Does Vinegar Clean Glass?

Does Vinegar Clean Glass

Vinegar is a very strong, non-toxic, natural cleaning agent. People have been using vinegar to clean various kitchen utensils for a very long time now. It does a great job at cleaning and sanitizing any surface.

Vinegar does an excellent job at cleaning glass and glass surfaces. So next time, don’t be hesitant to use vinegar if you need to get rid of any sticky grimes from the glass.

In this article, I will talk about whether vinegar cleans glass surfaces. I will also answer a few important questions regarding the use of vinegar. So I urge you to please read to the end.

Why Does Vinegar Work So Well As A Cleaner?

Vinegar contains a strong type of natural acid known as acetic acid. Acetic acid can break down and dissolve any kind of grimes, streaks, and other impurities. It can also kill germs and bacterias.

Conventional cleaners because of containing artificial chemicals can be a lot harsh on the surface they clean. On the other hand, vinegar can be used to clean almost every surface without any negative effects thanks to its natural acidic properties.

Steps To Follow For Cleaning Glass With Vinegar

The steps by following which you can clean glass using vinegar are:

Step 1:

Take a clean spray bottle and mix one part of vinegar with one part of water. Shake the solution a few times. Make sure that the solution is properly mixed. You can increase the concentration of vinegar for cleaning particularly dirty and grimy glass surfaces.

Step 2:

Spray the water-vinegar solution and rub it with a rag. You can use a newspaper or a microfiber cloth. Do not use clothes containing cotton or lint. Apply gentle pressure to rub the glass surface. Be extra cautious around rubber surfaces. Acetic acid of vinegar can easily damage rubber sealings and gaskets.

You may have to respray the newspaper or cloth multiple times as you continue cleaning. Do not spray directly into mirrors. Instead, spray on the rug and then rub it onto the mirror surface.

These are the steps you need to follow for properly cleaning glass with vinegar.

What Else Can Vinegar Clean?

As I have said before, vinegar is a very strong cleaning agent. You can clean almost any surface and save a lot of money using this miracle of nature. Some great uses of vinegar are: 

1. Clean Countertops

Kitchen countertops can get very dirty very easily. The good news is, you can use vinegar to effortlessly get rid of the dirt and keep your countertop clean.

Take a deep bowl or a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth. Then add two parts of vinegar with one part of water. Mix the solution properly. Then spray the solution on the countertop and rinse off any grease or grimes.

Do not use vinegar to clean marble or granite countertops. The acetic acid of vinegar can damage the shine of the stones. If you want to clean really tough stains, then it is recommended to mix a few drops of Dawn soap with the vinegar-water solution.

2. Clean Floors

Vinger is great at cleaning floors as well. The antibacterial properties of vinegar will kill off any bacteria and disinfect your floor.

Take a bucket and add about a half cup of vinegar with two liters of water. Use a rag to clean the floor surface. Be careful not to use vinegar on hardwood floors as it can leave watermarks and take the shine off. Also, do not use vinegar to clean stone floors.

3. Get Rid Of Faucet Stains

Faucet stains can really ruin the look of your bathroom and sink. Moreover, they can be a real pain to get rid of. Calcium and silica deposit makes those stains.

Vinegar can clear out those stains and make them look as good as new. Mix two teaspoons of vinegar with one teaspoon of salt. Leave the mixture on faucets for 2-3 minutes and then see the magic!

The vinegar salt mixture should get rid of any stains and make them shiny. You can also apply this technique to clean showerheads.

4. Clean Your Toilets

A dirty toilet can not only be unhygienic but also look very bad. You have to use undiluted vinegar to properly clean your toilets. Vinegar can help to eliminate toilet odor as well.

Pour about 2-3 cups of undiluted vinegar into the toilet. Let the vinegar sit for a few hours and then scrub the toilet with a brush. Flush the toilet after you are done scrubbing.

5. Clean Home Appliances

Various home appliances can also be cleaned using vinegar. For instance, vinegar can clean kitchen sinks and stovetops. Furthermore, vinegar can clean stainless steel appliances as well.

Mix one part of vinegar and one part of water. Then spray it on the appliance that you want to clean. Rinse off the surface with a microfiber cloth. You may have to use a higher concentration of vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes for cleaning the greasy parts of stovetops.

6. Clean Insides Of Your Microwave

Grab a bowl and mix a quarter of a cup of vinegar and one cup of water. Put the bowl inside of your microwave and let it heat for a few minutes. Make sure the mixture creates steam inside the microwave.

After doing so, take out the bowl and remove the turntable. Wash the sides of the microwave with a sponge. This process should also get rid of any smell from the microwave.

What Not To Clean With Vinegar

It may seem tempting to use vinegar for cleaning everything because of its effectiveness. But there are a few things that you should never clean using vinegar solution. They are:

1. Screens

Never ever use vinegar to clean smudges on any type of electronic screen. Vinegar can easily dissolve the oleophobic protective coatings of the screen. Instead, use isopropyl alcohol or water for cleaning them.

2. Iron

Do not use vinegar to clean clothing irons. Rubber parts inside of clothing irons can react with the vinegar and get damaged. Many people unintentionally damage their irons because of cleaning them up with vinegar. Always use what manufacturers recommend for cleaning your clothing iron.

3. Egg Spills

You should certainly not use vinegar to clean off egg spills. Vinegar, because of being extremely acidic coagulates the egg. As a result, the mess becomes even more difficult to clean.

4. Bleach

Mixing different chemicals together can be very dangerous. Abstain from mixing vinegar with anything containing bleach. Doing so can release toxic gases that can prove to be very harmful to your respiratory system.

Additionally, I have already mentioned not to use vinegar for cleaning marble, granite, and hardwood surfaces earlier in the article.

Does Vinegar Leave Streak On Glass?

The acidic nature of vinegar acts rapidly to remove and break down any kind of filth from the glass surface. Because of such rapid action, vinegar does not leave any streaks on the glass. Although it can leave streaks on the floor.

Does Vinegar Harm Glass?

Vinegar does not harm the glass surface of any small or big home appliances. The acid is simply not strong enough to permanently damage the glass.

Can Vinegar Clean Shower Glass?

Stains on shower glass caused by hard water can easily be cleaned using vinegar. You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar depending on your preferences.

Simply take a sponge, soak it with vinegar and wipe it onto the shower glass.


Vinegar is an extremely effective stain remover. Maintain utmost caution while using it for cleaning electronic appliances. Make sure to turn off the electrical connection of the appliance before cleaning it.

Although vinegar is safe to consume, keep it out of the reach of children because it can cause extreme irritation if it comes in contact with the eyes.

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