How To Clean Bathroom Floor Grout? [The Easiest Way]

How To Clean Bathroom Floor Grout

Cleaning grout on the bathroom floor is a challenge. Dirt and grime can be hard to reach, and grout can be very dirty. So without leaving it for another day, you can clean the grout on your bathroom floor today. But the question is how to clean bathroom floor grout easily?

It’s hard to keep your bathroom floor looking sparkling and clean. One of the toughest areas to keep clean is the grout between the floor tiles. Over time, grout can become stained and dirty, making the floor look unsightly. Not only does dirty grout make the bathroom view bad, but it can also be a health hazard.

There are many ways to clean your bathroom floor grout. In this article, I will describe the easiest and most effective way to clean the grout in the bathroom. You can easily clean and shine your bathroom floor by following this procedure.

6 Easy Steps To Clean Bathroom Floor Grout: So Easy!

Bathroom floor grout is one of the hardest areas to keep clean. Urine, feces, and other organic matter can build up in the grout. Those can leave your bathroom with an unpleasant odor and an unsanitary appearance. Thankfully, cleaning bathroom floor grout is easier than you think. Today, I’m going to share six easy steps that you can use to clean your bathroom floor grout and keep it clean.

Step-1: Making DIY Homemade Cleaner

You will find many types of floor cleaners in the market. But these may not always be perfect and safe for your bathroom floor. So making a DIY cleaner at home is the safest and most effective way. These types of cleaners are light and do no damage to the tiles.

Many people recommend vinegar to clean the bathroom floor. However, since vinegar is acidic, it can damage the tiles. In addition, it can weaken or damage the grouts. So the simplest and most effective solution is to make a cleaner by mixing hot water and dish soap.

Step-2: Cleaning Tile

To clean the grout of the bathroom floor, the tiles need to be cleaned first. Because a deep clean tile floor helps to understand the actual condition of the grouts on the bathroom floor. To do this, you need to clean the tiles using a homemade DIY cleaner.

Wait sometimes after spraying cleaner on the floor. Then wipe the floor well with a clean damp microfiber towel or cloth. This will clear the tiles, but may not be complete.

This is because the surface of the bathroom may contain soap residue and more solid stains than just dirt and debris. You may need to scrub using steam to remove these. Apply steam after a while by wetting the floor with cleaner. After waiting 20 minutes, wipe well with a microfiber towel. At this stage, you can expect that your floor will be clean perfectly.

Step-3: Scrubbing Grout Lines

Once you clean the tiles, pay attention to the grout lines. Because now you can understand its true state. These can look dirty and messy. But do not panic. You will need water and patience. With this, you can restore the grouts back to their previous state.

After spraying hot water on the grout, continue scrubbing using a grout brush or a stiff bristle brush. Keep repeating this process until you can clear the grout completely. If you have a steam cleaner, you will get some extra benefits. In that case, apply the steam on the grout and scrub with a brush. This method of scrubbing round will clean the grout more efficiently and quickly.

Step-4: Remove Hard Stains

If the tiles look dirty even after scrubbing using hot water and a brush, you may need to use a cleaner. The point to note here is that the cleaner must be pH neutral. Apply on such a cleaner grout and scrub again with a brush. Then wipe the scrubbed floor area with a clean cloth.

The cloth or mop you used to wipe the floor must be clean. This is because dirty mops or dirty water from clothes can instantly make the grouts dirty again. Continue the process of brushing and removing, thus cleaning the entire bathroom floor.

Step-5: Killing Mold

The bathroom environment is always somewhat humid and relatively warm. This environment is very favorable for mold spores. Therefore, they grow so fast on the bathroom floor. So it is important to prevent them.

Many people recommend bleaching to kill mold spores. Bleach effectively kills bleach on non-porous surfaces, such as tiles and countertops. However, bleach is not much effective on porous surfaces, such as drywall, wood, and grout.

You will need to use an effective stain remover to kill mold spores on the bathroom floor. Also keep windows or doors open to reduce humidity in the bathroom. Also, keep the fan on for a while in the bathroom after bathing.

Step-6: Seal The Grouts

Once the grouts are thoroughly clean, you need to seal them. The sealer prevents the penetration of dust, grime, or molds by filling the holes in the grout. However, you will not need to seal the grout after each grout cleaning. It depends on the amount of floor used. Try to seal the grout at least twice a year.

Use a good quality sealer to seal the grout. Dry the floor well after cleaning. It is better if you can wait at least 24 hours. Apply sealer on completely dry grout.

I hope you have perfectly cleaned the grout of your bathroom floor by following the above six steps. Now you have to be a little more careful about maintaining this environment.

4 Simple Steps To Clean Bathroom Floor Grout Using Oxygen Bleach

Cleaning the bathroom floor grout is a task most people avoid. However, if you have discolored grout, it can make your bathroom look dingy and dated. Cleaning the grout can make a big difference to the view of your bathroom. But often most people don’t know how to tackle this job. 

Fortunately, you can clean grout between the floor tiles with a simple method. All you need is oxygen bleach(Hydrogen peroxide), which is an inexpensive cleaning product. I will explain here how to clean your bathroom floor grout using oxygen bleach.

Step-1: Mix Oxygen Bleach With Water

Oxygen is usually available in bleach powder form. First, mix these powders with the required amount of water to make a paste. In most cases, this ratio is two parts water to one part powder.

Step-2: Apply The Paste

Apply the paste you have made to the grout lines. You can use a sponge to apply the paste. Be sure to use gloves on hand. Give them 5 to 10 minutes to work properly after application.

Step-3: Rub The Grout Lines

Shortly after applying the paste, rub the lines using a grout brush or a stiff bristle brush. At this stage, you must work with some patience. After a while, you see the grouts have got back to their original color.

Step-4: Wash Off The Paste

After brushing well, wash the pastes on the floor with clean water. Wipe the floor using a clean towel or microfiber cloth. Make sure that the cloth you are using for wiping is clean. Leave the grouts to dry for at least 24 hours before sealing them.

5 Easy Steps To Clean Bathroom Floor Grout Using Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine bleach is one of the most common cleaning products used to clean grout. The active ingredient in chlorine bleach is chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is a bleaching agent that can break down stains and dirt in the grout. It is most commonly used to sanitize swimming pools and hot tub decks.

The advantage of chlorine bleach is that it is inexpensive. It is effective in killing germs and removing dirt from surfaces. Chlorine bleach is a bleachable substance, so you can use it to whiten grout between tiles. I will describe here simple 5 steps to clean bathroom floor grout using chlorine bleach below.

Step-1: Wear Safety Gear

To use chlorine bleach, you need to wear some safety gear, such as safety goggles, rubber gloves. Moreover, this time you will wear old clothes. These precautions are necessary because full-strength chlorine bleach can be harmful to your skin. This ingredient removes color from clothing as well.

Step-2: Make Your Space Open For Ventilation

Chlorine bleach produces toxic and harmful fumes. If you want to apply for it in a confined space, you are more likely to get sick. So before applying to the bathroom, open the doors and windows so that air can circulate. You will also turn on the vent fans.

Step-3: Rub The Grout Lines

Use a grout brush or a stiff bristle brush to rub the grouts. First, dip the brush in pure bleach for a while. Then keep rubbing the grouts vigorously with the brush. Keep applying this process on the grout to the entire floor.

Step-4: Wash The Tiles

Once you have scrubbed all floors thoroughly, wash the floor with clean water. You can sponge to remove bleach residue. Repeat this step several times. This is because it is very important to remove all the bleach before sealing.

Step-5: Dry Out The Surface

Wipe the floor with a clean towel or microfiber cloth. Leave the floor to dry for at least 24 hours before sealing.

Some Important Tips To Clean Bathroom Floor Grout:

Below I am sharing some important tips to make bathroom cleaning easier.

  • Use DIY homemade cleaners instead of using strong cleaners to clean the grout of the bathroom floor. These will not damage the grout or tiles in your bathroom.
  • If you use a cleaner or an agent, make sure the pH is neutral. This is because more acidic or alkaline ingredients may not be safe for your bathroom floor tiles.
  • Use a good-quality grout brush to scrub the grout line. If not possible, use a stiff bristle brush.
  • Make sure the cloth you used to wipe the floor is clean. Wiping the floor with a dirty cloth or mop can instantly make the grouts dirty again.
  • Be sure to use safety gears, especially when you are using a strong cleaner.
  • Have adequate ventilation when cleaning the bathroom floor. Using a strong cleaner can cause harmful fumes or gasses, which are harmful to health.
  • Dry the floor well before using the sealer. Dry the floor for at least 24 hours after cleaning. Make sure the grout is completely dry when you use the sealer.

The Way To Keep Cleaning Bathroom Floor Grout

After cleaning the grout of the bathroom floor, you need to monitor some factors to maintain it. Then you will maintain this condition for a long time and the hard spots will not come back again. Such as-

  • Although vinegar is acidic and can damage the floor, dilute vinegar can effectively help clean floors grout in your bathroom. Spray thin vinegar on the floor at least once a week and wipe with a clean cloth.
  • Preventing bathroom floor molds can be quite challenging, mainly because of the bathroom environment. Regularly pouring alcohol into the grout line will prevent mold.
  • After the dirt on the floor dissolves in the water, this dirty water contaminates the grout. So always vacuum the floor before mopping.
  • It is necessary to apply sealant in the grout to get effective protection against stains. Apply grout sealer after 10 to 14 days of cures.

Frequently Asked Question

Can You Use A Magic Eraser To Clean Bathroom Floor Grout?

A magic eraser can clean the grout of the bathroom floor, it is partially correct. It can remove dirt and light stains on the grout. For this, you need to cut the standard size magic eraser to a convenient size. Then lightly scrub the grout after soaking them in water for a while longer. This will allow you to remove dirt and light stains from the grout easily.

However, you cannot remove solid dirt or stains with a magic eraser. You can choose one of the many simple methods discussed above. These procedures may seem time-consuming and cumbersome, but you will have to work hard to get a clean bathroom floor.

Why Is Clean Water More Important Than A Cleaner In Grout Cleaning?

Using high levels of alkaline or acidic ingredients can be harmful to your bathroom floor tiles. For example, vinegar is close to pH 2. You probably don’t want to use this acidic ingredient on the bathroom floor. Similarly, Bleach’s pH is close to 12. This highly alkaline material can also be harmful to tiles, even to grout.

The pH value of water is 7, which is a neutral pH. For that reason, it is quite safe for floor tiles, grout, and even for you. It’s true that water cannot clean all stains or dirt from the bathroom floor. However, to avoid damage, you must first try to clean the grouts using water and a brush.

What Is The Best Homemade Grout Cleaner?

Usually, as a homemade grout cleaner, I recommend making a cleaner by mixing the required amount of dish soap with hot water. It is extremely safe for grout and tiles on your bathroom floor. It is quite effective ‍as well. But if you want to make a more effective cleaner, you can mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide with it.

For this, you mix 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide together with 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Make cleaners by mixing them with water and applying them to the grout. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for excellent performance. Then scrub well and rinse with clean water.

How Often Should You Clean Bathroom Floor Grout?

Whenever the bathroom floor gets dirty and fades with mold and mildew, you need to clean the floor and grouts. It is difficult to set a specific time for this. In most cases, it depends on how much of a bathroom is used. Bathrooms that are used by many people have dirty floors faster and need to be cleaned frequently.

Bathrooms that are rarely used do not get dirty so fast. So even if you clean them a little later, there is no problem. However, mold spores grow well in the bathroom environment and they fade the grout. You need to do some regular cleaning to keep the floor clean. Thoroughly clean the floors at least once a week.

When Should You Call A Professional To Clean Bathroom Floor Grout?

Many old stains can be a nuisance. Because you can’t get rid of them by using homemade cleaners or trying different ways. This may require advanced technology or modern equipment, which is not usually available at home. For that reason, if you can’t clean properly after many attempts, call a professional.

Professionals typically use a high-pressure steam cleaner with a cleaning disc to clean bathroom floor tiles or grout. In addition, they use an extraction hose suction to prevent re-contamination. They also have state-of-the-art cleaners that will cleanse them without damaging your floor or grout.

Final Verdict

Cleaning the bathroom floor grout is an essential part of keeping your bathroom looking its best. The grout can get discolored and stained, making your bathroom look dirty and unattractive. When the grout is dirty or discolored, it can make a bathroom look dingy and uninviting.

Here, I have discussed the easiest way to clean bathroom floor grout. By following the procedures described above, you can effectively clean the floor tiles and grout in your bathroom with no damage.

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