How Do In Floor Pool Cleaning Systems Work?

How Do In Floor Pool Cleaning Systems Work

Cleaning a swimming pool sounds overwhelming, right? It is stressful and time-consuming if you don’t have an automatic cleaning mechanism in the pool. An easy way out is to install in-pool cleaners. But before you decide, you must know how to do in-floor pool cleaning systems work. 

An in-floor pool cleaning machine works by cleaning the water with pop-outs. The pop-outs come out of the pool walls and floors. They send water in force that brushes away the dirt and debris out of the pool. They work automatically to push out the dirt from the pool in a specific direction. 

Before choosing, you must know A to Z about an in-pool cleaning machine. Stay with me and understand how it works, its benefits, and much more information. 

Working Mechanism Of In Floor Pool Cleaning System: Know The Unknown

The in-pool cleaning mechanism is straightforward. It has around 10 to 15 pop-outs embedded on the walls and floors of the swimming pool. As you turn on the machine, these pop-outs slowly come out. 

These pop-out cleaners push out water at a great force collecting residues, dirt, and debris from all across the swimming pool. You can alter the direction of the pop-outs. As they spray and move the debris towards the drain, the drain carries the residues away. You can later clean the drain. 

You can adjust the speed of the pop-outs deciding how long the system is functioning. It may take around a minute or two to clean the entire pool. Nevertheless, if the residues are heavy, you can let it work for 5 minutes. And this is pretty much how the system works!

6 Benefits Of Using In Floor Pool Cleaning System

What makes people choose an in-floor pool cleaning machine? You must be wondering about that. To understand this, let’s look at the benefits it offers. 

  1. Automatic:

There is no more stress about cleaning the pool when you have an in-pool pop-out cleaning system. Once you turn it on, it works automatically without any human interference. So you need not worry about the cleaning process as it goes on automatically. 

  1. Cleans Fast:

Can you believe that you can clean the pool in a minute? Though it sounds incredible, the in-floor pool cleaner can do this. It would take only a minute to clean the pool. If the pool is filthy, it may take only 2-5 minutes to wash it. Fast and efficient!

  1. No Noise:

Unlike a robotic cleaning system, the in-floor pool cleaning pop-outs don’t make any noise. They silently come out and force water out to clean the pool. This mechanism produces no machinery sound. So it minimizes sound pollution. 

  1. Heat Distribution:

As the pop-outs clean the pool, it circulates the pool water all over the pool. This naturally distributes heat balancing the water temperature. Equal heat distribution maintains the hygiene of the pool. It is a facility that is missing from other cleaning systems. 

  1. Energy-efficient:

If used properly, the in-floor pool cleaning machine is an energy-efficient mechanism. Why? Because the time required for cleaning is significantly less than any other cleaning system. This makes in-floor pool cleaners energy-efficient. 

  1. Effective Cleaning:

There is no chance for you to complain about the cleaning. The system is very efficient in removing all the solid debris, cloudy water, and smelly substances from the pool. As the cleaning is effective, you would get clean and safe water due to this cleaner. 

Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Cleaning With In Floor Pool Cleaner

Before buying the in-floor pool cleaner, you must know some crucial things. These are some essential factors that people often miss out on. So before you choose the system, know these things first. 

  1. It Doesn’t Wash The Upper Water

The in-floor pool cleaners are designed only to clean the water beneath the surface. As the machine works from the walls and floors, they don’t reach the surface water. As a result, the surface water may still have debris, and you may need another process to clean the surface. 

  1. Further Installation Is Difficult

If you want to install the system, it is better to do it while building the swimming pool. Otherwise, you would have to drill through the walls and floors to fix the pop-outs. This is quite a costly and time-consuming procedure that you may not prefer. 

  1. The Cleaner Is Costly

The in-floor pool pop-outs are much costlier than other cleaning systems. To buy a well-performing cleaning machine, you need to spend between $5000 to $10,000. But this is only the cost of the machine. The installation would add some more price to it. 

  1. Replacing Or Repairing Is Difficult

The pop-outs can break if in contact with any complex substances. I mean, accidents may occur and damage the pop-outs. In that case, it is troublesome to change or repair them. So you must consider it. 

Related Questions:

Can You Leave A In-Floor Pool Cleaning Pop-Up In The Pool?

You can leave the in-floor pool cleaning pop-ups in the pool after cleaning. There is no option of removing them. Once installed, they remain embedded into the walls and floors, hidden. 

Once you turn the machine on, the pop-ups come out and clean the pool. Otherwise, they remain under the pool, invisible. The system is fully automatic, and you don’t need to worry about removing them. 

How Much Does It Cost To Buy An In-Floor Pool Pop-Out?

The in-floor pool cleaner is quite expensive. The range starts from $5000, and people even invest $10,000 to buy a top-quality in-floor pool cleaner. So you see, the system is quite costly. 

On top of that, you would need to invest some more in installing the entire system. It is better to talk to a pool builder to be sure about the expenses. If you are short on budget, you better consider other options. 

How Long Does An In-Pool Cleaner Last?

If maintained and used carefully, you can use the in-floor pool cleaner system for around five years. The machine’s longevity would also depend on the quality of the machine and pop-outs. 

Apart from this, it is only half a minute if you talk about how long the pop-out sprays. It sprays water for 30 seconds, changes direction, and sprays again. So in that context, the cleaner works for 30 seconds only. 

Why Does Your In-Floor Pool Cleaning System Stop Working?

Frequently, the drain that catches debris gets blocked. When this happens, you need to clean the drain to make it work again. The blockage can also occur in pop-ups. In that case, clean the pop-ups so that there is no clog. 

The pump and the pop-outs can get clogged, and water pressure can reduce. This makes the system inefficient. This is why keep the system clean and remove blockages to make it work again.

Is An In-Floor Pool Cleaning System Worth It?

It is worth having an in-floor pool cleaning system to automatically clean the pool. It not only cleanses the pool but also generates heat and circulates water. This keeps the water in good condition. 

However, as it doesn’t cleanse the surface water and is expensive, you may go for robotic cleaners too. Also, it doesn’t sanitize the pool. If this is a concern, you may move to other options.

Final Words:

Now you have a clear idea about how to do the in-floor pool cleaning systems work. Since this has to offer various benefits and cleans the pool efficiently, you can surely choose it. Go through the considerations, benefits, and working mechanisms once again. Then decide if having the in-pool cleaner is worth it or not. 

Are all confusions cleared? If yes, you can now decide wisely. I bet this is quite a good option for a fast and stress-free cleaning!

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