In Floor Pool Cleaning System Problems: All You Should Know

In Floor Pool Cleaning System Problems

The swimming pool is one of the best places to enjoy your relaxed weekend. But the in-floor pool cleaning system problems are the barriers to your enjoyment. That is why you have to know the reason behind these problems and how to fix them.

There are a lot of reasons behind this type of systematic problem caused by this machine. This in-floor cleaning mechanism works as a mopping robot in the swimming pool. If you don’t take care of the device regularly, it may get damaged and create a dirty environment in the pool. You must troubleshoot them and keep the puddle clean and hygienic.

I have experienced various problems related to this in-floor pool cleaning system. In this article, I will talk about all of them and give you an elaborate idea to solve the issues. Read this article and act accordingly. 

In Floor Pool Cleaning System Problems With Solutions:

In-floor pool cleaning system problems are of various types. The automatic device remains under the water in the puddle all the time. So, if you don’t take care of it regularly, it gets stuck. The following table will briefly show you a portrait of the problems and their solution. Have a look at them.

In Floor Pool Cleaning System ProblemsThe Solution To The Specific Problem
Collecting dirt and debris at a particular cornerClean the dirt by using a net and collect the debris altogether
No popping up from the pop-up headsRemove the pop-up heads and repair it
Pop-up heads get stuck and do not discharge any chemicalRemove the pop-up heads and replace them with a newer one
The whole function of the cleaning system gets jammedRectify the entire system by reducing the pressure of the extra amount of water
The rotation of the pop-up heads and the valve gets stoppedRemove the valve and loosen the parts and make sure all the parts are placed accurately
You may find a leakage in the connecting pipeRun a gas test and find out the leakage in the pipe and replace it to fix the leakage

6 Common Problems You Face With Your In Floor Pool Cleaning System

There are some major issues you will face regarding the pool cleaning system. You must handle them properly if you don’t want to replace the whole device. For this reason, you need to know what the problems are and how they happen. Read the details discussed below.

  1. Collecting Dirt And Debris:

First, you will notice dirt and debris at a corner of the puddle if the rectifying machine does not work correctly. The device will not suck and release the mopping product easily. As a result, you will not be able to purify the water in the pool. This is the first visible problem that you will face if the cleaning machine in the puddle is damaged.

  1. Not Popping Up:

The floor cleaning device of the pool consists of a pop-up machine on top of it. The machine pops up and releases the mopping particles into the whole water of the area. If the pop-up machine does not pop up accurately, it won’t be able to release the chemicals. This will contaminate the water in the puddle, and if you notice something like this, you need to replace the machine.

  1. Pop-up Heads Stuck:

The pop-up head of the purifying device needs to pop up and get down after releasing the chemicals in the water. But somehow, if this head gets stuck, it won’t get down, collect the purifying chemicals, and re-release it. Sometimes, a tiny particle can get stuck in the discharging point of the device and stick it in the position.

  1. System Is Jammed:

If you use the swimming pool frequently and the dirt created by the used soap increases day by day, the system can get jammed. Again, a huge workload on the machine can damage it perpetually. The purifying device can hold a maximum prescribed amount of pressure the water puts on it. So if you fill the area with a huge amount of water, the system will get jammed easily.

  1. Rotation Gets Stopped:

The pop-up head of the rectifying machine of the floor in the swimming pool rotates in a circular motion. If it does not work properly and stops rotating its motion the device will not perform accordingly. This problem will cause a dirty situation in the area, and you will not be able to swim there. So, get down in the puddle sometimes and regularly check the head’s rotation.

  1. Leakage In The Pipe

The pop-up head of the in-floor cleaning system of the pool connects the mopping machine with a plastic pipe. The pipe can get hampered for a lot of reasons. It is a very common problem. This will create leakage in the pipe and obstruct the supply of the mopping chemical from the box. So, when you switch on the device, it will run appropriately but you won’t get any desired result.

6 ways of In Floor Pool Cleaning System Troubleshooting: Easy Ways

The good news for you is that you can repair any kind of in-floor pool cleaning system problems caused by or happening to your puddle. As you need to ensure the ultimate safety and hygiene of your water yard, you must follow the described methods below to troubleshoot them more efficiently and comfortably. 

  1. Clean The Dirt:

If you notice that a particular corner of your water yard is collecting dirt and debris, the first thing you have to do is clean the dirt from there. The color of the water will change the entire outlook of the puddle if the dirt and debris start floating over the water. Use a dirt collecting tool or a net to collect the dirt. Gather the debris and then throw them out.

  1. Rebuild Pop-Up Heads:

Sometimes the actual matter is related to the pop-up heads of the rectifying instrument. If you can identify the questionable pop-up head, it is quite easy for you to rebuild it again. So, go to the bottom part of the puddle and pull off the disturbing pop-up head. Clean the inner part of the instrument by blowing it. You can shake it also. Then establish the head to the port again. 

  1. Remove Pop-Up Heads:

After establishing the pop-up head for the second time, you have to run the cleaner. Switch it on and examine properly if the instrument works accurately or not. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you have to remove the head and replace it with a newer one. You have to match the brand of the head while buying it again from the market.

  1. Rectify The System:

Sometimes the system of the in-floor pool cleaner machine gets jammed due to heavy pressure on it. If you keep an extra amount of water in the puddle which is way higher than the prescribed amount, the system may fall and crash. In this case, you have to follow the proper guideline of the manual book and release the extra amount of water from the puddle to reduce the pressure.

  1. Repair The Valve:

You have to monitor the rotation of the automatic purifying function of the machine at least once a week regularly. If the value of the tool does not work accurately, the whole system of cleaning will fall and you have to repair it. You have to loosen both the union and the clamp of the valve. You have to make sure that the gear assembly, balls, o-rings, and other parts of the valve are placed perfectly.

  1. Fix the Leakage:

If you notice any leakage in the pipe of the device that connects it with the mopping facilitator, you have to fix it as early as you can. You need to measure the leaked amount of water and test the place of leakage with the help of gas. Get the gas into the pipe and observe where the bubbles are escaping. Then attach a newer pipe to the area and connect it to the machine again.

5 Tips That Will Help You Fix In Floor Pool Cleaning System Quickly

You may find it critical in troubleshooting the problems of your in-floor pool cleaning system. But believe me, the following tips will help you fix the matters very easily and reduce your workload significantly. So, just read them properly and follow the suggestions while solving the issues of your water yard.

Tip-1: Reduce The Water

Before you start fixing the problems with the automatic floor, you need to reduce the amount of water. This reduction of water will let you examine the situation accurately and you will be able to identify the main problem very easily. You can easily remove the pop-up heads and the valve of the device and check if it works in full swing.

Tip-2: Run A Test First

Most of the time, you may find it difficult and fail to identify the actual problem of the cleaning machine of your swimming water yard. For this reason, You have to run a test first before starting the troubleshooting process. The test can be of two types: (i) water pressure test and (ii) gas test. Run the tests one by one and identify the cause behind the problems. Then decide the way to fix it.

Tip-3: Install A Pump Basket

Installing a pump basket to the rectifying tool will increase the cleaning capability of the device. This basket will help you later by obstructing any dirt and debris to enter the discharging hole of the op-up head. So, when you need to clean the pool, you just have to remove the basket and wash the filter. This washing procedure will enlarge the lifespan of the pop-up heads.

Tip-4: Wash The Pool Filter

When you are about to wash the whole swimming pool, try to wash the filter first. The filter of the water yard is the main obstacle to resisting and collecting the larger particles of the left-out debris. This tiny device is also one of the reasons behind making the system jammed. So first of all, try to wash the filter. It can solve the entire problem and troubleshoot them in a single attempt.

Tip-5: Inspect Properly

The first and foremost duty of troubleshooting the in-floor pool cleaning system is that you have to inspect the entire situation properly. Examine every possible sector which the problem can arise from. If you can find the reason for the problem, it will be easier for you to outline a solution to the problem. This can save you a lot of money and valuable time. 

Related Questions:

How Does An In-Floor Cleaning System Work In A Pool?

The in-floor pool cleaning system works as a regular mopping tool under the water of the area. This device consists of some tiny particles. First of all, a box full of purifying chemicals is connected to the pop-up head with a plastic pipe. There can be several heads in a puddle of various shapes and sizes.

Each of them is individually connected to the box. A valve is always running with the heads. The pop-up heads keep rotating when the switch is on. This tiny device pops up and releases mopping chemicals on the floor so that the floor gets rectified. Then the head goes down again, collects more chemicals, and continues the process.

Why Did Your Pool Cleaner Stop Working?

The purifying machine placed on the surface of your swimming pool can stop working for various reasons. The pop-up head can get stuck on the machine, or tiny debris can enter the discharging point of the head. As a result, the device will not discharge the cleaning solution on the floor of the water yard.

Again, heavy pressure on the whole working ability of the device can jam it. The extra amount of water can pressurize the plastic-made connection pipe between the delivery box and pop-up heads, resulting in a leakage in the function. Somehow, a fault can happen to the electric connection. Any of these will stop the working ability of the cleaner.

Can You Do A Leak Test For Your In Floor Pool Cleaning System?

There are several plastic pipes under the floor of your pool. You can do a leak test for your in-floor pool cleaning system to find out the problem in the pipeline. You have to pass a certain amount of gas through the pipe and wait for the bubbles to pop up in the water. 

Keep the system running and put air pressure in the channel. If there is any leak in the connection pipeline, bubbles will appear on the water’s surface. Dig the ground and fix the issue by replacing the pipe. If you fill the puddle with extra water, the pipes can get leaked.

Why Are Your Pool Pop-Ups Not Rotating?

The pop-up heads of the cleaning device under the puddle can stop rotating for certain reasons. If anything gets stuck in the discharging area of the head, it will prevent the machine from rotating the heads. So, don’t let any debris float in the water.

Again, if you put an extra amount of water in the puddle, this will pressure the machine and disable it from working accurately. The whole function will get damaged and stop rotating the pop-up heads. The valve will not work properly, and it will not clean the floor of the puddle.

What Is The Reason For Not Working Your Pool Vacuum?

One of the basic reasons for the disabled vacuum of your swimming pool is a jammed filter beneath the pipe. Sometimes you don’t clean the area for the longer term. The dust and debris get stuck there. Again, the skimmer basket gets full. As a result, the output system does not work out. For this reason, your pool vacuum does not work accurately.

How Do You Know If Your Pool Impeller Is Clogged?

The impeller of the pool can get clogged due to an obstacle in the machine’s filter. Sometimes, the impeller can sound strange. If you hear it carefully, you will find the difference between the actual and clogged sound. The filter will not work properly if the impeller is clogged. The pump may sound like a grumbling machine to you. Notice the signs and fix them as early as possible.

How Can You Remove The Pop-Up Heads Of The System?

You can easily remove the washing device’s pop-up heads when it does not work according to its caliber. First of all, you need to reduce the loads from the surface by discharging the amount of water. Then find out the damaged machine or the pop-up head you want to replace. 

After finding the damaged part, you need to open the valve first. Loosen the nuts and open the face. You have to use a tiny screwdriver to do this opening. Then pull up the head of the part and remove it. If you want to replace the whole set, remove the holder plate of the machine also.

How Long Does It Take To Fix The Pool Cleaning System Problems?

It can take up to 1 to 3 hours to fix the problems related to the in-floor pool cleaning system. But it will vary on the types of the issue. If the pop-up head is showing problems, it will take only half an hour to replace or repair the head. On the other hand, the leakage in the pipeline can take more than 2 hours to get fixed.

Again, if the valve does not work properly, you may have to spend about an hour fixing and placing the particles of the valve accurately. The washing time of the entire puddle will vary depending on its size and shape. It does not take much to solve the issues if you find out the problem quickly.

Final Thoughts:

In-floor pool cleaning system problems are very common for everyone who has a swimming puddle in the house. Most of the time, people hire cleaners from various agencies to wash the puddle’s surface. But you can do it on your own by following the methods described above. 

However, in this article, I have shared all my experiences regarding pool cleaning issues. All you need is to find out the reason behind the problem you faced. Then troubleshoot it quickly by taking the necessary steps. Happy cleaning!

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