/4th of the water tank. Keep the rest of the space for the carpet shampooing liquid. 
  • Now feel the remaining portion with the shampooing liquid of your choice. Make sure to check the ingredients present in the liquid and whether or not it is suitable for the carpet or not. 
  • Don’t mix extra carpet cleaning agent as it would make carpets sticky and would grab more dirt and soil than before. The ratio of water and cleaning agent has to be perfect. Otherwise, it would be a mess. Read the manual instructions to know the correct ratio. 
  • Learn how to use each part of the machine to make the best use of it. Read the manual or ask the seller for detailed instructions. 
  • After you mix water and shampoo, plug in the machine to a power source and get ready to start carpet shampooing. 

Tip 3: Shampoo The Carpet Cautiously:

Now is the turn to finally start cleaning. Take enough time for carpet cleaning as the process has various steps. If you miss even one of them, it won’t give a good result. 

Assuming that you have a fairly good idea about how to do carpet shampooing, let me give you some basic tips that you must follow:

  • Keep the machine moving over the carpet. While the trigger is on, always keep moving the machine forward and backward over the carpet. If you stop the machine at a place while the trigger is on, the place would get saturated with the solution making it even more dirty. So, keep circulating or moving the machine over the carpet rather than halting it at a place. 
  • Start from a corner, go straight and clean to the end of the other corner, and then start to clean the portion just beside the part you just cleaned. Don’t move the machine haphazardly. Maintain a sequence to save time as well as avoid stepping into a place that you have already cleaned before drying. 
  • If there is a part that is too dirty and stained, avoid spilling extra solution on that place. It would make the dirt stick to the carpet even more. Rather, use the hose in the machine to deeply clean the portion or run the machine twice or thrice over the area. 
  • After cleaning each portion, make sure that the machine has soaked up the dirty water out of the carpet. You can’t let the dirty water be there. You have to remove the dirty water immediately after cleaning. Besides, once the tank for storing dirty water is full, empty the tank, make the carpet cleaner and water mixture again, and restart. If you don’t empty the dirty water tank, it won’t soak up any more water. This means, your carpet wouldn’t be cleaned anymore. 
  • Use the hose and vacuum for cleaning the corner areas where moving the machine is not possible or convenient. The hose would let you reach the corner areas easily facilitating thorough cleaning. 
  • If you think that carpet has become too sticky and is taking too much time for drying, you can again run the machine with plain water (without mixing the cleaning formula). This would help you to remove all the residue from the carpet. 

Tip 4: Post-Shampooing Steps:

You have now cleaned the carpet. But, is it enough? No. You have some more steps to follow to see the stunning and gorgeous look of the carpet again. Post-shampooing care is necessary to complete the process properly. Let me tell you about the factors you should take care of. 

  • Check if the carpet has some residue on it or not. If the carpet feels sticky, you should clean the carpet again with plain water using the cleaner machine. Don’t mix cleaning agents with water. Just use the machine with plain water. 
  • Now comes the part of drying. After you clean and wash the carpet, you have to dry it well before stepping on the carpet. Otherwise, the carpet would become dirty again. But if you dry the carpet well, it will become soft and clean again. So, let the carpet dry overnight well and till it is dry, avoid stepping on it. 
  • If you have kept the furniture around and they are exposed to the cleaning agent, you should wipe the furniture off so that the furniture doesn’t get damaged. 
  • For the best result, you should consider vacuum cleaning the carpet again. After wet cleaning, if you vacuum clean the carpet, the loose dirt and debris would be sucked up. Now, you can see a polished, tidy, and fresh carpet underneath your feet. Feels super soft and soothing, doesn’t it? 

Tip 5: Frequency Of Cleaning:

Now, if you clean the carpet at any time you want, it won’t work and you can never get the best result. You have to maintain a certain frequency of cleaning so that shampooing becomes easier and you get the soft touch on your feet all over the year. 

The frequency of cleaning should be at least once a year. However, if you have a lot of family members in the house and pets, the carpet may get dirty easily. In that case, clean the carpet twice a year. 

If the carpet is in a hallway or office area, then cleaning has to be more frequent. In-office areas, you should clean the carpet twice or thrice a year to keep it tiptop and polished. 

If the carpet is not used frequently and no heavy usage is faced, cleaning the carpet once in 18months would suffice. 

So, decide the cleaning frequency depending on the usage. Decide the frequency and maintain it to keep up the condition of the carpet and increase the life of the carpet.

Related Questions:

How To Dry Carpet After Shampooing? (5 Easy Ways)

Drying the carpet after carpet shampooing is important. After shampooing, cleaning, and washing, drying is a crucial part. Only after proper drying, the softness, texture, and look come back to the carpet. Thus drying the carpet after shampooing has to be done carefully and consciously. 

Now, what are the ways for drying the carpet after shampooing? Here are 5 ways of effectively drying carpets after shampooing:

1. Ceiling Fans:

Turning on the ceiling fan is the best and easiest way of drying the carpet naturally. The ceiling fan would circulate air evenly all over the area drying the carpet quickly. Using a table fan is an option too though the result won’t be much effective. 

2. Ventilation:

Ventilating the room is the best possible way for naturally drying the carpet. Though the process can be slow, the results are better. Open windows and let fresh air dry the carpet. This may take long but would create a fresh environment giving off a fresh smell rather than a damp one. Ventilation is therefore a favorable way of drying if you have enough time.

3. Air Conditioner:

If turning on the ceiling fan or opening windows is not your option, you have to turn on the air conditioner. The problem is it may not give a fresh environment and may cause a damp smell. But it would dry the carpet effectively. My suggestion is even after drying with the air conditioner, you should consider blow-drying or opening the window for a better result. 

4. Blow Dry:

Blow drying is not a common way of drying and not as effective as the options mentioned above. But it is great for making the drying process faster. You can blow-dry the cleaned areas with a professional dryer. Consult a technician before doing so. 

5. Carpet Grooming:

Carpet grooming means to brush the carpet with a brush by running it through the carpet fiber. This simply facilitates drying but doesn’t directly contribute to drying the carpet. It basically alings the fibers or furs on the carpet and speeds up the drying. 

These are the several ways of drying after carpet shampooing. Apply the one you prefer but don’t miss out on the process as drying shows the ultimate result of cleaning. 

How To Get Rid Of The Wet Smell After Carpet Shampooing?

Many people fail to effectively dry the carpet on time and no matter what, the damp and upsetting smell doesn’t go away from the carpet. This creates an even worse environment in the room. So, how to get rid of the wet smell after carpet shampooing? I have a solution for you!

Baking soda does magic on wet carpets after carpet shampooing! It not only eliminates the damp smell but also facilitates drying. Baking soda is an excellent agent that absorbs water quickly. Also, it is effective in killing molds, and germs. So, it acts as a disinfectant as well. 

After carpet shampooing, you need to spread baking soda all over the carpet. Spread only a little on the whole area. Leave it there for a day or two. Let it soak up all the water and kill all the germs effectively. Then vacuum clean the carpet and see how refreshing it smells and creates a healthy environment. The change is visible!

Do You Shampoo Carpet Until Water Is Dirty?

When you do carpet shampooing with a cleaner machine, the water and cleaning formula mixture starts getting dirty. This is because when you spray the solution on the carpet, it also soaks up the dirty water that has come out of the carpet. 

Now, once the water tank is full of dirty water, you have to empty the tank immediately. In fact, it is better to clean the tank once 3/4th of the tank is full of dirty water. 

Now, if you keep cleaning with the dirty water in the tank, your carpet would become more dirty. You just can’t use the dirty water to wash the carpet as it would not benefit it at all. 

So, you can only clean the carpet until the water in the tank is clean. While it turns dark, you have to empty the tank and refill the tank with clean water and carpet cleaning formula. Only then you can start shampooing the carpet again. 

Therefore, yes, you can keep cleaning the carpet only until the water tank is full of dirty water. After that, you have to refill the tank. 

Should You Sleep In A Room With A Wet Carpet After Carpet Shampooing?

Many people think that there is no issue in sleeping in a room with a wet carpet. Because they sleep on the bed and walk on their slippers and don’t get in contact with the carpet directly. So, what is the harm in doing so? Let me tell you the problem with this. 

Carpets easily grab dirt, pollution, spores, and when the carpet is wet, they soak even more impurities. But even that is not the problem. When these dirt and pollution settle on the carpet, they can cause the birth of mold, fungus, and other germs that are airborne too. This means they can be passed on via air and if you stay in that room, you can get contaminated. 

But when the carpet dries out, the germs no longer survive on the carpet. But they survive well in wet and damp conditions. Now, when the carpet is dry, they either go away or you can vacuum clean the carpet for a better result. But as long as it is wet, it is not safe to stay in that room. Let it dry first and then go to sleep in that room. 

This is why you should never clean the carpets of the entire house on the same day. Each day, clean only one room so that you can use the other rooms. If you clean the carpets of the entire house, you would have to sleep in a wet room which is very unhealthy and unhygienic. 


I have mentioned the secret tips that I have been using to see the best carpet shampooing results. My request is to follow these tips at least once to bring back the look and texture of the carpet. You would see and feel the difference!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply the best carpet shampooing tips and get ready to feel the soft touch underneath your feet again!

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