How To Remove Window Grids For Cleaning? [Easy And Quick Solution] 

How To Remove Window Grids For Cleaning

Window grids come with different materials and sizes, so it might be more challenging when you want to clean them. But cleaning the window grids is necessary since they usually get clogged by accumulated dirt. Perhaps you are wondering how to remove the grids to clean the windows.

Removing the window grid for cleaning initially covered some techniques. One common way to remove them is to push them outside and bow the base of the windows. Usually, Windows pane dividers are available with 2-piece plastic frames. Hence, those frames provide a decorative element that makes a single large piece of glass. 

But the critical fact is those frames serve a structural purpose so that they could secure the door glass to the door itself. However, to give you clear guidelines to remove the windows grids, I arranged this blog that elaborately includes each affair. 

6 Steps To Remove Window Grids For Cleaning

To remove the window grid, the first thing you need to do is identify which type of window you have. The vast majority of houses in the USA used vinyl window grids. Somewhere you might find plastic window grids. Remember that if the grid is attached to the windows with glue, it is not removable. However, the typical steps to correctly separate them from the windows are below. 

Steps-1: Required Materials  

Those are some tools which you need most to do this task. It is not apparent but carrying them will allow you to finish it earlier. So let’s see what you need. 

  • A wrench;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Velcro tape; 
  • Hammer; 
  • Gloves & Dust mask. 

Step-2: Push The Windows Grid & Trying To Pull It 

Wide-open the window, and put both your hands at the corner of the window grid. Push or grasp it at the center of the window. 

Try to pull the grid slightly off. Check if this grid is removed or not. If so, then it might be for the glues. 

Step-3: Diverge The Plastic Locks From The Sash Frame

Now try to diverge the plastic locks from the sash frame. You might find them hanged or attached to the frames. Now set the small circular locks onto the upper edge of the windows onto each sash. 

Then try to push the lock rings out of the windows. There you find a small circular lock onto the upper edge of each sash. You need to remove this with the help of a small screwdriver and a hammer. 

Step-4: Pull The Vinyl Grids Out Slightly 

Now it’s time to pull the vinyl grids out slightly from the plastic frames. Crimp the grids with one hand and lightly pull down the grid’s joints to bend the center. 

Next, separate the grids from the upper frame grommet. Try to haul the grid’s upper and bottom parts from under the grommet. Only then you can pull away from the grids from the windows. 

Step-5: Start To Clean The Windows 

After removing the grids from the windows, it’s time to begin your main task. Clean the windows cases properly. Use a sponge to eradicate the glass, dirt, and junk. Once you are finished cleaning all the dirt from the window frame, go to the final step. 

Step-6: Position The Grill At The Same Place Again 

Replacing the grid properly after cleaning the window is more challenging. So you need to put the bottom snap in place first. Then bow it down slightly, and thereafter put the top snap in place. 

After that, work on positioning the left side of the grid from top to bottom in place. Lastly, bow down the middle of the grids on the right.

However, in most cases, it is as easy as 1, 2, or 3. However, the old grids are notorious for being used for decades, so it is difficult to discharge and attach them to the glass. You need to implement an extra 25 cents per grid charge for handling.

Anyway, whenever you finish the job of replacing the grids in position, drag it side to side to ensure that you place the grids correctly. 

4 Things You Should Consider Before Removing Window Grids For Cleaning

You may not do things perfectly on your first attempt. So try to take care of these four things sharply before removing window grids for cleaning. You can also take note of them to avoid any inconvenience. It will help you to remove window grids for cleaning. 

  1. Separate The Window Glass First: 

Whenever you’re starting to remove the window grids, ensure that you’re starting from the windows’ glass. Each window has two or three pairs of glass. 

Separate them first and use a chisel to separate those glasses from the base. Store them in a safe place. You have to start from the joint parts.

Make sure that you remove the joints; those grids are usually attached to the joint parts of the windows. So you need to check if they are fixed or easy to remove.

  1. Keep Your Hand Straight & Pull Out The Frames: 

Try to keep your hand straight whenever you pull out the frames first. Do not put too much pressure on the joints. Those parts might break or have been damaged earlier if you did it. Just pull out the grid frame. 

If the grids can be folded into sections, try to separate them according to their base. Folded the grid parts one after one. Then pull out the mainframe from the base of the window. If those parts are attached to glue, use a heat gun to melt them. You can easily remove them from the bottom of the windows. 

  1. Apply Lubricants To Expel Them From Base: 

Apply lubricants or oil spray to make it resilient. It’s because the grid of the window may rust, especially when you’re going to remove the older one. So lubrication will cause it to be more rust-proof and elastin. For this reason, you can remove it swiftly. 

Examine all the sides of the grills before starting the job. Then release the screws from the parts. This is another vital part of removing the grids without any hassle.

  1. Fix The Dents Or Cracks Of The Windows:

Fix the dents or cracks of the windows. While removing the grids, you may unconsciously damage them or mistakenly scratch the glasses. Don’t skip or forget to fix them if they happen eagerly. 

Use a sharp knife instead of a wrench. Sometimes a sharp knife could do the task more blonde. Suppose you want to pull out the grids; they may get damaged or scratched by the wrench. In that case, you can use a sharp knife to remove the grids spontaneously. 

5 Tips To Clean Window Grids Without Damaging Any Parts

Below are some relevant tips that help you clean the window grids without damaging any parts. Those tips and tricks help you reduce the labor of separating the grids. Somewhere you may be able to clean them without departing from the window frame. So, try to do each step successfully and give a short trial. Remember, you may not be able to do them on your first attempt. No worries, just give it a try.

  1. Take A Toothbrush Or Cotton Bud To Clean The Grids:

Use an old toothbrush to clean the internal spaces underneath the grids. The toothbrush has very thin bristles that help you to clean the grids. 

Similarly, you can also do the work with a cotton bud. Pick 2-3 cotton buds, and soak them in the dishwashing soap. Then, use them to clean the dirt around the window grids. Don’t be impatient since it is time-consuming and requires some initial effort.

  1. Wash From The Top to Downwards: 

Whenever you’re going to wash the grids, start from the top and finish it downwards. By this norm, you can complete the cleaning job efficiently. Moreover, that helps prevent drips. 

Pour some mild cleanser or rust remover into the spray bottle. You can use any DIY recipe for this. Shake them well and use the cleaner over the windows grids. Scrub or rub them gently with sponges. Wipe them off with any wet clothes or a t-shirt.

  1. Use Crumbled Newspaper: 

To clean the grid of the window, using newspaper paved the way to make the cleaning job be done relentlessly. It also saves them from damage or cracking. Collect one or two pieces of old newspaper, and put them onto the glasses.

Polished the grids with that paper to get back the sparkling shine. Newspapers also leave films that are very obstructive to dirt. 

A sprayer gun or pressure washer triggers the water to the point. While pressing them, this gun won’t spread the water away; you can also finish the job more comfortably.

  1. Use Old Socks:

You can use old socks to clean the dust on the grills.  Sometimes, grilling dust is difficult to remove by using feather brushes or cotton gloves. Firstly, you have to soak the old socks in clean, pure water and remove such stains to get a shiny grill.

  1.  Use Cotton Gloves:

Using cotton gloves helps to clean the accumulated dirt very easily.  It’s constructive because cotton gloves remove stains, and it is easy to use your fingers to reach any small space between the grills. Using the spring window grids, it becomes simpler to clean them.

Related Questions:

How Do You Remove The Window Grids?

The most common way to remove the window grid is to separate them from its base. You must examine the joints and parts of the windows before going to the main task. Use a wrench and hammer to detach them from their base. 

If the window grid comes with divided parts, separate them one after one. After that, disconnect the glasses from the grids. If the grids are attached to the glasses permanently, there will be no option without damaging the glass. 

How Do You Remove The Inside Window Grid?

To remove the inside window grid, hold the mainframe of the glasses. Some window grids are available with a frame retainer. It becomes easier for you to remove the grids from the base.

You need to separate the window grids from their sectional parts. There are four to five stands you may find at the top of the grids. Remove the length size stand first, then go for the breadth size stand. 

How Do You Remove The Outside Window Grid?

Removing the plastic window grids is simple. It is often a quick task for you to detach them from windows and clean them. However, take a wrench and pull out the outside window grids to bend it from the base. 

Use a wrench or screwdriver to unlock all the tight knots. You can remove the glass from the grid if there is no adhesive. Otherwise, a heating process will be your next step to soften the glues to remove the grid glasses. 

How Do You Remove Window Panes?

Use tape to separate the window panes. It is a standard option for you to remove them from the window. Now apply the tape over the window pane, including the damaged areas.

Besides this, protect the glass first unless it may break or shut down badly. Now loosen the glass using any hand tool. Finally, remove the old glazing from around the window frame.

How Do You Remove Plastic Strips From Windows?

To remove the plastic strips from the window, find a sharp scraper. Scrapper will get the job half done for you. Try to use a good metal scraper, but the plastic won’t work thoroughly. 

Behind this, choose the slicing motion rather than pushing or hitting. When you try to push or hit the plastic strips, they might break the glass. Also, be conscious of using sharp blades. 

How Do You Remove The Wooden Grid From A Window?

The most fantastic way is to remove the wooden grill from a window by cutting off the paint film. Next, your task is to unscrew the bonds between the window parts and the grills. Separate the exterior grill frames and clean them. 

Furthermore, bend the wooden grill, and pressure them as much as possible. Use a cable or wire to pull out the grids from a window. Consider applying caulk to the exterior parts to set and position the glass panels onto the grille frames. 


Now you know the whole process of how to remove window grids for cleaning. Check the above and start working. To sum up, the entire process only requires some extra labor. You need to pull out the frames, bend them down, and separate the glass frames. While pulling out the window frame, make sure that the window hinges won’t break or damage. 

Moreover, use any lubrication oil to make the parts greasy. Also, discrete the window strips. If it is made from plastic or vinyl, you need less effort to dispel them.

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