How To Clean Three-Quarter Bathrooms? [Know The Best Ways]

How To Clean Three-Quarter Bathrooms

A three-quarter bathroom has all the facilities in a small space. A toilet, a shower, and a sink are accommodated in these bathrooms without a tub. So it is quite convenient to manage space in the house for a three-quarter bathroom. It looks pretty cute if designed properly and kept clean. So keeping the three-quarter bathroom clean is a big challenge. 

To keep your small ¾ bathroom presentable and clean, you need to know the best ways of cleaning it. To be honest, the basic bathroom cleaning tips apply to this bathroom. But still, you should make a plan to make the most out of it. And in this article, I am going to mention the steps to get a clean three-quarter bathroom along with some cleaning tips. 

So readers, stay with me and let me take you through the process of cleaning a ¾ bathroom. Following these steps can give you a sparkling bathroom. Without further discussion, let’s start.

10 Steps To Clean Three-Quarter Bathroom: A Step-by-step Guide

I am going to mention some steps of cleaning a three-quarter bathroom so that you can follow the process. See, you should always maintain a process to ensure that you can do it fast but effectively.

So the first rule is to start from the top and end to the bottom. Otherwise, you may need to clean the floor twice if you do the opposite. This is why following the sequence is necessary. 

Let’s move to the steps of cleaning and see where you need to start: 

Step 1: Clear The Surfaces

Your first task is to remove the curtains, take out the towels, and mats that are laid on the bathroom floor. Next, clear the countertops of the sink or in the open cabinet. In a basket, keep your toiletries and store them outside the bathroom. But you can keep the trash can at one corner of the bathroom as you would need to throw the wipes, dust, etc. in it. 

Also, open the windows and ventilators to avoid suffocation during cleaning. 

Step 2: Dust And Vacuum The Bathroom

Before you clean it thoroughly, removing the loose dirt is necessary. It makes the process faster and easier. With a broom, first, clean the corners of the bathroom where you may see soot. Now take a towel and wipe the walls dry. Then come down to the sink, fixtures, shower head, countertop, shelves, baseboards, and other surfaces. 

As you see no more loose dirt is there, vacuum the flooring because all the dust has accumulated in the flooring. After you vacuum the floor, it is ready for a thorough cleaning. 

Step 3: Clean The Mirror And Shower Door

Start with cleaning the mirror and the shower glass. This is probably the easiest task in this process. Just spray some glass cleaner on the mirror and glass and gently rub it on the surface with a squeegee or microfiber cloth. Rubbing will remove all the buildups and water stains. 

Give it a final wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove all the residues and leave it shiny and sparkling. 

Step 4: Wipe The Faucets And Shiny Surfaces

An all-purpose cleaner or glass cleaner can be used to clean shiny surfaces like faucets, and other fixtures. Spray a decent amount of cleaner on these surfaces and use a toothbrush to scrub away the hard stains and marks. Then wash the fixtures with water and see the result. If not satisfied, scrub them once again and wipe them with a paper towel.  

Step 5: Wipe The Shelves And Countertops

Now is the turn of the cabinets, shelves, and countertops. You may have glass cabinets in the shower area. Here, use a glass cleaner and wipe away the dust with a soft cloth. Similarly, apply an all-purpose cleaner on the shelves and cabinets, countertops and wipe them down with a cloth. This will suffice as these surfaces don’t get dirty easily. 

Step 6: Scrub The Sink

In a ¾ bathroom, there is no tub. So you just need to clean the sink. For cleaning the sink, apply an all-purpose cleaner on the sink and across the rim. Use a scrubber to scrub the sink in a circular motion. In the shower drain hole, use a stiff brush to clean away the rust. 

Next, you may apply a paste of baking soda if the layer of rust or stains is too stubborn. Leave it for 5 minutes and scrub away the dirt. Wash the sink with water and wipe it dry with a paper towel. 

Step 7: Scrub The Toilet

Cleaning the toilet depends on how dark the buildups are. In this part, I will mention the basic cleaning process. But you will get more tips in the latter part of the article. 

First, spray an all-purpose cleaner on the toilet body and seat. Leave it for a minute and with a soft scrub pad, scrub away the dirt. Do the same for the toilet lid (both sides) and around the flushing knob. Then wipe these areas with a paper towel. 

Next, spread some baking soda inside the toilet and leave it for 5 minutes. Thereafter, spray a toilet cleaner in the toilet and scrub the dirt away with a stiff toilet brush. Scrub thoroughly and then flush the toilet to leave it clean. 

Step 8: Clean The Floor

Using a professional floor cleaner is the best way to clean floors. Also, the flooring material decides the cleaner you should use. But try to get something mild for regular cleaning. 

For ceramic and vinyl flooring, use a toilet cleaner or all-purpose cleaner. Then wipe the floor or mop it. But this may not suffice. To clean the grout, you can use a baking soda paste and wait for a few minutes. Then with a toothbrush, scrub away the stains and buildups. This will also remove mold and mildew. 

On stubborn stains on the floor, use baking soda and vinegar. Then scrub away the area with a brush and rinse it with water. I will add more tips for deep cleaning the floors in the next part of the article. 

Step 9: Disinfect Surfaces

Even after cleaning the bathroom thoroughly, disinfecting some areas is necessary. Use a disinfectant spray on the toilet seat, door handle, sink countertop, and areas that you touch regularly. 

Spray it and wipe the area to leave a germ-free and hygienic surface. 

Step 10: Finish Your Work

For finishing, you have to clear the trash can, give a final wipe to the wet areas, and install the items that you have removed. Put the toiletries and towels in place. But before bringing back the curtains and mats, you can wash them and then install them in the bathroom. This will give a fresh look to the bathroom. 

5 Tips On Deep Cleaning Three-quarter Bathroom: For The Best Result

In this part of the article, I will mention some proven remedies to deep clean a bathroom. Most of these are made from ingredients in your kitchen or storeroom. So if you want some magical results in bathroom cleaning, follow these tips: 

Tip 1: Clean Grime With Baking Soda And Ammonia

Soap scum and grime layers often make surfaces cloudy and hazy. To make them crystal clear, you can mix 3 tbsp of baking soda with a cup of ammonia. Mix them well and apply them to the areas that are layered with grime and soap scum. Wait for 10 minutes and then wipe the mixture away from the surface. This will give a sparkling surface. 

You can use this on faucets, bathroom floor corners, around the toilet, in the shower floor, and places where you see the buildups are heavy. 

Tip 2: Clean The Toilet With Cola Or Denture Tablet

Denture tablets contain baking soda that cleanses the toilet deeply. Just leave a tablet inside the toilet and wait for 30 minutes. Then with a stiff toilet brush, scrub the bowl thoroughly and flush. That is it. 

You can use colored cola for toilet cleaning as well. Pour a ½ liter bottle of cola into the toilet bowl and wait for an hour. Then clean the toilet with a toilet brush and flush. This will remove any stains and build-ups from the toilet. 

Tip 3: Remove Spots With Borax And Baking Soda

Water stains and other spots on bathroom walls and floors make the area look dirty. But there is an easy solution to clean the spots instantly. 

Take a spoon of borax and two spoons of baking soda in a bowl. Make a paste by mixing two spoons of water. Now apply it on the spots and wait for 10- 15 minutes. Then with a toothbrush, scrub away the layer and rinse the area with water and wipe it dry. 

Tip 4: Unclog Shower Heads With Vinegar

Clogged showerheads are very disturbing and nasty. In hand showers, showers, as well as faucet mouths, the perforations get clogged due to dirt and rust. But there is an easy way out. 

If you can remove the mouth, dip it in white vinegar for 8 hours and scrub away the dirt from the mouth. If you can’t remove the head, take a plastic bag full of vinegar. Now tie it in the showerhead so that the showerhead remains dipped in it. Leave it for a few hours and then scrub away the dirt with a toothbrush. 

You can apply this on any metal to remove rust and make them shiny. 

Tip 5: Whiten The Grout

No matter how thoroughly you clean your bathroom, yellow and stained grout can ruin your effort. So making the grout white is another task. 

First, use a tile cleaner to clean the grout. Then, apply baking soda paste to the grout and leave it for 5 minutes. Now, apply vinegar on the grout and scrub the grout with a stiff brush. In the end, rinse the grout with water and wipe it dry.  

If you need an extra white layer on the grout, use a grout colorant on the grout and let it dry. This will make the grout white and new. 

Follow these tips to make the three-quarter bathroom look new, shiny, and clean. 

Related Questions: 

How Do You Clean A Dirty Cluttered Bathroom?

To clean an extremely dirty bathroom, using baking soda and vinegar will be the best idea. First, clean the bathroom with an all-purpose cleaner to give a primary wash. Now, to remove the stubborn layers of dirt, make a paste of baking soda and vinegar and apply it to the affected areas. Leave it for a few minutes and scrub the bathroom thoroughly. Now wash it clean with water. 

What Is The Easiest Way To Clean A Three-quarter Bathroom? 

If you clean your three-quarter bathroom regularly, using an all-purpose cleaner will be the easiest way out. This cleaner can clean almost any surface starting from the glass to the bathroom tile.

Just spray it on surfaces and scrub away the dirt. But if the buildups are heavy and hard, the easiest way to clean them is to apply baking soda and vinegar to remove the layers easily. 

What Can You Deep Clean Your Three-quarter Bathroom With? 

Some magic ingredients work excellently on bathroom layers. They can deeply clean the bathroom. Here are the elements that you can try out to deep clean the three-quarter bathroom: 

  • Baking soda;
  • Borax;
  • Cola;
  • Vinegar; 
  • Bathroom cleaner;

Try these out to deep clean your bathroom. 

How Often Should Three-quarter Bathrooms Be Cleaned? 

Bathrooms are not used occasionally. As you use it regularly, regular cleaning is mandatory. You should clean your three-quarter bathroom at least once a week. 

When you do so, you won’t need to give much effort to maintain its condition. Layers of scum, grime, rust, stain, or dirt won’t settle on the bathroom if you clean it once a week. For a better result, deep clean the bathroom once every three months. 

How Do You Keep Your Three-quarter Bathroom Floor Clean Every Day?

The very basic way of keeping the bathroom floor clean is to wipe it dry after taking a shower. When the floor remains dry, nothing can settle easily on it. But if you want a better result, spray an all-purpose cleaner and with a squeegee, wipe the bathroom floor. This will disinfect the floor as well as make it shiny and clean. Apart from that, keep the bath mats, trash cans, and towels clean. 

Final Thoughts: 

I have included the best tips for cleaning a three-quarter bathroom in this article. With such excellent remedies, you can leave your bathroom dazzling white, shiny, and fresh. 

So why don’t you try out these remedies right away and see the results?

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