How To Clean A Leather Chair

How To Clean A Leather Chair

You may have a leather chair at home but it got stained or you want to clean it. Now what?  You need to know how to clean a leather chair properly. Leather chairs are not easy to clean. 

Most professional cleaners claimed that experience and proper knowledge are required to clean a leather chair. Don’t worry if you are a beginner because it’s not difficult to clean a leather chair. I have been a professional leather cleaner for 10 years. In this article, I will discuss how to clean a leather chair most easily.

What Are The Common Tools You Need To Have To Clean Leather Chair?

To clean a leather chair the three common tools that you need are as follow: 

  • Clean cotton cloth 
  • Cleaner 
  • Olive oil

 Read to the end to know the complete steps and tips on how to clean a leather chair.

How To Clean A Leather Chair (7 Steps)

A leather chair needs extra care while cleaning it. The best way to keep your leather chair in a good condition is proper cleaning. Follow these 7 steps to properly clean a leather chair, such as:

1. Determine Quality: 

Below every leather chair, there is a manufacturing tag that will help in determining the quality of leather.

The tag contains cleaning tips for that leather chair. Even if there is no manufacture tag determining quality will guide in choosing the right cleaner.

2. Vacuum Off Dust:

Vacuum a leather chair to remove dust. Leather chairs easily get covered with dust. 

It’s recommended to vacuum off dust every week. Even while deep cleaning a leather chair vacuum first is necessary.

3. Remove Grease: 

If there is any grease on the chair remove it by using a dry cloth. Wipe the cloth in a circular motion for better grease removal.

Don’t use water for removing grease. Water makes grease harder to remove. 

4. Remove Ink Stain:

If there is an ink stain on a leather chair use rubbing alcohol to remove it. 

Use cotton balls or white cotton cloth for removing ink stains. Using colored cloth on ink stain might spread the color over a leather chair.

5. Prepare Cleaner:

Then Prepare a mild cleaner using vinegar or mild soap. You can use a store-bought mild cleaner for cleaning a leather chair.

For preparing a cleaner both the cleaning agent and water should be of a similar ratio.

6. Find Suitable Cleaner:

Use a cotton cloth and soak a bit of cleaner onto it. Choose a hidden area and clean it first to identify how the cleaner will affect the leather of the chair.

After finding a suitable cleaner for your leather chair, clean the whole chair out.

7. Condition Leather Chair:

Lastly, condition the leather chair using olive oil. Conditioning helps the leather to restore its natural oil.

However, vaseline can also be used in conditioning a leather chair.

Disinfecting To Clean A Leather Chair ( 5 Steps)

It’s very important to disinfect your leather chair for proper cleaning. Also, disinfecting leather chairs will keep leather chairs from ruining soon. These 5 steps will help you disinfect your leather chair at home without using a professional, such as:

  • Open all the windows in day time for creating an air environment. A leather chair can smell a bit stinky for a closed environment.
  • All the virus and bacteria can be removed by gently wiping the leather chair with disinfecting spray.
  • Use antibacterial soap or liquid and mix it with water to make a disinfecting spray. Try to use non-acidic soap for cleaning leather chairs.
  • Let the chair dry out naturally. However, you can dry the leather chair using a blow dryer. As direct heat is bad for leather make sure to hold the blow dryer at least 12 inches away. 
  • If you disinfect leather chairs regularly for proper cleaning then make sure to use some leather protective cream. 

6 Tips To Clean A Leather Chair

A leather chair needs extra care to clean. It’s recommended to remember these tips before starting cleaning. Follow these 6 tips to clean a leather chair properly. Such as:

  1. If any liquid is spilt over a leather chair then clean it immediately using a sponge or cloth. 
  1. Clean the whole area of the chair with a soft cloth and lukewarm water if liquid spills have sugar in them.
  1. Avoid using ammonia water, cleaning solvent, harsh cleaner, furniture polish etc for cleaning leather chairs.
  1.  If grease isn’t removed properly use baking soda or cornstarch to clean it. 
  1. Moisture the leather chair before cleaning the scratched area.
  1. Call a professional leather cleaner in case any stain persists after cleaning.

What Household Products Can Be Used To Clean Leather Chair?

The most popular household products that you can use to clean leather chairs are vinegar and olive oil. Basically, vinegar works as a leather cleaning agent. On the other hand, olive oil helps in moisturizing the leather chair for proper cleaning. 

First, make a solution using vinegar and water of the same ratio. Then take a piece of cloth and drizzle the vinegar solution onto it. Swipe in a circular motion to clean stains from a leather chair. Lastly, take a small amount of olive oil and moisture the chair using a small cloth.

Is It Possible To Use Dove Soap To Clean A Leather Chair?

It’s possible to use Dove soap to clean a leather chair. Dove soap doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and it’s very moisturizing. So it’s safe to use Dove soap. Take a piece of cloth and dampen it a bit with water. Apply the soap to the cloth and clean the leather properly. 

Don’t use too much water along with Dove soap because leather chairs can ruin. 

Is Rubbing Alcohol Safe For Cleaning On A Leather Chair?

Rubbing alcohol is safe for cleaning on a leather chair. If there is ink all over your leather chair then rubbing alcohol will come in handy. Rubbing alcohol helps in cleaning ink stains from leather chairs. 

Just take some cotton balls and soak rubbing alcohol into them. Then dab the cotton ball into the stain place to clean a leather chair. However, if you don’t have cotton balls white cotton clothes can be used instead.

Can You Use Baby Wipes To Clean A Leather Chair?

Baby wipes can be used to clean a leather chair. Baby wipes don’t contain any strong liquid or harmful chemicals. So it’s not harsh on a leather chair. If there are any small stains, marks, and liquid spilled over like sauce then baby wipes are suitable to use. 

It’s recommended to wipe in a circular motion using baby wipes. After cleaning dry out the leather chair using normal tissue.

Can You Use Washing Up Liquid To Clean A Leather Chair?

Washing up liquid shouldn’t be used to clean a leather chair. Washing up liquid is similar to a normal dishwasher. Washing up liquid contains an excess amount of salt which breaks down the leather. 

There are certain types of cleaning liquid specially made for leather chairs. You can use them instead of using any type of liquid like washing up.

How Often Should You Clean Leather Chairs?

Once in 4 to 6 weeks, you should clean leather chairs. Deep conditioning should be done every 6 months. However, it’s important to vacuum weekly as leather chairs get dirty easily. Some people also do deep cleaning once a year. 

Try to clean leather chairs at home but if the stains don’t come off after using household products, call a professional cleaner immediately.

Final Verdict:

Don’t worry if you are a beginner. Cleaning a leather chair is difficult but not impossible. In a nutshell, you can use these steps and tips to a clean leather chair today.

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