Privacy Policy For Cleaning Topics

It is very important for our website to make sure our customers’ private information is kept safe and strictly maintained confidentiality with our valued customers. The website strictly keeps all the information collected from the visitors private and is only used for a better experience of the customers. 

Who We Are:

We provide Cleaning Solutions for houses and different types of floors. You can contact us at and our site address is 

Personal Informations We Collect And Why We Collect It: collects all the information for a better customer experience. We collect the customer’s log data and the server’s Ip address, and all the other non-identifiable information like the type of websites you like to visit, the number of minutes you have spent on the websites, the days you visited the websites and time. 

We also collect your device’s information and the type of operating system you are using and also your location to provide you with the exact information you need for your solutions. It is recommended checking your device settings if you want to restrict giving such information. The site does not violate any of your information.

Sometimes, it is required to collect your personal information like your name, address and email to give you all the updated information about the products and services that we provide. The collection of your very personal information is only done with your consent. If you do not wish to provide such information, the website will still try to provide you with the right solutions and services. 

Reasons Why We Collect Your Information And Data:

There are many reasons why we collect your private information and data. It is to provide you with a better service and also to understand the customer’s needs. We are constantly trying to improve our services to the customers, and it is essential for us to know what the customers are exactly looking for. 

Gathering the information will help us customize and improve the website’s contents and the type of content that needs to be updated for the convenience of the customers. We also use the information of the customer for promotional purposes by sending you all the important information that you might need for certain products and services.

Our Website’s Cookie Policy:

Once you accept and agree to our cookie policy and let use your cookies, the site uses your data only to analyze your online behaviour. The type of websites you like to visit and gathering your online behaviour, we try to customize the website for your better experience. 

All of your online behaviour is analysed only to give you a better service and once the analysis and our customer profiling is done, the customer’s data are completely wiped out and are not used elsewhere. We do not sell your private information to any third party websites and violate our rules and regulations with our customers.

Embedded Content From Other Sites:

The website is only responsible for maintaining and keeping your private information only when you are visiting Sometimes, the website may be linked to third-party websites and other links that you may want to click from our websites. Some of the articles from our website will have embedded content which are linked to other sites.

When you are visiting other sites from, it is recommended checking their privacy policy and our site will not hold you responsible if your private information is leaked and used by other sites.

Children’s Policy:

The website does not allow any under aged children below the age of 18 to share their personal information to our website. If any child accidentally or unknowingly shares any private information without any prior knowledge, feel free to contact us. The website will immediately take actions to remove private information that was shared in our site.

Parents are always encouraged to contact us if you feel your children’s private information or your information is accidentally or unintentionally shared without your consent. We will immediately cooperate with you and remove all the information that was provided without your knowledge and consent by your children.

Changes Of Policy: holds full account and responsibilities to change the website’s privacy and policy at any time. However, the site will notify the customers and users if any specific changes is made and will notify them with the new policies through an email. It is also recommended for the customers to check the site from time to time and find out if any change is made. 

We recommend the users and customers immediately reading and understanding the new changes of policy so that they are fully aware of the new changes. Visiting the site after the changes are made means the customers agree and accept the new policies made by 

Customer’s Data Retention: How Long We Keep It:

  • can keep and retain the customer’s information for many purposes and as long as it is needed. There are many different reasons why we keep your information. There are two types of data that we will retain. However, your usage of data are not kept for too long.

The personal information is retained for legal reasons and to sort and resolve any kind of altercations, disagreement and contention with our customers. The data are also kept for some analysis and uses the analysis to improve the site for better performance for the customers.

Customer’s Right And Authorities 

The website will cooperate with customers anytime if any user wants to remove his/her information from the website. The users have all the legal rights and authorities to remove any kind of personal information from our website. You also have the rights to change or update any kind of personal information that you have provided at any time.

You can change and request us to remove any kind of information from your profile’s control panel. If you also have any queries about how we use your information, feel free to mail us at the following address:

Contact the US

For any kind of queries and questions, you can contact us in the following email: If you want to know the way we use your information in a more detailed way, our admin panel will assist you in all means and cooperate with you to understand the basics of our privacy and policy.

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