How To Clean Chair Wheels

How To Clean Chair Wheels

Want to clean your chair wheels for free? But don’t know how to clean chair wheels? Pretty Well, having a chair with wheels means the hassle of keeping it clean. As a professional cleaner, I know some ways by which you can clean your chair wheels comfortably and hassle-free.  

The chairs with wheels are comfortable to use but a bit hard to clean. But normally debris that is fixed into the chair wheel can be cleaned without facing any hassles by hands and tools. If a collection of dirt is not cleaned at times, the smooth movement of the wheels of the chair will turn gradually slow. Keep reading the article to know how to clean chair wheels.

7 Tools To Clean Chair Wheels

I am describing the 7 easiest tools that will help you clean the chair wheels. These tools are available at anyone’s home. Such as:

1. Clean By Tweezers: 

Usually, hair gets stuck in a chair wheel with dirt. It’s easy to remove that dirt by using tweezers. It can be found in any store easily. Also, tweezers are cheap in price.

Just plug out the dirt that is built up below the wheels of the chair. Keep tweeting until all the dirt comes out. Then clean the wheels with a water-soaked cloth.

2. Clean By Nail Cutter: 

A nail cutter is another best way to clean chair wheels. A nail cutter is available in every house. In every nail cutter, there is a sharp curve to clean side nails.

 That sharp curve can be used to clear wheels. Take it near the built-up dirt and pull off the dirt from chair wheels. You can rotate the curved nail filer to catch more dirt from chair wheels.

3. Clean by Bottle Opener:

 Some offices have soft drinks machines where you can check if there is any old bottle opener. Use the bottle opener to clean dirt from chair wheels. 

The bottle opener is also curved-shaped. So it’s quite easy to remove hairs and dirt from the wheels. 

4. Clean By Duct Tape:

 It’s hassle-free to use duct tape for removing dirt from chairs. First cut a piece of duct tape and stick it around the chair wheels. After that pluck the duct tape and quickly fold up the tape with the help of a knife.

This will make a duct tape closed loop. Put this loop under the chair wheels and pull the dirt from there.

5. Clean By Burning: 

As mostly hair tangles in chair wheels. It’s possible to burn the dirt built up under the chair wheels. This is an effortless way to remove it but it has the disadvantage of a bad smell.

Just hold a lighter below the chair wheels cover and stored hair will burn up. Don’t use lighter than a few seconds; otherwise, it can melt the plastic. 

6. Clean By Screwdriver: 

It’s easy to remove clean dirt under the wheels of chairs by the head of a screwdriver. Screw drivers have a slight bend and sharply curved edges.

 It can tear up the hair and build up dirt by a little force. Try to use small screwdrivers because a small one can clean efficiently.

7. Clean By Vacuum:

 A vacuum can remove debris without using any other tools. The vacuum sucks the dirt into the machine. Make sure to use a small vacuum attachment otherwise suction power will be more which can harm the chair wheels. 

If you don’t have small attachments you can make your DIY attachments for vacuum. 

Tips Of Cleaning Chair Wheels (5 Points)

Remember these important 5 tips for cleaning chair wheels. Such as:

  • Turn your chair upside down to a safe place.
  • Make sure to detect the problem and the amount of dirt that is built up in the wheels.
  • Before using anything to remove dirt, use mascara or a toothbrush to remove dirt.
  • Don’t use a sharp knife to clean chair wheels. 
  • Use soap to clean up dirt after you remove most of the dirt.

8 Steps To Clean Chair Wheels

Follow these 8 steps to clean chair wheels. You can use any tools according to your comfort. These steps are:

1. Protection Of Area:

As the weight of the chair will be from upside. Make sure to protect the area with a towel or foam. 

2. Place Chair: 

Hold the chair and flip it upside. Put it into the protected area carefully. Otherwise, the chair can break up.

3. Remove Chair Wheels: 

Most of the chair wheels are removable. Pull the wheels to take it apart. But some chair wheels need screwdrivers to remove them. However, some can’t be removed in that case. Clean it without removing it.

4. Clean Inside:

Clean the removable debris with your hand. Sometimes cleaning is easier done by your hand.

5. Usage Of Tools:

Use tools to remove hard debris only after you failed to remove it by hand. Use the normal tools to remove hair.

6. Scrub With Brush: 

Scrubbing with a brush will help clean out the small debris that can’t be removed with tools. Also, it will make your wheel move efficiently.

7. Dry Wheel: 

Dry out the wheels before putting them back. Otherwise, it will be full of debris easily.

8. Put Back Everything: 

Lastly, reattach the wheels back to their specific places, and thereafter check it’s rolling perfectly. Apply some lubricants if it doesn’t roll.

Compare Between Best Cleaning Tool For Chair With Wheels

I am comparing the time needed between the 7 best cleaning tools for chairs with wheels. Of the described 7 best tools, I think the vacuum is the best. But I am comparing the time duration based on my experience for your better understanding. Such as: 

Tweezers Tweezers can take up to 3 to 4 minutes to clean wheels.
Nail CutterNail Cutter can take up to 5 minutes to clean the wheels of a chair.
Bottle openerThe bottle opener can take up to 3 to 4 minutes max.
Duct TapeDuct tape would take 1 or 2 minutes to clean up the wheels properly. 
BurningIt would take two minutes to burn the debris by a burner.
Screwdriver Cleaning with a screwdriver would take 3 to 4 minutes. 
Vacuum It would take less than a minute if you clean the chair’s wheel with a vacuum.

How Do You Lubricate Chair Wheels After Cleaning?

After drying the wheels, you can use lubricant on the chair wheels after cleaning. Just take the lubricant and spray it into each wheel. Then make sure to check if the wheel rolls properly. Don’t apply excess lubricant after cleaning because it has the possibility of attracting dirt. 

Final Verdict:

I hope now you know how to clean chair wheels. Cleaning by using household things will also save you some money. If you are doing this for the first time, don’t get nervous. It’s quite simple to clean the wheels. It’s better to choose a tool that is available near you. 

If you still have any more questions on your mind related to “how to clean chair wheels”, feel free to knock me by commenting below. I’ll try to reply to you with the best answer as early as I can. 

Have a nice day!

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