How To Clean Fabric Dining Chairs

How To Clean Fabric Dining Chairs

You want to clean fabric dining chairs for free, but don’t know how to clean fabric dining chairs, right? Well, you will go through lots of hassles for keeping your fabric dining chair clean. As a professional cleaner, I know some ways by which you can clean fabric dining chairs.

Chairs with fabric are called upholstery. Though it’s not easy to clean chair fabric at home, it’s not impossible at all to clean them at home. Different chair fabrics have different cleaning mechanisms. Every fabric chair has a cleaning code written on the cleaning tag. So it helps to clean chair fabric without any hassle. 

Keep reading the article to know how to clean fabric dining chairs.

How To Clean Fabric Dining Chairs ( 6 Steps)

Follow these basic steps to clean fabric dining chairs. These will help you understand the rules of cleaning fabric chairs in 6 simple steps. Such as:

1. Fabric Type: 

Every dining chair has different fabric types. Make sure to use a cleaner according to the type of fabric. Some fabric might tear up for using a hard cleaner on it. So it’s necessary to check the type of fabric on the chair.

2. Check Cleaning Tags: 

Almost every chair fabric has a cleaning tag. That means the fabric company has already mentioned the way of cleaning the chair fabric. You just need to follow the steps of cleaning tags. However, some normal fabric chairs don’t have certain steps to clean the chair fabric.

3. Vacuum Dirt: 

Dry dust can be stuck into the chair fabric. Though it’s quite difficult to remove the dust by hand, vacuum machines can be used for cleaning dirt from fabrics. The vacuum sucks the dust out of the fabric without any extra hassle. But the vacuum doesn’t work on chair stains.

4. Make Solution:

 It’s possible to make a mild solution for cleaning chair fabric at home. Make sure that color doesn’t get out of the fabric after using water. Then make a solution of your own. Make a mild detergent solution with water and ¾ of soap mixture. Use the solution to clean a dirty chair fabric.

5. Clean Stain:

 For cleaning stained chair fabric you will need hydrogen peroxide. Using a microfiber towel, try to remove stains from chair fabrics. Hydrogen peroxide will help you clean chair fabric stain quickly. 

6. Deep Clean: 

As it’s not possible to clean chair fabric by removing it every time. For deep cleaning, a steam cleaner is used, which will help to remove any hard stains from the fabric. Also, it removes extra dirt on a chair’s fabric. 

3 Steps To Clean Fabric Dining Chairs Of W Or WS Type

1. Mixture: 

It’s possible to clean ws type of fabric by using home liquid or powdered detergent. Just take some detergent and mix it with water until it creates foam.

2. Clean-Up: 

Take a soft brush and scrub it on the chair fabric with the detergent mixture. Don’t use excess detergent mixture, because the fabric can cause discoloration. 

3. Dry Up: 

After cleaning up make sure to dry it naturally. Some people dry up chair fabric fastly with a heater or hairdryer, which is bad for the fabric. 

3 Steps To Clean Fabric Dining Chair Of S Type

The cleaning of the S-type fabric dining chair is different from the normal one. To understand the cleaning process of S type, I have described 3 simple steps. Such as:   

1. Cleaning Agent:

 S type of fabric damaged by the use of water. So make sure not to use any liquid detergent. You can use dry cleaners for this type of chair fabric. Purchase dry cleaning solvent for s type fabric because it’s not possible to make DIY dry cleaner.

2. Clean-Up:

 It’s better to use a soft towel to clean up the s type of fabric. Take some dry-cleaner into a towel and gently scrub on the chair fabric. 

3. Dry Up: 

Usually, it doesn’t need to dry up the chair fabric of s type. It’s possible to use a solvent for the hard areas of a chair. But dry off the chair fabric completely.

Can You Clean Stains From Dining Chair Fabrics?

You can clean stains from dining chair fabrics. But it’s important to check the type of fabric and their cleaning tags first. Since stains are harder to remove, they need to be cleaned with harder cleaning agents. Also, try to clean stains quickly from a chair’s fabric. There are lots of spot cleaners that can easily remove a stain from dining chair fabrics.

 Make sure to check if your chair fabric is water-resistant or not. If your chair fabric can take water, then you can use a normal homemade liquid detergent and rub it on the fabric to remove stains. Repeat the cleaning process if the stain can not be removed at once. Lastly, if the stain doesn’t come out at all you need to call a professional.

7 Tips For Cleaning Fabric Dining Chair  

These tips will help you clean the dining chair fabric without any mistakes. These 7 tips are based on every type of fabric dining chair. Such as

  • Before using any cleaning detergent try to use a vacuum to clean the dining chair fabric.
  • Use detergent according to the type of chair fabric.
  • Before cleaning the whole chair fabric, check if the detergent doesn’t fade the colour of fabric by cleaning a small area at first . 
  • Mix the cleaning detergent according to the suggested ratio.
  • Don’t apply the foam directly to the dining chair fabric. Apply the foam on a towel instead. The towel will absorb excess water from the foam created from the detergent.
  • Ensure not to use water or detergent mixture on any wood or steel because water can damage them.
  • Don’t use any cleaning agents on X-type fabrics. Because they are critical to handle without a professional.

Comparison Between Cleaning Code Of  Fabric Dining Chairs 

There are mainly four codes of fabric dining chairs. Every code has a different meaning and way of cleaning. I am comparing the four codes of fabric so that you can buy the easy cleaning fabric dining chair.

Types Of Fabric CodeCode Cleaning  
W CodeThis type of fabric can only be cleaned with water.      
S Code S code fabric can be cleaned with a solvent type of detergent.
WS CodeWS fabric can be cleaned with both water and solvent types of detergent.
X Code       X code can’t be cleaned at home. So it needs professionals to clean them.

Can Baking Soda Clean Fabric Dining Chairs?

Baking soda can clean fabric dining chairs. Take a generous amount of baking soda and pour it on the fabric dining chairs. Let the baking soda sit for at least 20 minutes. Baking soda will help the fabric to remove stains and odors at the same time. However, it might not remove deep old stains.

Can Vinegar Clean Fabric Dining Chairs?

Vinegar can clean fabric dining chairs. White vinegar contains 7 to 10% alcohol which helps to remove stains from fabric. You can mix detergent and vinegar together for a better cleaning agent for fabric dining chairs. Leave the vinegar to dry naturally.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Fabric Dining Chairs? 

It costs around 10$ to 100$ to clean fabric dining chairs. Different chairs have different types of fabric qualities. So it costs more or less according to the quality of the fabric of dining chairs. Even, the cost depends on the type of cleaning procedure. High-quality chair fabrics that need extra care in cleaning cost more. 

How Do You Sanitize And Clean Fabric Dining Chairs?

You can sanitize and clean fabric dining chairs at the same time by mixing vinegar with the cleaning agent. For DIY cleaning and sanitizing fabric dining chairs, you will need ¼ cup of vinegar to mix with a soap solution.

Final Verdict: 

I hope you’ve already learned about how to clean fabric dining chairs. Don’t get nervous if you are cleaning it for the first time. I am confident that my technique will help you clean the fabric dining chair without leaving any dirt behind.

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