Is Black Tile Hard To Keep Clean? [Truth Revealed]

Is Black Tile Hard To Keep Clean

Black tiles are cool. Nobody can deny that. If you have also decided to install black tiles on your floors, congratulations! The moment you decided to install black tiles, you might have started hearing some rumors like black tiles showing more stains or black tiles are hard to keep clean. Is it true? Is black tile hard to keep clean? 

Whether black tiles are hard to keep clean or not depends on several things. As black tiles attract dirt, lint, and show stains a bit more, it will be tricky to keep the black tiles always neat and clean. But taking preventive measures will ensure keeping the black tiles clean just like the others. 

Continue reading to know more about the topic. Here I will share my personal experience with you. So, sit tight and keep reading till the end. I hope you won’t regret your decision. 

5 Reasons Why Black Tile Is Hard To Keep Clean:

A floor with black tile can be hard to keep clean. There are numerous reasons for this issue. The following are the five main reasons why black tile is hard to keep clean: 

  1. Attracts Lint more:

Including dirt, black tiles also attract lint. In general, light-colored tiles don’t show much of the lint. But black tiles show lint more. Attracting lint is not the only problem here. You will also be in difficulty removing the lint from the floor as it is hard to remove them. 

  1. Black Shows Everything:

The darker the color, the more light a surface reflects. Just as dark clothing tends to show stains more easily than white clothing does, darker tile is also more prone to showing dirt and grime. 

The blackest of tiles will show smudges quickly. A high-gloss black tile may appear to be clean at first glance, but a quick swipe with a finger will reveal the buildup of dust and oils that have accumulated on its surface.

  1. Black Tile Is Porous:

Tiles are made out of clay and other materials. These materials are then baked in kilns at extremely high temperatures. This process makes them very hard and turns them into ceramic tiles, which are often used in kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, and on walls. 

The main problem with black tiles is that they are very porous due to the high levels of heat they were exposed to in the kiln and the materials that were used to make them.

  1. Matte Finish:

There are various types of finishes among tiles. Usually, black tiles are of a matte finish. The matte finish gives you a premium feel. That is right. But along with that, there is something concerning. Because of the matte finish, black tiles absorb a lot of dirt and grime. 

  1. Black Absorbs Light:

Black tiles are difficult to keep clean because they absorb light instead of reflecting it as most other colors do. This means that when you try to wipe them down with a damp cloth, any dirt or grime gets pushed into the crevices between each tile, which makes it harder for your vacuum cleaner to suck up afterward (and sometimes even impossible).

How To Clean A Floor With Black Tile? (Stepwise Guide)

There is a tendency among people to go for abrasive cleaners with the thought that these types of cleaners will clean the most. But it is wrong. You should not go with too abrasive cleaners since they can leave scratches or damage your floor with black tiles. 

For this reason, you need to follow a specific method that does the job with mild cleaners. In this part of the article, I will guide you through the easy steps to clean your floor consisting of black tiles. Let’s have a look at the steps. 

Step 1: Preparations

The following are the items that you will need to complete the next steps. Don’t worry. Most of the items are already in your house. And what is not there is also available in the next door local shop. 

  • Water
  • Dry cloth 
  • Vinegar (Soap or detergent will also do the job) 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Baking Soda
  • Wax Coating 

Step 2: Do The Primary Cleaning 

Dampen a cloth with hot water first. Clean the floor with a damp cloth. After that, add some vinegar with water. Clean the floor with this solution again. Then wait for a while to let the floor dry or you can manually dry the floor also. If you don’t have vinegar, you can use soap or detergent in place of it. 

Step 3: Mop The Floor With Hydrogen Peroxide

After you clean the floor with hot water and vinegar, you have to give the floor another clean with hydrogen peroxide. Add hydrogen peroxide to a bucket containing hot water. 

Beware of mixing other chemicals as mixing hydrogen peroxide with other chemicals without proper knowledge can be dangerous. Mop the floor with the solution. After waiting some time, clean the floor with a dry rag. 

Step 4: Use Baking Soda 

I won’t suggest you use baking soda in every clean. Only baking soda when there are stains on the floor. Sprinkle baking soda over the spots and let the baking soda do its job by waiting for a while. You should wait around 2 to 3 hours and then wipe the floor again. 

Step 5: Use Wax Coating 

Okay, you have done the cleaning part. Now is the time to give your floor that shiny and elegant look once again. You can use a wax coating that is oil-based to get the job done. Once you are done with the coating, you will see the shiny black tiled floor again. Isn’t it amazing? 

2 Alternative Solutions For Dirty Black Tile:

Although I tried to give you the best solution out there so that you don’t face any complications, I can’t guarantee everything. If things go south, you can always test the following three alternatives to clean your dirty black tile floor. You won’t need to wander around searching for other solutions. 

Method 1: Tilex

If you don’t prefer DIY solutions, you can just go for the commercial products. I recommend you use Tilex. It is a cleaning solution that contains sodium hypochlorite and protease. As the ingredients of Tilex can fight stains and odor by breaking down proteins that cause them, it can be a great alternative to our above-mentioned method. 

Method 2: Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda paste has always been a great solution to dirty floor problems. All you need to do is to mix baking soda and water so that you can create a paste. After you are done with making the paste, you have to apply it over the affected area. Don’t do this with your bare hand. Do the job with the help of a small brush. 

After the application, you have to let the paste do its job for around 15 minutes. Spreading the paste over the affected area evenly with the brush would help better. At last, rinse the area with fresh water. 

5 Tips To Prevent Black Tile To Become Dirty

Black tile is hard to keep clean. But hey, it is not impossible to do so! There are several things you can do to keep your black tile clean. 

Tip-1: Use A Rubber Doormat

A doormat is a simple purchase that makes a huge difference when it comes to keeping your tiles clean. Place one outside your front door and another one inside. Practicing this will prevent dust, dirt, and other external substances from being brought into your home on the soles of shoes.

Tip-2: Use Moisture Resistant Tile 

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of black tiles. It can damage and make the black tiles look dirty at the same time. There are two ways to get out of this situation. 

The first option is to install moisture-resistant tiles in the first place. And the second option is to give your floor a moisture-resistant finish. What you want to do solely depends on you. You can choose either of the options considering your requirements and budget. 

Tip-3: Use A Good Sealant 

You can also use a good sealant on your tiles before you lay them. This will help keep stains off the tiles while they’re being installed. However, you need to make sure you don’t accidentally get any on the grout, as this can cause discoloration over time.

Tip-4: No High Heels

Don’t wear high heels while walking over a floor having black tiles. High heels contain a lot of pressure and can easily damage the floor. So, walking with high heels over the floor damages you in two ways. You are allowing the tiles to get damaged and at the same time, high heels are leaving marks over the floor. 

Tip-5: Clean The Tiles Regularly 

Regularly giving a normal cleaning to your floor containing black tiles helps a lot. In this way, you will restrict dirt and grime to get the time for building up.

Along with that, cleaning the floor with a special cleaner made for black tiles and giving the floor a wax every three months will help remain everything perfect. If you can do so, you won’t need to worry much about the black tiles. They will always glitter with elegance!

Some Related Questions About The Topic

How To Clean Black Floor Tiles Without Removing Them?

There are many ways to clean your black floor tiles without removing them. Just follow these simple steps, and you will be able to get rid of the stains and make your floors look great again.

If you want to know how to clean black floor tiles, firstly you should start with a tile cleaning solution. These solutions contain an ingredient called sodium hypochlorite which is used for disinfecting as well as cleaning. 

This ingredient is also known as bleach so be careful when using it. It can irritate if not used properly and also it will damage your black floor tiles if used excessively.

Can You Use White Vinegar On Black Tiles?

You can use white vinegar on black tiles but need to be careful where you use it, especially if your tiles are porcelain. The porous nature of porcelain means that any liquid may seep inside the tile causing problems with discoloration and mold growth.

White vinegar can be used on black tiles to clean them, but only if they are not porcelain. It is acidic, so will remove any grime or dirt from the surface of your black tile flooring. However, it should not be left on the surface or it could cause damage to your floor or wall tiles.


Now I am asking you the same question again, “Is black tile hard to keep clean?” You should know the answer to the question in great detail at this point of the article. As you know, black tiles are hard to keep clean but not impossible. 

If you want the elegance and shiny look on your floor, you have to give at least this much effort. And I promise you, it is worth it. 

However, if you think I missed anything important or you have something on your mind, feel free to share them in the comment box.

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