House Cleaning Secret Tips: No One Has Told You Before

House Cleaning Secret Tips

House cleaning is a basic task to have a good living. A filthy, contaminated, and unorganized house doesn’t feel like home. A messy and dirty house hampers your work and daily productivity too as it would distract you. Besides, you can get contaminated with germs and infections. Dust allergy can happen and you would ultimately start living in an unhealthy environment if you don’t clean regularly. 

However, remember that house cleaning is not only about mopping the floor or dusting the furniture. It is more than that if you want to have a healthy house. You have to disinfect your house, polish surfaces, and take care of each corner of the home. Sounds difficult? But it is not if you know the right techniques. 

This article discusses some tips and techniques for cleaning houses. You need to follow these tips to get the best cleaning result. So, let’s get started:

11 Quick & Easy House Cleaning Tips: 

Some simple tips and tricks can make your house cleaning procedure easier, less hectic, and enjoyable. Want to learn the tricks? 

Here are my magic 11 quick and easy house cleaning tips that you must follow to easily and effectively clean your house:

Tip 1: Complete One Task At A Time:

It may sound silly but in reality, you would feel less stressed and panicked if you complete one task at a time. 

Suppose, you have swept and mopped your bedroom and left your living room untidy and dirty. Or maybe you have mopped your house kitchen but haven’t wiped off your dining room. Or, maybe you have dusted your entire house except for your bedroom. Whenever a task is undone in any of the rooms, it never satisfies you. Also, it becomes more hectic to manage all the tasks (dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc.) at one time. 

To make it more relaxing and satisfactory, choose one task and do that for the entire house. Choose a day for sweeping. Do mopping the other day. When you go like this, you can feel the difference at every corner of the house. Also, it is less tiring than dusting, mopping, and sweeping altogether. 

Tip 2: Organize Your Cleaning Tools:

One of the disturbing tasks is to find each cleaning tool before starting the process. Most people keep their cleaning equipment and cleaners here and there. They waste time to find the cleaners, mobs, or brushes. You shouldn’t make the same mistake. 

Organize your cleaning tool at a place so that whenever you need anything, you can take it out and do the task quickly. This gives you peace of mind. It also makes each task quicker and simpler. Also, your home looks more decorated when cleaning tools are not kept haphazardly. 

Tip 3: Empty The Dustbins: 

No matter how busy you are, never forget to empty all the dustbins in your house, gather them, and dump them in the designated place in the locality. 

This small task would prevent the diffusion of foul smell, the birth of pests and insects, and keep your house free from contamination and germs. Mosquito breeding is reduced as well. Also, never forget to dispose of the kitchen waste every day. Never miss out on this basic cleaning task. 

Tip 4: Keep Your Belongings In Place:

When you scatter all your belongings haphazardly, dust and germs can settle in between the stuff easily. Cleaning becomes more time-consuming and troublesome as you first need to organize the things and then start dusting. 

You can easily cut off the duration of cleaning by always keeping your belongings in the right place. Keep the surfaces (cupboard top, table, sofa, bed, bookshelf top, etc.) empty so that you can do dusting easily. Don’t keep books or other things on the floor so that you can do vacuuming whenever required. 

Start to stay organized. It becomes a burden when you need to organize stuff and then start dusting or mopping. This is why always keep your house tidy to make cleaning easier. 

Tip 5: Make A Dusting Routine:

Specs of dust on the furniture are the worst thing ever. It doesn’t only look filthy but also deteriorates the condition of your furniture. You can get dust allergies too and many infections may appear too. 

This is why you should always keep surfaces dust-free. Wear glasses and a face mask before dusting. Then gently wipe off the surfaces with a piece of cloth to keep the surfaces clean. Do this once or twice a week so that you can keep your furniture items tiptop. As said before, choose a day for a particular task. On the day of dusting, clean all the surfaces. 

If you do dusting each week, cleaning becomes effortless. 

Tip 6: Mop The Floor At Least A Week:

I suppose we all sweep the house floor every day or every consecutive day. Or, maybe you prefer to use a vacuum cleaner to clean floors. But what about mopping? 

Mopping is important to maintain high-end floors. It brings back the gloss and sparkle on the floor when you mop it. You should use floor cleaner or liquid detergent to thoroughly clean the floor and give it a polished look. It not only brings back the shine but also disinfects the floor making your house more healthy and fresh smelling. 

If you mop your house floor for at least a week, you need not worry about cleaning your floor. It would stay fresh, polished, and germ-free for so long. 

Tip 7: Clean The Glasses And Windows:

Scratches and stains on the glass (furniture slides, mirror, table, etc.) destroy the aesthetic and tidiness of your house. Therefore, you must consider cleaning the mirrors, glasses, and glass windows once a month or once in two months. 

You can use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner to leave a polished and glowy surface. You may also use newspaper and glass cleaner as they won’t leave any mark of liquid or scratch. 

Decide a day in a month to do this. Never ignore or miss out on cleaning the window glasses and other glass surfaces. 

Tip 8: Clean The Toilet Twice A Month:

Smelly, stinky, and unclean bathroom walls and floors are commonly seen that surely disrupt the beauty and tidiness of a house. 

As bathrooms are exposed to water, moisture, soap, and other agents, they leave marks and a foul smell very easily. This is why deep cleaning is necessary. You should use acidic cleaner and tough brushes to clean bathroom walls and floors, pans, and sinks. 

Clean all the bathrooms of your house twice a month. Otherwise, you would see stubborn marks and dirt on bathroom surfaces that would be hard to remove once settled. Therefore, to maintain a fresh-smelling, stain-free, and mark-free bathroom, consider washing the bathrooms thoroughly twice a bathroom with strong cleaning agents. 

You can spread vinegar and baking soda on stubborn marks and then scrub with a brush. 

Tip 9: Clean Kitchen Grease From Time To Time:

No one would deny the fact that kitchen cleaning is always the hardest task to accomplish. The kitchen comes in contact with water, heat, moisture, grease, oil, etc. All of them settle not only on the countertops or burner but also on the walls, cabinets, chimneys, and roofs. 

These elements can stick hard to the surface which is why regular cleaning is required. You can consider cleaning your kitchen once or twice a month. 

For cleaning, you may use dishwashing liquid and scrub to clean surfaces if there is no stubborn grease or mark. If your kitchen surfaces have become greasy and oily, consider applying a solution of white vinegar and baking soda. This agent would slowly loosen up the grease from the surface. Then scrub over it and wash off the surface. You may use lemon juice too.

After cleaning, apply disinfectant spray all over the kitchen and wipe it off to make your kitchen fragrant and odor-free. 

Tip 10: Use Lemon And Salt On Steel:

If you have any steel furniture, dishes, or elements at your house, you may need to clean them separately as they require special care. 

To bring the shine of your steel materials, spread salt over them. Then cut a lemon into halves and rub one of the pieces to rub over the surfaces to be cleaned. The reaction of salt and lemon would gently remove all the rust and stains from the surfaces. 

After rubbing, dip a cloth in warm water and wipe off the surface to see a smooth and shiny steel surface. You can apply this on steel dishes to keep them germ-free and stain-free. 

Tip 11: Clean Couches And Carpets:

Cleaning carpet and couches can be challenging as you can’t wash them randomly. But for many reasons, they can become stinky and damp. Also, they catch dust very quickly that also fades away the original color of the carpet or couch. 

To solve this problem, you need baking soda. Before that, take a bottlebrush for dusting. Dusting would help to remove the loose dirt. After that, sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet and couch. 

Baking soda has the amazing power of absorbing oil and grease and killing germs and infections. Let the baking soda sit on the surfaces for 20-30 minutes. After that, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda from the carpet and couch. It would disinfect the surfaces, bring back the color, and eliminate the damp smell. 

Try to clean your couch and carpet once a month. 

Related Questions:

What Order To Clean Your House Efficiently?

Maintaining a proper order helps you to finish the cleaning on time and quickly. Doing it in an orderly manner also makes the task effortless. 

Here, I mention an order that I always follow while cleaning my house daily:

  • Dust the corners and walls. 
  • Wipe off the furniture, and other countertops.
  • Brush off the carpet, couch, and bed. 
  • Sweep the floor.
  • Remove the stains from the floors and countertops. 
  • Clean the floor with a mop and floor cleaner.
  • Vacuum clean the corners. 

The aforementioned order is for your daily cleaning. But if you wash your bathroom too, do it at the end after all these procedures. Wash the bathroom well and take a shower! And step into a clean and organized home again!

How Do You Remove Stubborn Stains And Grease From Your House?

Greasy surfaces are mostly found in the kitchen. But stains may appear anywhere on the floor or the wall. You can find stains in the kitchen or bathroom as well as in your bedroom. And the stains and grease hamper the decor and cleanliness of the house. 

While many may think cleaning grease and stains are difficult, there are several DIY techniques that you can apply to get rid of stubborn grease, oil, and stains. Let me mention some of the techniques:

  • Lemon And Salt:

To clean steel dishes and surfaces and remove grease or stain, sprinkle some salt over the affected areas. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then take half of the lemon and rub over the area harshly. The mixture of salt and lemon works like magic. After rubbing, wipe off the surface with a cloth to leave a shine. 

  • White Vinegar And Baking Soda:

Kitchen greases and stains are usually stubborn. To remove kitchen grease and stains, spray a mixture of vinegar and baking soda all over the affected area. Let it be there for 10-20 minutes. Then use a brush and scrub the surface roughly. Then rinse the surface with water and get back to the smooth surface!

  • Coca-Cola:

Coca-cola works excellent on harsh stains. The phosphoric and carbonic acid in it easily takes off stains and rust. You can pour coca-cola on the bathroom floor and walls and keep it there for an hour or so. Then use a toilet brush to scrub off the stain. Wash off with plain water and see the shine it leaves!

Use these easy remedies to get a clean, tidy, stain-free, and healthy house. 


You have learned the best tips and remedies to clean your house easily, effectively, and quickly. Follow the tips and make house cleaning simpler and a fun task. 

Recheck the tips and think which one you should try to give a top-notch look and a healthy environment to your house. 

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