Homemade Floor Cleaners For Mopping: The Ultimate Guideline

Homemade Floor Cleaners For Mopping

There are many floor cleaning liquids that are available in the market for mopping the floor. However, you can also make solutions on your own to clean the floor, and it will be equally as effective as the ones that are available in the market. You need to know the right mixture that you can use to make homemade floor cleaners.

In this article, I’m going to provide you with the best homemade solutions that you can apply in your house to mop the floors. If you read the instructions properly and follow accordingly, your homemade solutions will be ready within a very short period of time. 

With that, you also get the 5 best homemade floor cleaning solutions for mopping. In this article, I will also discuss the benefits of using homemade solutions and which types of solutions are used for different types of floors. 

Let’s get started:

6 Essential Ingredients For Homemade Floor Cleaners:

There are few necessary things that you need to make homemade floor cleaners on your own. You can get these items in your nearest superstore. The items that you need are listed below:

1. Distilled Vinegar( White):

This is the most commonly used liquid that most people use to make homemade floor cleaners. Distilled white vinegar is a natural non-toxic chemical that can disinfect any moists on the floor if mixed with the right amount of water. 

Most people prefer to use this solution because cleaning with white distilled vinegar leaves no traces or stains on the floor. But remember, you cannot use vinegar solutions on every type of floor. 

2. Soaps and Detergents:

Detergent powders or soaps can be used to clean the floors. These are always available in the house, and you can just use it when it’s necessary. Soaps and detergents are useful to clean ceramic floors. 

So, if your floor is made of ceramic tiles, it is recommended that you use soap water to make it look shiny and clean.

3. Baking Soda:

Baking soda is also a very useful component to make homemade cleaners for mopping the floor. The soda has a chemical alkali which helps to remove the greases off the floor. It also helps to deodorize the floor and works as a natural odor remover. 

4. Alcohol ( Isopropyl):

You can use an alcohol solution to make cleaners for mopping the floor. Concentrated alcohol will help you to disinfect the floor. But not all types of alcohol can be used for mopping the floor. Look for Isopropyl, a type of alcohol with a concentration of 70% to 95% are the most effective ones for making homemade cleaning solutions.

Be careful, while mixing the alcohol with water and take enough safety precautions. 

5. Lime Water:

This is one of the most recommended ingredients that I will prefer to clean the floors. Lime has a natural acid which naturally helps to destroy all kinds of bacterias from the floor. If you have kids and pets in your house, it is not healthy to use chemical-based liquids to mop the floor. Instead, use lime water to mop the floor. 

It will give your room a fresh odor, and it will be refreshing for everyone in the house. This is a very healthy ingredient to remove stains and germs from the floor. If your house floor is made of ceramic tiles, this is the best remedy for cleaning.

6. Essential Oil:

There are many different essential oils that are available in the market that you can buy to make homemade solutions for mopping. Essential oil is a very useful component to clean the floors.

I will highly recommend you using essential oil for making a natural homemade solution. The oil helps to remove all kinds of bacterias, fungus, grease, and viruses from the floor.

There are many flavours of essential oil that are available in the market. Choose the one you really like and use it to mop the floors. It will give you a really nice fragrance after you are done cleaning the floor.

Apart from these essential components, you also need a few extra things to make your homemade solutions perfectly and make them equally effective like the ones that are available in the market:

  • You need a bowl or a bucket to mix the solutions.
  • Hand Gloves are very necessary to avoid skin rashes.
  • Dry Mops are highly recommended. 
  • Use Sprays to particularly remove stains from a single spot.
  • Scrubs are also needed to mop the floor.

These are the basic tools that you need to mop the floor after the solution is ready. You really do not need to buy all the listed components, rather find the one that is best suited for your floor. 

5 Easy Homemade Solutions For Mopping The Floor:

So far, I have provided you with the basic components and tools that you need to make perfect floor cleaning solutions to mop the floor. Now, I will provide you with some easy mixtures that you can combine to make homemade cleaners:

1. Mixture Of Vinegar And Water:

This is a very effective mixture that you can use to mop the floor. First of all, you need a gallon or bowl of warm water to mix the solutions. Make sure the bowl or gallon is not so full, otherwise while mixing the solution it will make the place messy.

There are many types of vinegar that are available in the market, but it is recommended using white distilled vinegar for an effective solution to mop the floors. Pour a minimum of half cup of white distilled vinegar in a gallon with warm water and stir it thoroughly to make the solution.

Once the solution is ready, soak the mop into the solution and start cleaning the floor. The solution will give your floor a very polished look. However, it has some downsides which can be avoided easily. 

The solution of vinegar and warm water leaves a very powerful smell which many people do not admire. After cleaning the floor, just turn on the fan and keep your doors and window open for the air to dry the floor quickly. The solution is best used and effective for hardwood floors. 

2. Mix Detergents Or Soaps With Water And Vinegar:

This is another mixture that is also very effective and can make your floor look clean and shiny. One of the advantages of using this solution is it can be used to mop any kind of floor. You do not really need to worry about your floor type to apply this solution.

You need to mix 2 tablespoons of detergent powder or soap with ¼ cup of vinegar in a bowl of hot water to prepare this solution. Once you have mixed the above ingredients into a bowl of warm water, wait for a few minutes for the solutions to be mixed properly.

Once the solution is ready, you can spray the mixture on the floor and start mopping. You can also put the solution in a spray bottle and use it in different corners of the room as well.

There are few things that you should be aware of. Always remember to mop the floor dry after cleaning it with the solution, otherwise, it will leave a stain.

3. Mix Alcohol(Isopropyl) With Warm Water:

If you have the alcohol solution Isopropyl at home, you can use this effectively to clean the floor of your house. The concentrated alcohol will kill all the bacteria and germs from the floor.

Many people prefer to use this solution as it is very easy to make. This solution is mostly used to mop the vinyl floor. It is recommended not using harmful chemicals or liquids to clean vinyl floors.

Mix a cup of Isopropyl into a bowl of warm water and stir it properly to make the solution in less than 5 minutes. I would recommend you using this solution as this solution will make your floor look very shiny and clean. Alcohol also vaporizes into the air quickly leaving no traces or stains in the floor.

Here is a bonus tip that you can use for more improved cleaning of the floor. Add a tablespoon or half cup of vinegar into the solution for better performance. This is a very deadly combination for killing the bacteria and germs from the floor. Adding an extra cup of vinegar is completely optional and it is not mandatory that you have to use it. 

4. Mixture Of Essential Oil, Vinegar And Lime Water:

If you have the supply of essential oil in your kitchen cabinet, do not think twice to apply these very crucial components to make homemade floor cleaning solutions. Essential oils are very useful to keep your floor clean and also leave a very refreshing fragrance after the mopping.

You need to find the right flavour of essential oil for your type of floor that you can mix with vinegar and a bowl of warm lime water. Always check out the instructions before buying essential oil, if you have little children or pets around the house.

The solution is very easy to make and can be prepared for less than 5 minutes. You need to add ½ cup of vinegar into a gallon of warm water and stir it like every other solution that I have discussed. 

Then add a few drops of essential oil depending on the area of your floor. You will notice the solutions are mixing up very quickly. Lastly add a few drops of lemon into the water for this deadly and effective homemade cleaner for mopping your floor.

This cleaner is most effective on houses that are built with stone floors. Make sure to experiment a little bit with this solution in a small area of the floor to check if the solution hampers the color of your floor.

Sometimes, people use unnecessary solutions which can damage the floor. Always use or mix your solutions as per instructed to avoid such problems.

5. Mix Baking Soda With Warm Water And Vinegar:

If the floor of your house is structured with ceramic floors, this is the perfect solution to clean the floor. Baking soda helps to cut the grease off the floor easily. This is a very useful component for making homemade solutions for cleaning the floor.

The best part is the availability of this useful ingredient. You can always find baking soda in your nearest store and also can be found in your kitchen cabinet. The solution is very easy to prepare as well and this mixture helps to clean the difficult parts of your floor as well with stains and greases.

You need to add one full cup of vinegar with warm water. Just like the usual process, stir it gently for the solution to get mixed up properly. Then add one full cup of baking soda into the water to make this solution perfectly.

Once your solution is ready, just spray it on the floor or soak the solution with your mop and start cleaning the floor. Always make sure to dry the place as soon as you have used the solution. Keeping the solution for too long will leave stains on the floor.

5 Benefits Of Using Homemade Floor Cleaners:

You need to know the benefits of using homemade floor cleaners. Some people find it difficult to prepare the solutions on their own, but it is definitely worth for a healthy living.

Below, I point out such 5 benefits of using homemade floor cleaners:

1. It Saves You Money:

One of the best parts of using homemade floor cleaners is that it helps you to cut your expenses from buying expensive cleaners for mopping your floors. Even though gathering the necessary components to make the solution can be expensive at first, in the long run, this will save you a lot of money. You can apply the same formula over and over again to mop the floors.

2. Eco-friendly Solution:

The benefit of using a homemade cleaner is the solution is very eco-friendly which is good for your health. It does not have any toxic and harmful chemicals that can cause problems for your children or pets. The ones that are available in the market consist of very strong chemicals which are harmful for your little ones.

If you have any sorts of other complications like asthma or breathing problems, it is better not to use strong floor cleaners, rather use a homemade solution to stay out of such complications.

3. Easy Preparation:

The solutions that I have provided are very easy to prepare. If you have the right components and tools ready, it will take less than 5 minutes to prepare this solution.

This is also very convenient as you do not really need many components and put a lot of effort to mix this solution. Anyone can prepare these homemade solutions if they follow the instructions properly.

4. Safe For Your Children And Pets:

If you have little children and pets at home, it is highly recommended using homemade floor cleaning solutions. The homemade solutions are toxic-free which is a great advantage for people with babies who like to crawl around the house. 

You can stay relaxed after mopping the floor so that kids are safe from the harmful chemicals. Just make sure to dry off the floor, as soon as you are done mopping the floor with your preferred homemade solutions.

5. Reduces The Damages Of Your Floor:

Homemade solutions reduce the risks of damaging your floor with toxic substances. Since most of the homemade solutions are toxic-free, it reduces the risk of discoloration of your floor. Using cleaners with strong chemicals and harmful substances will affect your floor in the long run. 

On the other hand, using homemade solutions to mop and clean your house will protect your floor from such trouble. It is also good in the long run and will save you the expenses of renovating your damaged floor using toxic cleaners. 

Related Questions:

What Is The Best Homemade Solution For Tiles?

Well, you can use the solution or the combination of baking soda, vinegar, and detergent soap for cleaning and mopping your floor tiles. Make sure to combine the right amount of mixtures while preparing the solution.

I have already provided you with the solution and this is the best solution for cleaning the tiles. You can also add (Isopropyl) solutions as well, but make sure you are mixing the right amount. A very interesting piece of advice or tips is to add a bit of lime water into every solution to clean your floor more effectively.

Which Homemade Solutions Will Make Your Floor Shine?

If you want to make your floor shine using homemade solutions, then I will recommend you using dish detergent solutions. The detergents and soap will make your floor look shiny because of its components. 

You can also use the vinegar mixture with warm water as well as the baking soda mixtures to make your floor look shiny. Always make sure to dry off the floor with a dry mop after mopping the floor with these solutions.

Allow natural air and sunlight to enter the room so that your room is free of air pollutants, such as dust mites, bad smells, germs, and any kind of bacteria or viruses.

Final Verdict:

It is definitely not easy to make homemade floor cleaners all by yourself, but with the right instructions that I have provided, you can easily make them and apply the solutions to clean your floor. Just need extra more effort to keep your floor and house clean by using homemade cleaners.

If you find my article helpful and informative enough, don’t forget to share it with others. After that, clean your floor and the house.

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