How To Use a Floor Cleaning Machine? [Guide To Floor Cleaning]

How To Use a Floor Cleaning Machine? [Guide To Floor Cleaning]

Normal foot traffic and dirt in various ways make the floor dirty. This is a common problem for the floor. If this dirt is not cleaned, the floor may become slippery. As a result, anyone can get injured by slipping on the floor. So you need to know how to use a floor cleaning machine.

When cleaning the floor with buckets and mugs the water gets dirty using the same water over and over again. Therefore, floor cleaning using a floor cleaning machine is more effective. You can use a sweeper/scrubber combination machine. This allows you to sweep and scrub together.

In this article, you will find how to use different types of machines for floor cleaning. Reasons to use a machine to clean the floor. Here are some practical tips to clean the floor by machine. Besides, various questions about cleaning the floor by machine have been answered.

4 Types Of Floor Cleaning Machines & How To Use Them:

Good quality machines work great to clean the floor. You need to know the use of machines to clean the floor well in a short time. Below is a description of the used floor cleaning machine.

1. Vacuum Cleaner:

There is no doubt that the floor can be cleaned quickly with a vacuum cleaner. Of course, you can. But if you want to get rid of most of the dirt and dust from the floor, you need to prepare properly. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for vacuum cleaners.

Step-1: Set Up Your Vacuum Cleaner

Check your vacuum cleaner before using it. Whether the cleaner’s dustbin is empty. When using the bag, make sure that it is more than half empty. Check if the roller brush or beater bar is OK. Check if the roller rotates freely. Clean hair, polythene, and other objects on a roller brush.

Step-2: Prepare The Floor To Vacuum

There are many types of accessories on your floor. Extra things can cause discomfort during a vacuum. You should remove them from the floor. If you can’t remove them, clean them thoroughly with a broom. The remaining dirt will be deposited on the floor. If there is more dirt on the floor, pick them up

Step-3: Use A Vacuum Attachment

Even the best vacuum cleaner head has trouble cleaning all the dirt on the floor. Attachments should be used to clean the corners of the floor and walls. Also, attachments should be used to clean the middle part of the two tiles on the tile floor.

Start cleaning the floor by switching to the vacuum’s craves attachment. Start cleaning from the opposite side of the floor with the exit door. Run a vacuum cleaner at the base of furniture that cannot be removed. Flat floor heads work very well to clean dust and small debris from your hard floor.

If you have carpet on the floor, switch to a roller brush. The roller brush moves the fiber of the carpet, as well as the suction of the machine, and sucks the dirt. Adjust the height of the roller brush so that it is not a problem to get dirt from the carpet. Some vacuums are adjusted automatically.

Step-4: Slowly Work And Repeat

If the vacuum cleaner runs too fast on the floor, dust will fly. When it is run slowly the dust flies less and the floor is better cleaned. Use the vacuum cleaner repeatedly. No matter how good the cleaner is, you have to repeat to clean the floor well. Move your vacuum cleaner slowly forward, backward, right, and left. 

If the dirt is too much, clean the dirt box of the vacuum cleaner in the workspace. If there is a lot of dust on the floor and dust is flying, give them a chance to reform the floor. Then use the vacuum cleaner again.

2. Single Disc Floor Scrubbers:

This single-disc floor cleaner has a rotating disc at the base. The handle of the single disc floor cleaner is at chest height. So that you can use it comfortably. This is a multipurpose machine. Follow the steps below to clean the floor with this machine.

Step-1: Prepare a Floor Scrubber

Before cleaning the floor with Single Disc Floor Scrubbers, check it thoroughly. Read the accompanying user guide.

Step-2: Prepare The Floor

If you have a lot of dust, and coarse sand on your floor, clean them. You can use a vacuum if necessary. Remove excess furniture from the floor as usual. Sweep other furniture so that the remaining dirt accumulates on the floor. If there are any liquids on the floor, clean them.

Step-3: Turn On The Scrubber Machine

You can check the machine after plugging it in. Press the button next to the hand trigger to turn it on. Then hold on to any one of the triggers and do not move without releasing the safety button.

Step-4: Use The Machine

This will continue to work when you hold down the trigger button. Keep the floor clean by holding down the trigger button. Start from the opposite side of the door. Release the trigger button if you need to rest, then the machine will shut down. You can maintain a certain level of this machine. That means you can clean the floor at a comfortable speed.

3. Floor Scrubber Dryers:

This Floor Scrubber Dryers machine can easily remove dirty water from the floor. It is more effective and safer than cleaning with a mop. Below is a description of how to use Floor Scrubber Dryers.

Step-1: Check The Scrubber Dryers

Everything including machine brushes, and pads should be clean and dry. If the floor is cleaned by an unclean machine, it will not be completely clean. Check if the blades and squeegees are good. There are specific checklists for specific brands of Scrubber Dryers. Follow them.

Step-2: Use The Right Chemicals

Use the right amount of certain chemicals. If there are too many chemicals, it will be difficult to clean the floor. This will show the presence of chemicals on the floor. If you mix the chemicals properly, you will not have much trouble.

Step-3: Use The Scrubber Dryers

After mixing the right amount of water and chemicals, your machine is now ready for work. Do not run your Scrubber Dryers too fast. Give enough time to wipe the floor dust and water well, which you can see and understand. If the amount of dirt is more, you can double scrub

4. Floor Sweepers:

Floor sweepers can be used to sweep the floor in much less time than ordinary brooms. Floor sweepers can sweep at speeds of up to three miles per hour. This Floor Sweepers machine is very effective for sweeping a large area in a quick time. The step of sweeping with floor sweepers is described below.

Step-1: Responsibilities Of The Operator

Floor Sweepers users need to be trained. This machine should not be operated by a person who is not qualified to inspect the machine and diagnose possible faults. The user must complete everything according to the TPM checklist

Step-2: Check Floor Sweepers Machine

Make sure the TPM checklist is complete before you sweep the floor sweepers. Check the machine brush and brush skirt. Check that the Floor Sweepers machine’s parking brake lock, the throttle is idle, hydraulic controls are “off”.

Step-3: Start Floor Sweepers Machine

Start operating the floor sweeper machine at a safe speed. Run the machine slowly in small spaces and near furniture. Always keep arms and legs in the cab. Use machine lights to make everything visible. Do not use this machine before if the size of the dirt is large or something very hard. 

Use manpower to reduce dirt as much as possible then use a floor sweeper machine. Use the sweeping pattern to take or stop any turns. Do not take a sudden turn. Run the machine slowly while taking turns.

Reasons To Use Floor Cleaning Machine:

The benefits of using a floor cleaning machine over mugs and buckets are numerous. Below I point out the main reasons for choosing a floor cleaning machine:

  • Reduces Labor Costs:

Although the initial cost of the machine is high, it is much lower than the labor cost in the long run. So buying a machine is much more profitable than carrying labor costs for a long time. Such a worker can clean 4,000-5,000 square feet of flooring per hour. But at the same time, a small auto scrubber machine can clean the floor about three times (12000-15000) square feet.

  • Maximum Floor Cleaning:

Cleaning the floor with mugs and buckets is not 100% clean. Using the same water makes the floor dirtier. Also, the disease germs grow on the floor. The broom is used when the floor is dry, but it blows dust into the air. So there is no alternative to a floor cleaning machine to get rid of these problems.

  • Reduces Disruption:

Many accidents can happen while physically cleaning the floor. On the other hand, it takes less time to use the machine and it is much safer. No matter what your floor is.  It can be easily cleaned quickly with an auto sweeper and scrubber.

  • The Machines Are Eco-Friendly:

These machines require very little water. Chemicals are not needed unless they are very hard and dirty. The floor cleaner machine works efficiently to clean the germs from the floor. As a result, the balance of the environment is maintained. 

Related Question About Use Of The Floor Cleaning Machine:

What To Keep In Mind When Using A Single Disc Floor Scrubber?

There are risks while using this machine such as slipping, falling, etc. Be careful of these. Do not place electrical lead while the machine is running. Do not pull the power cable that has a single disc floor scrubber. Some chemical chemicals will never run the machine over the cable which if used can void the warranty of your machine. Such as bleach or solvent, floor-stripping, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A New Floor Cleaning Machine?

Prices vary depending on the quality and size of the machine. The table below gives an approximate price chart of the above-mentioned floor cleaning machine.

Floor Cleaning MachinesApproximate Price Range 
Vacuum Cleaner$200-$1000
Single Disc Floor Scrubbers$7,000-$30,000
Floor Scrubber Dryers$8,00-$12,00
Floor Sweepers$5,000-$20,000

Why Choose An Advanced Floor Cleaning Machine?

The advanced Floor Cleaning Machine has multiple modes. With these multiple modes, you will find all the solutions for cleaning your floor. There are powerful batteries and fuel tanks for long-lasting work. The machines have many tools for the convenience of the users such as paddles, handles, buttons, and many other electronic devices. 

These are not easily damaged and reduce the discomfort of the users. This Advance Floor Cleaning Machine works great to make your floor look new.

What Chemicals Do You Need To Use For A Floor Cleaning Machine?

If you use the wrong chemicals, it will damage your floor. So proper chemicals should be used. You can use the following chemicals:

  •  Floor Scrubbing Detergent,
  •  Disinfectant liquid,
  •  Bulldog Mat Cleaner,
  • Gym Mat Detergent,
  • tire-mark remover,
  • MaxForce,
  • Clean2o,
  • Clean & Green,
  • SuperCitrus,
  • And hand Soap.

Are Floor Cleaner Machines Worth The Money?

We all like to be perfect in any job. When you do floor cleaning by hand it is rarely perfect. When you use floor cleaner machines, it will clean the floor more perfectly than by hand. So, you can say that floor cleaner machines are worth your money. 

Although for small spaces you can clean the floor by hand. However, it is not possible to do floor clinics by hand in very large places. Repeated use of the same water while cleaning the floor with a bucket mug makes the floor dirtier. On the other hand, you can use chemicals in Floor Cleaner Machines. This will keep your floor germ free.


Floor cleaning machines are extremely important devices for both commercial and personal use. It is a wonderful discovery to make life comfortable. But you need to know how to use a floor cleaning machine. If you know about all the adjustments to the floor cleaning machine, you will get better feedback from it.

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