How To Find Discontinued Flooring? [A Complete Detail To Know]

How To Find Discontinued Flooring

Flooring design and quality gets updated over time in the market. After 2/3 years of flooring, it needs to be repaired or rebuilt. In the meantime, your previous flooring is discontinued in the market as manufacturers are constantly updating it. So finding discontinued flooring can be difficult. However, some strategies will teach you how to find discontinued flooring.

Your project may have to be unfinished for a long time and sometimes it needs to change your preference. So, the current combination can be uneven with your previous flooring.

To find discontinued flooring you can check out the places where some older models of flooring are available. Also, this article will show you some ways that might help you to find discontinued flooring.

7 Effective Ways You Should Try To Find Discontinued Flooring:

Although discontinued flooring is hard to find, some helpful ways make it easy and possible. The ways are mentioned below:

  1. Identify The Flooring Details

To find discontinued flooring, first, the way you can follow is to identify the details of the flooring. Note the name of your flooring model, color, of course, including its manufacturer. The purpose of having your details in your collection is to go one step further in finding it.

Clear information about your flooring will help you find it even after it is discontinued. Also, based on the manufacturer’s information, you can reach all the older models.

  1. Contact The Manufacturer

You can contact the manufacturer directly. It’s easier to get their phone number or email when you know the manufacturer’s name. You can ask for the availability of the discontinued flooring. This way you can find out instantly.

Since you are thinking about retrieving it long after flooring, you may have lost its documentation. You should remember this to find the manufacturer as you don’t want to keep your project unfinished. 

  1. Find The Distributors

Once you find the manufacturer, you can also get a list of its distributors. The company has numerous distributors across the country. In many cases, some distributors have stock of some previous products where you can find your flooring.

You can search by area and take some time to contact each distributor. Manufacturers update products, but suppliers may still have some previous products. There may be some who have the stock of your discontinued flooring.

  1. Search Online Retailer

There are many buyers and sellers in online marketplaces you know. Some retailers keep discontinued items in their collections based on users’ needs and look for potential buyers. This can be an ideal place to find your discontinued flooring.

Searching through many distributors does not mean that it is the ultimate way to find discontinued flooring. As the products are updated year after year, they may not keep the old model in stock. In this case, online is the place of reliability where there are lots of product combinations.

  1. Find The Directories

Popular directories list websites or businesses that have discontinued flooring. The owners of these businesses usually buy discontinued necessities from manufacturers, especially the items that people are looking for matching.

If your flooring is damaged in one place, replacing the entire flooring will be costly for you. Considering all this, different selling platforms like Craigslist often offer discontinued flooring.

  1. Contact The Homeowners

Some homeowners buy boxes of extra flooring for their homes so that there is no shortage. In many cases, these are of no use. Since the items are brand new and completely unused, they post to sell them on various online platforms to attract buyers. You can find discontinued flooring near the homeowners.

You can find the flooring that matches the color and model of your flooring for any homeowner. Take a look at the posts of different buy-sells groups or you can also post the details of your flooring for homeowners.

  1. Visit Different Architectural Stores

Architectural stores have the potential to have flooring as the architects take part in various construction works and also sell the items required for the convenience of the customers. As they have different flooring items, they should have some older model flooring.

When looking at architectural stores, you choose the old stores because the new stores will only have new design flooring in their collection. In the old store, you can find discontinued flooring from a few years ago.

4 Things To Do If You do Not Find Discontinued Flooring:

Even if you can’t find the discontinued flooring after using all the methods, you still have something to do. Here are some things you can do when can’t find discontinued flooring:

  1. Use The Flooring In Another Place

As you can’t find discontinued flooring, you should consider some alternatives. Notice the other floorings in your home if they need to be replaced. If any of these require replacement and the space is smaller than the flooring you are looking for, this is a good opportunity for you.

Remove the flooring from the damaged area and place it where you wanted to replace it. As the flooring has been removed, you can purchase a new model of flooring in the design and color of your choice.

  1. Replace The Color Or Design

This is one of the best solutions when you fail to find discontinued flooring. Manufacturers make slight changes when they make changes to a product, perhaps with slight differences in color and design from previous tees. Of course, they do it considering the preferences of the buyers.

You should also update your tastes and preferences over time. If you find the current model more attractive than the previous model of the same product, you can also make some changes though it depends on your budget.

  1. Find An Admirable Floor

Not finding discontinued flooring can be frustrating for you at first. It is up to you to decide which flooring to match with the damaged floor or to remove it altogether. You can contact a good flooring company who will give you the best advice.

Top flooring companies have a lot of samples that can be compatible with your flooring. You can choose a complimentary floor where the flooring is damaged which will give it a unique look.

  1. Matching Carefully

Matching is very important in the case of flooring especially if you do not find discontinued flooring. If you can’t find a product for flooring repair or replacement, choose something very close to its color or design. You can imagine it in different ways.

If some part of your floor is going to be damaged, get an idea from the flooring of the rest of your house. If you fail to match this space, choose something close to the color and design of the type of flooring that is available in other places, which will not be needed if placed in a damaged place.

5 Additional Useful Tips To Deal With Discontinued Flooring:

Here are some additional tips that will help you when you are failing to find discontinued flooring:

Tip-1: When any part of your floor is damaged and you can’t find the flooring to repair it, pull any furniture over the damaged area so that the place is covered.

Tip-2: When buying flooring, buy at least 1/2 box of extra flooring so that after a few years, it doesn’t need to look for discontinued flooring when repairing or replacing it. Even if you never need it, it will be useful to others.

Tip-3: Just because a few years of flooring have passed doesn’t mean you can’t accept a modified version. It may be that the manufacturers have not changed the design or color of the new model, but the quality has been improved. In this case, not only look for the old model but also the new ones

Tip-4: If your flooring is hardwood then you don’t have to look for more if you can’t find a close match. As it is made of wood, it can be rebuilt at a low cost. Send a sample to the manufacturer so they can prepare it for you.

Tip-5: Once your wood flooring is discontinued, buy unfinished wood that is as hard as your flooring. Take it to a hardware store and have it ready and painted to match the color of your flooring. Also, hire a contractor to set it up.

Flooring Becomes Discontinued And Not Found For These Reasons:

There are several reasons for discontinuing the flooring you need to repair or replace. Knowing these factors will be helpful for you to find out which is mentioned below:

  • Manufactures Stop Producing And Marketing

A product can not dominate the market in the same way even after a few years of production. So when it is less preferred by the buyers, that is, the demand decreases. Naturally, the manufacturers stop producing these.

Generally, it is almost impossible to find the flooring that was discontinued 2/3 years ago. As companies update their product designs every year, they leave discontinued flooring in one corner of the store and stop marketing.

  • Not getting Enough Buyers

Another major reason why flooring is discontinued is that there are not enough buyers for it. Maybe a few buyers have accepted this product since its production and you are one of them. Sales are limited due to the lack of buyers’ demand for this design or color.

As a result, manufacturers are forced to make changes to the product and the previous version is discontinued. However, the previous design is not eliminated, so you can adjust the new and existing flooring.

  • Due To Factory Closure

It is not uncommon for a product to get discontinued. Maybe the flooring manufacturer has closed their factory for some reason. In this case, you have zero chance of finding discontinued flooring.

Don’t be discouraged if the factory closes, rather look for other manufacturers. Also, if you have wood flooring, there is nothing to worry about because you can repair it yourself without looking for discontinued flooring.

Related Questions About Finding Discontinued Flooring:

What Can You Do If Your Flooring Is Discontinued?

If you have been flooring for a long time, it can be discontinued now by the manufacturer. You need to find these in the market after a while for repairing or replacing the same flooring. Most probably, it is unavailable in most stores.

You can visit the manufacturers who produced the flooring that has been discontinued at present or find distributors. Maybe they still have a few extra boxes for your existing flooring.

How Do You Find And Match Discontinued Hardwood Floors?

Any type of flooring can be discontinued but finding all are not the same. If hardwood flooring is discontinued, you should naturally look for it in manufacturers and distributors, or search online. The existing flooring may not match the new ones you see.

One of the best solutions is to test your hardwood. Then collect the same hardwood even if you don’t get the same wood, it can be bought. You can take a picture of the color and stains of the existing flooring and send it to the manufacturer along with the wood so that they can make it exactly.

How Can You Find And Match Discontinued Tiles Flooring?

Finding the manufacturer of discontinued tile flooring can be a bit difficult as they manufacture different series of tiles and dealers do not stock all types. There is a batch number stamped on the back of the tile which will make it easier for you to find the manufacturer.

Moreover, after 1/2 year, there is at least a color difference between the same new and existing tile floor. But if you find the same design, use it with existing flooring because it is slightly different.

How To Find Discontinued Laminate Flooring?

To find discontinued laminate flooring, it is best to reach out to the manufacturer who built the laminate flooring. It may have any additional stock of laminate flooring. You can also ask the laminate flooring installation company if they have any extra boxes.

Manufacturers often offer a warranty on the flooring you purchase. You can get a few free boxes of laminate tile if it is damaged within a certain period. However, one of the conditions for finding discontinued flooring is that the manufacturer must have its stock.

How Can You Find If The Vinyl Flooring Is Discontinued?

Although vinyl flooring is easy to install and maintain, it does not eliminate all the disadvantages. So it requires a replacement or repair. It can be found in vinyl flooring stores, local home improvement stores, manufacturers, different forums, and online shopping stores.

Trouble is when Vinyl flooring is discontinued and you have to find it to finish the project. As a vinyl flooring user, you should know that it can be damaged frequently if dirt and water enter through cracks. So when you buy vinyl tile, keep some extra in the collection.

How Do You Buy Discontinued Floors From A Homeowner?

When you find discontinued flooring with a homeowner, you should not rush to purchase it. It is up to you to decide on the purchase after considering some factors. If you are looking for an online seller, go straight to the floor and check that these are suitable for your job.

Check the boxes to see if there are any broken ones inside. Of course, after checking everything, he will fix the price according to the market price.

Final Words

Finding discontinued flooring is important to complete a flooring project for your home or office. You have many ways to find discontinued flooring, but do not need to be frustrated if none of them is not working. 

If after trying all of the methods mentioned in the article you fail, choose another flooring as an alternative that matches most of your existing flooring. Maybe new and existing flooring will bring a new and stylish look together along with finishing your project.

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