How Do You Clean Windows With A Karcher?

How Do You Clean Windows With A Karcher

Karcher is a German brand that specializes in high-pressure cleaning. Karcher products are used in many households as well as by many professionals all around the world. Wondering how you can clean your windows with a Karcher? What are the procedures?

If done correctly Karcher cleaners can clean your windows within minutes. As a DIY expert, I can guide you on how to use them.

In this article, I will explain how to clean your windows with a Karcher. Please give this article a read to the end if you wish to know which Karcher product is best for cleaning your windows.

Which Karcher Products Can You Use To Clean Windows?

Karcher actually has multiple window cleaning products. Some of the most used products are:

1. Karcher Pressure Washer:

As the name suggests, the Karcher pressure washer has the ability to clean windows with pressurized water. It uses a built-in pump to shoot out water through the nozzle at extremely high pressure. You need to connect the appliance with electricity and an external water source in order to start cleaning.

Karcher window and conservatory cleaning kit is a great attachment for cleaning windows. The kit is compatible with all models starting from Karcher k-2 to Karcher K-7 pressure washers. It comes with a window squeegee, cleaning brush, extension tubes, and an adjustable angle adapter.

I will explain how you can clean windows with this product later in this article.

2. Karcher Window Vac:

Karcher window vac is a great product for cleaning windows. It is compact, lightweight, and very easy to use. The window vac uses vacuum suction power to get rid of any dirt, dust, and grime from the glass surface. This product from Karcher makes window cleaning really easy and effortless.

Karcher window vac can run on both electricity and battery power. The battery can last roughly for about 25-30 minutes depending on the usage. You probably have to buy the attachments for cleaning windows separately depending on your region.

3. Karcher Steam Cleaner:

You can probably guess from the name that Karcher steam cleaner uses steam to clean windows. It generates very powerful hot steam that can get rid of any type of window grimes. The steam cleaner can effortlessly clean your windows without the use of any harsh, corrosive chemicals.

You have to connect this machine with an external power source before you start cleaning. Just like the Karcher pressure washer, many window cleaning attachments are also available for the Karcher steam cleaner.

How Do You Clean With Them?

Now that you know which Karcher products you can use to clean windows, it is time to know how to properly operate them. A detailed guide on how to clean windows with Karcher products are given below:

Clean WIth Karcher Pressure Washer:

Step 1: Connect The Appliance With Electricity And Water Source:

If you are gonna be using a pressure washer to clean windows, it is safe to assume that you will do so outdoors. So, at first, connect your Karcher pressure washer with an electric outlet. Make sure the outlet is not close to the place where you will be cleaning.

Next, connect the pressure washer with your water hose. The connection point should be somewhere at the bottom of the machine. Then, turn on the water tap and pull the trigger. Let the water run freely for about 10-20 seconds. Doing so will force out any air from the machine.

Step 2: Attach The Kit:

Next up, you need to attach the window and conservatory cleaning kit with the pressure washer.

You should have four extension tubes in the kit. Turn the tube clockwise and attach them to each other. Then, connect one end of the tube with the handgun of the pressure washer and the other end with the attachment of your choice.

Step 3: Start Cleaning:

Keep changing the attachments according to your necessity. If you need to clean a very dirty window, use the window cleaning brush. Alternatively, use the window squeegee attachment if your window is not very dirty.

You can also use the adjustable angle adapter attachment for cleaning areas with limited access.

Clean With Karcher Steam Cleaner:

Step 1: Fill In The Tank

Unlike other Karcher cleaners, the steam cleaner needs to be filled with water before cleaning. The water tank should be located on top of the machine.

Fill in the tank with the recommended amount of water and let it warm up. Generally, you have to wait for 6 minutes before using the machine. Take a look at the user manual or google the model of your steamer to find out the exact amount of water you need to pour.

Both tap water and filtered water can be used to fill the tank. Be careful not to pour any type of foreign objects such as detergent or other cleaning agents into the tank.

Step 2: Start Wiping The Windows:

Now that the machine is fully warmed up and the tank is filled with water, you can start using the product. Apply a little bit of pressure and glide the steamer on the window surface.

If you want, you can buy a window nozzle attachment for the steamer. The nozzle will make the job of cleaning windows even easier. If you are gonna be using the window nozzle attachment, spray a little bit of detergent on the window surface before vacuuming as an additional measure.

Clean With Karcher Window Vac:

Step 1: Power Up The Vacuum:

Cleaning windows with the window vac is dead easy. First, connect the window vac with a power source. If you don’t have an eclectic outlet nearby or if the cable is not long enough, use it on battery power.

It takes about 3 hours to fully charge them, which is quite a long time. So plan ahead and keep it charged before the cleaning operation.

Step 2: Prep The Surface And Clean It:

Take a spray bottle and spray window cleaner on the window surface. You can also use detergent instead of a window cleaner. Let the cleaner sit on the window surface for a minute or two. Then, gently wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

After that, take the window vac and slowly swipe in on the glass surface. Make sure to apply gentle pressure while swiping. You should now have a clean, smear-free, and beautiful window.

Stop Karcher Window Vac From Leaving Streaks

Many users have complained about their Karcher window vac leaving nasty window streaks on the window after they are done cleaning.

This problem mainly happens if you put too much pressure and go fast while vacuuming. It can also happen if you do not use enough cleaner to wet the window surface.

So, in order to solve this issue, go slow and apply gentle pressure during the cleaning operation. Also, use plenty of cleaner on the window before using the vacuum.

Can Karcher Pressure Washer Break Your Windows?

If you use an official Karcher window cleaning attachment with the pressure washer, then the chances of it breaking your windows are almost none. The attachments are designed to go gentle on your windows. So as long as you are using an official attachment, you can be tension-free.

But if you go overboard and try to clean the windows with the exposed pressure gun, you can easily break thin glass windows.


Water and electricity don’t go well with each other. Be very careful not to spray water on the power outlet.

If you want to buy a Karcher solely for the purpose of cleaning house windows, it would be best if you go for the Karcher window vac. It is compact and very easy to operate. 

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