Is Bleach Good For Cleaning Bathrooms?

Is Bleach Good For Cleaning Bathrooms

Bleach is a very strong, cost-effective cleaning agent used by people all around the world. Therefore, if you are wondering whether you can use this product for cleaning your bathrooms, don’t worry. In this article, I will answer all your questions.

Bleach is great for cleaning bathrooms. It is a safe, cheap, and very effective cleaning agent. Bleach is able to properly clean and sanitize all bathroom surfaces thanks to its oxidizing capabilities.

In this article, I will share some important information regarding the usage of bleach. I will also talk about 

how and why bleach is so effective at cleaning various surfaces.

Why Does Bleach Work So Well To Clean Bathrooms?

As said above, bleach has a very unique chemical property called oxidization. Whenever bleach comes in contact with dirt or grime, it releases an oxygen molecule.

The oxygen molecule reacts with the dirt and breaks its chemical bonds, consequently making it very weak. The already weakened dirt can easily be washed away with a little bit of scrubbing.

What Part Of Bathroom Can Bleach Clean?

Bleach can be used to clean the entirety of your bathroom. It will not only clean the bathroom but also get rid of any types of germs or harmful bacterias. Follow the instructions below for thoroughly cleaning each and every part of your bathroom using bleach.

1. Clean Shower Heads And Faucets:

A white layer of stain can form on top of your showerhead and faucets because of calcium deposition caused by hard water. Those stains can be pretty hard to get rid of. Luckily, you can use bleach to get rid of them easily.

Mix 1 tablespoon of bleach with 2 liters of warm water and stir the solution. Then, pour the solution inside of a spray bottle. Spray the bleach-water solution on stains and wipe it off with a foam or a clean piece of cloth.

You may have to leave the solution to sit on the stain for a few minutes in order to remove tougher stains.

2. Clean Bathroom Molds:

Tough molds and mildew can grow inside of your bathroom because of the wet environment. They can pose a serious threat to your health and safety.

Mix one part of bleach with one part of warm water. Let the solution sit on the mold for about 5 minutes. After doing so, scrub off the mold with a toothbrush or a toilet brush. The bleach-water solution should get rid of the mold and disinfect the area.

3. Clean Your Toilet:

It is absolutely crucial to maintain a clean toilet if you want to lead a healthy life. A dirty toilet can breed various dangerous germs and bacterias.

Take a bucket full of warm water. Add about 2 teaspoons of bleach with 2-3 liters of water. For more convenience, properly mix the solution and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on every surface of the toilet. Let the mixture sit for about 30 minutes and then scrub it off with a toilet brush.

4. Clean Shower Curtains:

Mold and mildew growing on dirty shower curtains pose a serious threat to health and safety. Moreover, dirty shower curtains can also ruin the look of your bathroom as well.

Before proceeding with the cleaning process, remove the shower curtains. Mix ½ cup of bleach with any regular laundry detergent and dip the curtains into the mixture. You can follow the same technique if you wish to use your washing machine to clean the curtains.

5. Clean Bathroom Mirrors And Glasses:

It may come to you as a surprise that bleach is actually able to clean your bathroom mirrors and glasses. The cleaning process is very simple. Just take a towel or a clean dry cloth and pour some liquid bleach onto it. Then, rub the cloth on the mirror and glass surface.

After you are done rubbing, do not forget to wipe down the surface with another dry cloth. Do not leave any bleach residue on mirrors. Doing so can damage and take the shine off the mirror.

Don’ts Of Bleach For Cleaning Bathroom

Bleach is a very strong and powerful cleaner. Although it can clean almost any surface you use it on, there are some limitations to using it. Do not do the following things if you use bleach to clean the bathroom.

1. Mix Bleach With Other Bathroom Cleaners:

Mixing chemicals is a very serious business. You never know what will happen if you mix bleach with the wrong stuff.

You might think about mixing bleach with other bathroom cleaners such as, vinegar or rubbing alcohol in order to make it more effective at cleaning the bathroom. Do not ever think about doing that. Bleach, if comes in contact with ammonia-based cleaner, can produce an extremely toxic gas called chloramine.

Moreover, bleach can react with the vinegar and produce chlorine gas. Chlorine gas can cause severe respiratory problems. You are not safe to mix bleach with rubbing alcohol either. Doing so can lead to the production of toxic gas called chloroform.

2. Use Bathroom Immediately After Bleaching:

Bleach is a very toxic cleaning agent. It can release various toxic gases after you are done cleaning. That is why, you should wait for at least a few hours before using the bathroom after cleaning it with bleach.

3. Use Bleach To Clean Granite Bathroom Countertops

Bleach, despite being a great disinfectant is able to damage granite surfaces. It can take the shine off the stone and make it look dull. Some people even found bleach responsible for changing the color of their stone countertops.

Should You Leave Bleach In Bathroom Overnight?

It is not recommended to leave bleach on any bathroom surface overnight. It will take the shine off any glossy surface.

Moreover, if left overnight, bleach will ruin the glazing on the porcelain surface of the toilet. You should not leave bleach on any surface for more than 30 minutes.

Should You Rinse Bathroom After Cleaning With Bleach?

You must thoroughly rinse every surface of your bathroom after using bleach. Bleach residue can prove to be very difficult to clean. Moreover as stated in the point above, bleach has the ability to destroy the protective coating from tiles, porcelains, woods, etc.

So do not leave bleach to sit on any surface for too long. Rinse it off as soon as you are done with the cleaning.

Treat Bleach Smell

Bleach tends to leave a very distinctive foul smell after cleaning. It can last for hours, sometimes even days. Many people cannot take such harsh odor and start to feel sick. You can reduce the small to a few extents by allowing proper ventilation.

If you have recently bleached your bathroom, keep the window and the ventilators open. Fresh air circulation should take most of the smell away. Follow the same method to get rid of the bleach smell from your room. For more effective results, turn on the ceiling fan.


Always use protection while using bleach for cleaning purposes. Never use undiluted bleach for cleaning anything. Put on gloves, wear a proper mask. If possible, try to use chlorine-free bleach. Keep it out of the reach of children.

If bleach falls on your eye, try to wash it up with plenty of water. Consult with your doctor if necessary.  

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